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Sunday, November 29, 2020

A Matter of Facts: One Man's Journey into the Nation's Quiz Obsession by Shaun Williamson

A Matter of Facts: 

One Man's Journey into the Nation's Quiz Obsession 

by Shaun Williamson 

A journey into the obsessive world of quizzing. Includes stories from Shaun's past such as tales from his time playing Barry in Eastenders; the discovery of a long-lost son; hiding from an angry Mike Reid in a broom cupboard; acting with Ricky Gervais and David Bowie, and the loss of his boyhood friend in 9/11.

Actor and celebrity quizzer Shaun Williamson lifts the lid on a National drug that everyone hooked on: quizzing. A Matter of Facts is a personal journey into the world of quizzes. 

At the start Shaun enters the World Quiz Grand Prix, pitching his knowledge against the Nation's finest minds, including Eggheads and Chasers... he fails. 

Unperturbed, he sets out to improve his skills through memory training, practice and even hypnosis in an attempt to move himself up the rankings of the quizzing elite. Shaun's adventure sees him get his old quizzing 'band' back together to see if he can triumph in the leagues. 

As he does so, he meets many characters and experiences the wonderful vagaries of the pub quiz - discovering its place, not just in communities, but in people's lives. 

He also reminisces about his life before acting as an alcoholic postman, a stalled naval career, a Pontins blue coat and his journey to becoming Barry in EastEnders.

Over the course of year Shaun aims to end his journey at a victorious return to the Grand Prix... can his experiences and new-found knowledge end in victory?

A Matter of Facts is a fun, fascinating and heart-warming read that will be adored by those who enjoy a regular meeting of alcohol and trivia.

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Fight Fire With Fire - True Story by Rene Costa (Author), Donna Siggers (Book Cover), Steve Crawshaw (Editor)


Fight Fire With Fire - True Story 
by Rene Costa (Author), Donna Siggers (Book Cover), Steve Crawshaw (Editor) 

Fleeing Cypriot civil aged 4 years old, Rene Costa has already witnessed horrific death scenes. 

Neighbours pinned to walls and shot down in cold blood still embeds in his psyche even now.

Watching his 6-year-old brother hanging for stealing 10 pence and dealing with his father’s drunkenness became a battle as the family watched their mothers beatings.

Moving to a strange country and the difficulties this entailed added to challenges Rene faced. Rene learnt to stand up for himself, cheated death on several occasions and lost a friend in the process.

Dealing with protection rackets during the sixties - gangsters and bullies demanding money from the family - and the disco fever of the seventies.

This is a story of money made and lost and of a boy who stayed in control to succeed as a man.

Now retired, Rene enjoys spending time with his love of his life of 48 years, in recent years he has become a director and producer for comedy and gangster genre finding success in film festivals.

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Talin and the Tree : The Legend - Book 1 by Stephanie DosSantos

 Talin and the Tree  

The Legend - 

Book 1 

by Stephanie DosSantos 

Can Talin keep the legend alive, and survive to fulfill his destiny?

Bullied and alone, Talin struggles in what most would view as a Caribbean island paradise. Until the day he finds a portal within a sacred silk cotton tree, leading him to an underground world filled with mystical energies, quirky characters, and proof that some superstitions are more than just folklore.

It seems as if he’s found the perfect escape, until his bully, Dewain, is slated to become the town Healer: a traditions' old position of protection and leadership that has been vacant for three generations. But Talin suspects Dewain and his family have evil intentions. To expose Dewain, Talin must navigate old-school Caribbean folklore below ground, and present-day society above ground.

Striking a balance between the two worlds, Talin faces physical and mental challenges like never before.

Will he accept the challenge or will Dewain and an old family secret prove too powerful, derailing Talin's plans and extinguishing his birthright for good?

If you enjoy portal fantasies with a sprinkling of magic in a modern-day coming of age story, you’ll enjoy this fresh retelling of old island folk tales.

Talin and the Tree - The Legend is the first in Stephanie DosSantos’ debut fantasy series.

Grab it now!  

It's more than just a tree. . .

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Talin and the Tree

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Let's meet nine year old author Annabelle John-Ligali, who's book, "Lost in Christmas Wonderland" is out on the 1st December!

Lost in Christmas Wonderland 

by Annabelle John-Ligali 

Annabelle is nine years old and lives in London. 

The inspiration for her book came after she visited Winter Wonderland in London's Hyde Park in November 2019.

