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Thursday, March 21, 2019


‘The only self-help book you will ever need’

Imagine you had an instant switch for happiness. A switch that eliminated stress, anxiety, fear, doubt and worry and allowed you to enjoy a life full of happiness and fulfilment. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well that’s what you get with this book. A range of simple, rapid, potent techniques that instantly switch on your mind allowing you to feel better, function better, be happier and improve everything in your life.

Methods to conquer stress, smoking, weight, fears, pain etc.

An incredibly useful resource for therapists wishing to add potent tools to their repertoire

Beginners welcome! No experience necessary to get an immediate benefit from any of the numerous techniques in the book!

The Advntures Of The Young Time Travllers and the Time Stones by G E Blagden

The Advntures Of The Young Time Travllers and the Time Stones 
by G E Blagden 

The Advntures Of The Young Time Travllers and the Time Stones. (1)

I and my friends all attend the same school, then embark on a summer journey, but on the dry and dusty pathway, we meet an old traveller. who sells one of my friends what we think is a lucky charm? 

And from here the story starts in history. Nothing we'll ever expect till now will automatically change our lives forever......

Wait For Me: The Story of Calista & Tanner by Lucy Paul

Wait For Me: The Story of Calista & Tanner 
by Lucy Paul 

Wait For Me: The Story of Calista & Tanner (The Story of... Book 1)

I never believed that love triangles really existed. In movies and books, yes, but not in real life for real people.

Until I found myself in the middle of one.

Even with distance separating us, I'd loved Tanner for years. He had always been my rock and I wouldn't know what to do without him in my life.

My love for Dakota was new. We fell hard and fast and...well...I had a hard time picturing my life without him either.

My heart was being pulled in two different directions and I had a life-altering decision to make...

The cross-country Prince Charming who melted my heart? Or the unpredictable bad boy who melted my panties?

The Cheese-Monkey Chronicles by S W Hoffman

The Cheese-Monkey Chronicles 
by S W Hoffman 

The Cheese-Monkey Chronicles

This book is a new concept. The author has dubbed his approach to writing as “fluid writing”. Long gone are many of the so called “rules” of the English language, as those rules have been thrown away, rewritten and then broken!

The author genuinely sets off on a journey with you the reader, as he hasn’t got a clue where this book will go, just a few flimsy ideas which he will hope to hang together. Sometimes a particular Chapter might be written without the author knowing where that is going as well, and so he’ll name the Chapter after he’s finished writing it. This does make the story fluid and so follow its own course, which will better capture the feel of where the story should really be heading – it’ll follow its own path! 

Imagine this. Imagine that reading a book is like going on a journey. Say a given book is a journey to Cirencester. Yeah it might be a good trip, but it doesn’t sound particularly exciting. On this trip, you turn to me and say “Where are we going?”
I reply “I haven’t got a clue – let’s drive!”. Now that’s more like it!

This story is a romantic tale set in the Nineteenth Century Devon, England. It is based around our hero: Ross Chaise-Minky.

Ross’ friends think this name is a bit self righteous and therefore prefer to call him Dave Cheese-Monkey.

Dave is happy with this.

Have you ever read a story or watched a movie where the characters all have different names? Of course, however, in real life you probably work with many people of the same Christian name. This story redresses the balance. There are many Dave's.

Finally, all too often literature does not combine drama, action, romance, peril and cakes enough for the authors liking. This book puts this right!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019



Welcome to the 5 book, yes ‘5 BOOK’ BOX SET of the book marketing brand MY WAY.

5 books in the Box Set of My Way Book Marketing: Book Marketing for indie authors!

Having achieved a #1 BESTSELLING Kindle book with WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME in many categories around the world on Amazon, I’ve been asked by many authors about how I managed to reach those heady heights with my first self-published book.

I used to reply to these requests with emails, giving pointers as to how I promoted and marketed the book on my social media platforms. Then one night, it occurred to me, why don't I write a book on how, with my constant marketing and constant exposure, the book that is now published by a traditional publisher, became a BESTSELLER.

Within these 5 books, I will show you how a novice writer, me:

Increased my Twitter followers to over 40,000
Achieved a post on LinkedIn that had over 70,000 views and 35,000 comments
How to use what is TRENDING ON TWITTER to promote your book/s
Why visiting the LONDON BOOK FAIR changed my writing life
How I succeeded in securing a traditional publishing contract
How to place a book on Amazon


How I have met so many wonderful authors along the way!

Plus so much more.

So, please enjoy the following books:






Below are some reviews from authors around the world:

"Thank-you David for wonderful information you have shared with us indie authors."

"Without a doubt, I know this will help you, because it has helped me."

"After reading MY WAY WON & applying what I've learned, I saw my book achieve greater downloads than I could imagine." 

"David P. Perlmutter's My Way Won is essential information for every indie author."

"The reviews on My Way Won speak for themselves. And My Way Free is very helpful information as well." 

"Many authors are getting advice from David P. Perlmutter & has helped many."

"MY WAY FREE! Every bit of information you get from David is like Gold."

"The Indie Author's Bible!"

"As a relatively new Kindle author this is an invaluable source of ideas for promoting my work on social media."

"If you're an indie author you need MY WAY WON!"

"If you intend to self publish & do not wish to be groping around in the dark, then I suggest you buy MY WAY WON."

"Simple genius, quick to read..quick to action!"

"Really great, easy to understand, walk through of how to market your self published book."

"MY WAY is the Way." 

The Mosaic of the Broken Soul by Branka Cubrilo

The Mosaic of the Broken Soul 
by Branka Cubrilo

The Mosaic of the Broken Soul

She called the lump in Her breast ‘a black pearl’, She called her Mother to nurse Her in the darkest hours, She called memories of the three men She loved at different times of Her life to draw the parallels between seemingly similar situations of betrayal. Who is going to betray Her, who is going to stay... ?

She struggles with the meaning of life trying to find it through themes of motherhood, friendship, betrayal, displacement, illness, pain, grief and loss.

She travelled to Andalucia, London, The Isle of Man, where She met colourful characters believing that the unknown can reverse the fragmentation and change reality, believing that all the little broken selves can once again bring the broken pieces into a cohesive mosaic.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Colette's Diary (Prince of the Blood Chronicles Book 4) by PJ Webb

Colette's Diary (Prince of the Blood Chronicles Book 4) 
by PJ Webb 

Colette's Diary (Prince of the Blood Chronicles Book 4)

Trust, innocence, and mortality—all lost!

Trust lost by the desperation of her family. 

Innocence lost at the hands of a king. 

Mortality lost at the will of a vampire. 

What would a courtesan in the court of King Louis XV have to say?