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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Strong Woman: The Truth About Getting to the Top by Karren Brady

Strong Woman: 
The Truth About Getting to the Top 
by Karren Brady  

Karren Brady is an inspiration to women everywhere, and her incredible success is borne of her passion, impressive business instinct, ambition, and her very genuine, honest, down-to-earth outlook.
This is Karren’s story… before being Alan Sugar’s aide on The Apprentice and VC of West Ham United, how she started out as a sparky 18 year old at Saatchi & Saatchi and at 23, went on to persuade David Sullivan to buy Birmingham City football club – turning that business round to sell it for an incredible £82 million 12 years later.
Strong Woman tells how she balances her personal life with her professional, her priorities, her life as mother of two and wife. Karren reveals how she coped when doctors told her after a routine scan that she had a brain aneurysm, that she must have a complicated operation immediately and had a 30% chance of not surviving, and how it has since influenced her outlook and priorities.
An overwhelmingly inspiring and real look at work and life, Karren Brady defies convention as a directional business woman in a male industry. This is the truth about how she does it, and through her experience, her drive and her skills – it offers brilliant advice on how you can do it too.

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Unscripted: My Ten Years in Telly by Alan Sugar

Unscripted: My Ten Years in Telly 
by Alan Sugar  

As the star of the award-winning BBC series The Apprentice, Alan Sugar has won millions of fans who tune in to watch his mix of business wisdom, witty putdowns and ability to cut straight through bullshit. But how did the famously straight-talking entrepreneur end up fronting one of our most successful and long-running shows, and why were some of his biggest challenges during his ten years in television to be found outside the boardroom and off camera?
In Unscripted, Alan Sugar reveals all this and more as he embarks on a new and sometimes bewildering career. He describes how he lost patience with some of the luvvies, wafflers and wannabes he encountered along the way, and tells us what he really thought of some of the tasks and candidates he came across during the making of The Apprentice, giving his reaction to the egos and the backbiting as well as the genuine talent that shone through. 

He explains how he brought on board Nick Hewer, Margaret Mountford and Karren Brady, what became of the winners when the cameras stopped rolling - and how working on the show has inspired him and many others. 

As with his previous books, What You See Is What You Get and The Way I See It, there is no ghostwriter; this is written by the man himself. And, as ever, it is honest, funny and outspoken - Alan Sugar at his entertaining best.

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Single-Minded: My Life in Business by Claude Littner

Single-Minded: My Life in Business 
by Claude Littner  

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The story of a high-stakes career
Claude Littner is best known as the mercilessly tough interviewer on the BBC's award-winning The Apprentice. His abrupt style and zero-tolerance policy on nonsense have become the highlights of every series. But what is he like in real business?
Single-Minded reveals the story of Claude's varied career and the turbulent years that shaped him. From being told at school that he would never amount to anything to his current status as a boardroom heavyweight both on-screen and off it, success has never come easy. 

Claude's complex, fascinating work has taken him into many different industries and countries, encompassing retail start-ups; knife-edge company rescue missions; the bruising rough-and-tumble of Premier League football; facing down French trade unions; taking on Texan oil barons in multi-million-dollar deals; and, in the private sphere, conquering life-threatening illness.
Told with characteristic candour and disarming modesty, Single-Minded is an unflinching account of a remarkable career in the spotlight.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Artistic Love In The Psych Ward (Artistic Series Book 1) by Regina Ann Faith

Artistic Love In The Psych Ward 
(Artistic Series Book 1) 
by Regina Ann Faith  

Artistic Love In The Psych Ward (Artistic  Series Book 1)

Rain is an artist who likes to paint, draw and write what God speaks to her on a daily basis. She is in community college majoring in art studies. 

She is trying to cope with the loss of her maternal grandparents when she also experiences a sexual assault. 

After these two traumatic life occurrences, she decides to commit herself into a psychiatric ward. In the ward, she meets a guy named Chase. 

Chase is a goth who also expresses himself through art. 

He is dealing with some issues of his own. 

But when he meets Rain, he reluctantly befriends her. 

She challenges his own thinking on being able to forgive as she is also working to forgive. 

Can they both heal from what has happened to them? 

Can the artistic bond they both share aid in the healing process? 

Can forgiveness truly cover the hurts and mistakes of the past?

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Airhead: The Imperfect Art of Making News by Emily Maitlis

Airhead: The Imperfect Art of Making News by Emily Maitlis  


If you think you know the news, think again.
In this behind-the-scenes, no holds barred account of life in the seconds before, during and after going on air, Emily Maitlis discloses the wrangling, bust-ups, blow-ups, pleading, last-second script-shreddings, scoops, walk-outs and unexpected love-ins that we never see on-screen.
Covering everything from the Paris terror attacks to Grenfell, #MeToo to President Clinton's love affairs, Boris Johnson, goat yoga, and interviews with everyone from Emma Thompson and Tony Blair to Donald Trump and Russell Brand, Airhead is a brilliant exposé of the moments that never make the news.

'Vividly chronicles the pains and perils of news television' Guardian

'Compelling' Observer

'Emily has a style that would make you enjoy her report on the end of the world' Jeremy Vine

'Fluent, conversational and funny. Acerbic, hilarious' Evening Standard

'Smart, funny and brilliantly told' Elizabeth Day

'Searing honesty, compassion, intelligence . . . engages at every level' Daily Mail

'Irresistible. Her book's a romp' The Times


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Monday, November 4, 2019

Amy the Astronaut and the Secret Soldiers by Steven Donahue

Amy the Astronaut and the Secret Soldiers 
by Steven Donahue  

Amy the Astronaut and the Secret Soldiers

Amy Sutter returns with a new space adventure as she travels to a distant planet filled with secrets and danger.

The second entry in the Amy the Astronaut series finds the teen rocketeer joining Yale and Madison aboard the Liberty Bell on a mission of mercy to a planet devastated by a natural disaster. 

The relief mission takes a turn for the worse when the crew discovers a plot that could destroy the Union, and they face off against new enemies that threaten their survival.

Space Dust by E. De Sousa

Space Dust 
by E. De Sousa 

Space Dust

We're going on a trip in Big Ox's canoe.

Watch the fire bears roar on Venus as pepper pot trees grow on the moon.

As Big Ox steers us to the planets, Litte One wonders if Mum will come home soon.

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