It was here she first saw an Upside Down House and had heaps of fun filming and visiting all of the rooms.
Annabelle was so fascinated that she decided to vlog about it on her Youtube channel at @annabellepresents

Shortly after her visit, she thought how fun it would be to write a story about a girl who visits a Christmas theme park with some friends and goes on a little adventure.

Outside of school, Annabelle enjoys playing with her brother, vlogging about books that she's read and places she's visited. She also likes making up dance routines to songs that are trending on Tiktok and when she wants to have a giggle, she plays Guess Who with her mum.

She also likes to bake cookies and her favourite Caribbean coconut fried bakes. Her favourite authors are Alesha Dixon, Trish Cooke, Jaqueline Wilson, David Walliams, and Ben Miller. 

She also likes reading magazines; Cocoa Girl and is a subscriber of First News For Kids which are her favourites. 

This is Annabelle's first book, and she hopes you like it.


Instagram: @annabellepresents

When ten-year-old Bella Matthews and her mum, Isabel, visit granny Sylta in the snowy village of Lakersfield for Christmas, it turns out there is more in store than just Christmas cake and a ton of presents. When she arrives, she meets her cousin Rita, and a boy called Tommy for the first time and catches up with her friend Iris again too. Together they discover an exciting attraction is in town: A giant Christmas Wonderland Theme Park.

They are dazzled by hundreds of decorated Christmas trees, a Musical Nativity, a Santa Parade, an Upside Down House, and many more attractions.

But Bella ends up having an unexpected adventure of her own as she dances with pot-bellied Santas, discovers a palace made entirely out of glass, wanders into an intriguing puzzle room, and treks for miles to find shelter on a snowy night.
Can Bella find her way back to granny Sylta’s house in time for Christmas dinner?

Lost in Christmas Wonderland is a story about courage, kindness, friendship, the importance of family, and the magic of Christmas.

WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT - Lost in Christmas Wonderland

'The perfect Christmas story filled with friendship, love, festivities, and most of all wonder, that will certainly grasp young readers' attention and inspire a love of reading!' Leonie Jackson (Primary School Teacher)

Published on 1st December 

Worth It: How a Million-Dollar Pay Cut and a $70,000 Minimum Wage Revealed a Better Way of Doing Business by Dan Price

 Worth It: 

How a Million-Dollar Pay Cut and a $70,000 Minimum Wage Revealed a Better Way of Doing Business 

by Dan Price 

Dan Price gained worldwide attention in 2015 when he announced that he was instituting a $70,000 minimum wage at his company, Gravity Payments, and would slash his $1 million salary in order to pay for it. 

While many praised the decision as a bold step toward combating income inequality in the United States, others vilified Price as a radical socialist whose "experiment" was doomed to fail. But behind the headlines and controversy lay a much more nuanced and personal story--a story of an entrepreneur who realized he could no longer claim to be sticking up for his values if he continued to pay his employees anything less than a living wage. 

How could a business dedicated to helping small businesses succeed fulfill its mission if the people responsible for helping those businesses were struggling to meet their own most basic needs? In this book, Price shares the experiences and events that shaped his decision--from his conservative, Christian upbringing in rural Idaho to the milestones that made him rethink the true purpose of business--and shows how taking a huge risk ultimately helped his company become more resilient and competitive. 

Calling on leaders to set and execute on their own purpose-driven visions, Price forces readers to question traditional market-centric business wisdom in favor of a more human--and much more sustainable--approach. It’s not easy, he argues, but, in the end, the rewards will be worth it.

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Worth It

Friday, November 27, 2020

Presidential Prey by James F. Hamilton

Presidential Prey 


James F. Hamilton

One fact emerged as indisputable: Security surrounding the President of the United States was inadequate. President James Atwater is one of the most popular presidents in American history. 

However, his recent military actions in the Middle East have created enemies. When President Atwater escapes the rigors of his D.C. life and returns to his rural Minnesota boyhood home for a little R&R, nobody anticipates what happens next. 

President Atwater is forced to fight for his life while protecting the woman he loves and the country he serves.

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Presidential Prey

The Ghosts of Normal by Allison Burnett

The Ghosts of Normal 

by Allison Burnett

Nine-year-old Max Beatty is still struggling with the recent death of his father. One day after school, he follows an injured dog into a condemned house, ravaged by fire. 

To Max’s amazement, he finds himself inside a beautiful home, inhabited by a loving family from the 1930s. Max’s interactions with the family will change not only his life, but those of everyone around him, both living and dead. 

Part ghost story, part coming-of-age thriller, The Ghosts of Normal follows Max’s struggle to separate fantasy from reality, long enough to bring a killer to justice.

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The Ghosts Of Normal