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Sunday, January 26, 2020

How To Make Sure Your Life Doesn't Suck: A Different Kind Of Guide To Navigating The Ups And Downs Of Life by Maggie Gilewicz PhD

How To Make Sure Your Life Doesn't Suck: 
A Different Kind Of Guide To Navigating The Ups And Downs Of Life 
by Maggie Gilewicz PhD  

How To Make Sure Your Life Doesn't Suck: A Different Kind Of Guide To Navigating The Ups And Downs Of Life

“How To Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Suck"
A Different Kind Of Guide To Navigating The Ups And Downs Of Life.

Foreword by Michael Neill an internationally renowned Transformative Coach and best-selling Hay House author.

This is not your typical self-help book. It was not written to stuff your head with more “to-do” lists, strategies, secrets that turn out not be secrets, “woo-woo” lingo you cannot understand or relate to, techniques we all eventually give up on, or calls to just “think positive” 24/7.

This book was written to help you look at your thoughts, your feelings, yourself, and your life in a fundamentally different way. It will show you how you can navigate through tough moments so you can experience more peace of mind regardless of your circumstances. It will help you re-discover who you truly are. It will show you why you don’t need to think positive and can still be all right. It will help you embrace your humanness.

When you read it with an open heart and an open mind, this book is going to be a catalyst for your own unique epiphanies and insights.

Dr. Maggie Gilewicz, aka Dr. Maggie G., is a Sociologist and a Transformative Coach. She helps people from all walks of life understand and navigate their feelings, and see themselves and their lives in a fundamentally different way by sharing the new understanding of mind often referred to as the “inside-out understanding,” or the “three principles.” She is passionate about helping young adults design meaningful and fulfilling lives. Otherwise, she lives in London, loves to travel, and sing songs by Ella Fitzgerald after a couple of glasses of wine.

If you would like to explore the topics raised in the book and more, please subscribe to her podcast “How To Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Suck With Dr. Maggie G.”

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Broken Inside of Me Secrets, Betrayal, Romance & Love, combined are the pieces of me by Author and Poet Taylor Grace!

Secrets, Betrayal, Romance & Love, combined are the pieces of me

The Broken Inside of Me, 

Author: Taylor Grace

Some days a domestic goddess, and other days a lost woman that still hasn’t bothered to brush her hair. My journey is full of life’s whimsical tales, love, laughter, heartache, trauma, passion, fantasy and everything in between.   My writing is raw, sometimes too raw but I write it anyways, it’s my truth, my voice and I will share it. I’ve been described as honest, even complicated and have a whole lot of sassy undertones, so things get interesting,  even comical at times.
Glad you are here and hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, stories and poems, as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Check our Taylor's poetry here

Friday, January 24, 2020

The Music Of Judy Garland starring Denise Nolan!

The Music Of Judy Garland 
starring Denise Nolan! 

Few names in the world of entertainment deserve the title legend, Judy Garland is one of those names. Garlands illustrious career saw her star in some of the most iconic films of all time including The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in St. Louis and the original A Star is Born.

Join original Nolan Sister, West End leading lady and Internationally renowned cabaret star Denise Nolan with her band of West End musicians led by Dave Bintley for an evening of remarkable music including ‘The Man That Got Away’, ‘Stormy Weather’, ‘Zing Went The Strings’, and the timeless classic ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’.

With anecdotes about Garland’s life and comparisons to her own career that includes performing alongside the late great Frank Sinatra, Nolan brings her own vibrant style and world class vocals to classic Garland hits.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

From the writers of the hit comedy Hormonal Housewives, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is the brand-new musical comedy show that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Join our four refreshingly honest and unreserved girls, the Legendary Linda Nolan, X Factor Finalist Niki Evans, TV Personality Jess Wright(until 8th May), CBBC Creeped Out’s Stephanie Dooley (from 9th May) and Olivier Award Winner Leanne Jones as they go on a riotous evening of laugh-out-loud sketches and classic pop anthems that define being a 21st Century woman.

We take a no-holds-barred comedy romp through everything life throws at a modern day woman, dating, relationships, breakups, fashion, dieting, chocolate, more dieting, sex, going out, staying in, wine, more wine and of course, men. 

All are thrown under the microscope of uproarious dissection – no subject is too taboo!

Get involved and come along to channel your inner diva because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Dennis Bisskit and the Basset Hound from Beacon's Bottom by Stephen Ainley

Dennis Bisskit and the Basset Hound 
from Beacon's Bottom 
by Stephen Ainley

Dennis Bisskit and the Basset Hound from Beacon's Bottom

Pre - Order Your Copy here Dennis Bisskit

Please VOTE for Write To Kill to be optioned for a TV series!

                    Please VOTE for Write To Kill 
                      to be a TV series! 

"An aspiring author, cursed with writer's block and ridden with debt, is offered a huge amount of money to commit a heinous crime. 

Caught up in the machinations of the underworld and at the mercy of a gangland boss, will this budding writer accept the money, commit the crime and leave his innocence behind him? 

And will real life turn to fiction, as events inspire him to write what he dreams will be an international bestseller?"

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! VOTE for #WriteToKill to have the chance to be optioned for a TV series! Here's how to and the link VOTE Thank you!

EDMUND DUFF - Actor and Musician

EDMUND DUFF - Actor and Musician

Edmund is a London based actor and musician who has worked extensively on stage, film and TV. Edmund trained at ALRA and he's continuously developing his skills as an actor. He also teaches accoustic guitar, has played in numerous bands and also been a solo performer. He is always keen to work with other people and particularly enjoy creating something from nothing.

Edmund's website Edmund Duff

Edmund on Spotlight

Edmund on IMDb