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Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Endless Autumn by Annabelle Knight

Autumn thought she had everything: a gorgeous stud of a boyfriend, a practical if unexciting PA job at Thorne PR, a savvy best friend, and a soon-to-be earned journalism diploma.

But things in her perfectly constructed world shift when Autumn discovers a life shattering secret.

Needing to change her life drastically Autumn meets a mysterious and sexy stranger who could be the solution to her problems.

Autumn is thrown into a luxurious new world. One that is powered by high flyers, fantasies and carnal desires. How will she escape? Or, does this new world hold the key to her own fulfilment?

Annabelle Knight’s debut novel The Endless Autumn is a sizzling, steamy and sexually sinister story of how a girl next door, unwittingly – but perhaps not unwillingly – explores the fringes of desire and release.

Buy the book here: The Endless Autumn

BROKEN by Donna Siggers.........

Broken is the first in a series of thrillers featuring Katie-Ann Warwick and Sam Cooper.  
We join this dynamic duo as their relationship heats up and they have reason to work together once again.  
Drawing on Sam’s undercover experience to trace a kidnapped woman, Kate’s friend and old colleague, they have every reason to suspect she’s at the mercy of a prisoner who has just escaped – Carl Ashbeck. 

Ashbeck has Kate on his agenda and very much in his sights.

Will Sam and Kate get the break they need or will the corruption within London’s Metropolitan police hold them back?  And, will Sam’s past cast a shadow on the investigation?

Buy the book here: BROKEN 

Monday, November 27, 2017

You're invited to a LIVE #Facebook Q & A!

You're invited to a LIVE #Facebook Q & A on Wednesday with me, talking about my BESTSELLING book, #WrongPlaceWrongTime becoming a #MOVIE! 

Hope to see you! Q and A Here!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

From Book to Movie


Well hello, it's been a long time, five months in fact. So here I am, around ten thirty at night in the UK and I thought it was about time I ventured onto my blog and write something, anything about my life, writing, books, oh and films.

I'm currently writing my first fiction book. I've written about thirteen thousands words, which is not a great amount I know, but I'm writing a three or four book series, each of which will contain around twenty thousand words. So, three or four short stories about an author, actually, a struggling author who commits murders. I'll not be saying anything else, as I feel I have given away far too much already, but this project I am very excited about.

Talking, or writing of projects, I do have further exciting news to announce, which some of you may  have heard about already. Have you read the #1 BESTSELLER a true story called, Wrong Place Wrong Time? No, why not? Just kidding, anyway, last week I signed contracts with a film production company, who will be turning Wrong Place Wrong Time into a film. Yes, a movie of one of my books. As I am writing this, I still can't take it all in. You could say it hasn't sunk in yet, and you would be right.

Of course it's very early stages in the planning, but even to think that my book could be seen on the big screen is so exciting. I will have full access to the production, scriptwriters, casting, on location etc., so the full experience of being on a movie set, which is something that I've always wanted to do.

But this movie set will be of my making. 

Anyway, that's a wrap.

I will keep you updated on any further news about my books and the forthcoming MOVIE.

....and cut!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Three New Box Sets with Eleven Books!

Three New Box Sets With Eleven Books!

Box Set #1:

Wrong Place Wrong Time
Five Weeks
24 Hours In New York

Box Set #2:

My Way Won
My Way Too
My Way Free - Trending On Twitter
My Way LinkedIn
My Way To Getting Published

 Box Set #3:

My Way Four - May The 4th Be With You
My Way - About Life
My Way - Sex On The Beach

Another New 3 Book Box Set!

My Way 4,5 & 6!

5 books in the Box Set of My Way Book Marketing: Book Marketing for indie authors!

Welcome to the 5 book, yes ‘5 BOOK’ BOX SET of the book marketing brand MY WAY.
Having achieved a #1 BESTSELLING Kindle book with WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME in many categories around the world on Amazon, I’ve been asked by many authors about how I managed to reach those heady heights with my first self-published book.
I used to reply to these requests with emails, giving pointers as to how I promoted and marketed the book on my social media platforms. Then one night, it occurred to me, why don't I write a book on how, with my constant marketing and constant exposure, the book that is now published by a traditional publisher, became a BESTSELLER.
Even as I write this, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is the #1 BESTSELLER in White Collar Crime in the UK and was recently #1 in Drama in Australia, with J K Rowling at #2.
Within these 5 books, I will show you how a novice writer, me:
Increased my Twitter followers to over 40,000
Achieved a post on LinkedIn that had over 70,000 views and 35,000 comments
How to use what is TRENDING ON TWITTER to promote your book/s
Why visiting the LONDON BOOK FAIR changed my writing life
How I succeeded in securing a traditional publishing contract
How to place a book on Amazon
How I have met so many wonderful authors along the way!
Plus so much more.
So, please enjoy the following books:
Below are some reviews from authors around the world:
"Thank-you David for wonderful information you have shared with us indie authors."
"Without a doubt, I know this will help you, because it has helped me."
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"MY WAY is the Way."