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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wrong Place Wrong Time #1 in Spain!

Very proud that Wrong Place Wrong Time is the #1 Bestseller in Spain for English Factual........

Wrong Place Wrong Time on UKs #1 Lifestyle online magazine.

You can now read my latest interview about my book, Wrong Place Wrong Time and a little about me.

On UKs #1 online magazine check out the many features that include, entertainment, fashion, shopping, celebrities, gossip and lots more!......Go on, have a peek!

Just click the link....

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review from AmazonSpain

5 star review from AmazonSpain.

I have lived in Marbella for a number of years and this book is being talked about all over the area as it is based here. The paperback has been passed around and it is agreed that the story is an amazing gripping read which has gripped the area.

People can relate to some of the places mention in the book and what the author went thru was amazing and sometimes very very harsh.

I give the author amazing credit for doing what he did in Spain and the courage to write about it.

Thank you David for sharing your time here and I do hope you are in a better place.

A fantastic first book. I hope to read more from the author.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Reviews Are Important.

Since my first book was published in June 2012 I have been stunned by the amount of reviews it has received. In total and just on Amazon in both UK and USA I have received 79 with 46 being 5 stars. Of course my book, a true story is not for everyone, hence receiving 12 x 1 stars, but one can't please everyone.

I can say that the book is climbing the ranking's both sides of the pond and if you wish to purchase the book for downloading, the cost is cheaper than a coffee, 99p in UK and 99cents in USA.



If you have purchased a copy of my book, thank you and please leave a review.

Enjoy the book........

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My book is now available on ibookstore...

My book Wrong Place Wrong Time can now be seen around the world on ibookstores, check out the link below to purchase the book in either a kindle version or paperback.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reading Group For November.....

Don't forget during the month of November, the following books The Mine, Northern Cross & Wrong Place Wrong Time are in the Reading Group for November. 

Click the link, read, enjoy and review! Thank you.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

James Bond and I!

James Bond, L.A.Times Books, Guardian Books, One Direction, Ian Fleming, New Yorker, Wise Grey Owl and I are all featured here!!!

Enjoy the wonderful content....

Friday, October 26, 2012

My book is available on Amazon in Japan!

私の本当の物語は、日本で入手可能です。 2命を救った後、私が間違って放火&過失致死罪で逮捕されている、スペインへの私の悲惨な旅についての記事を読む!

Just saying in fluent Japanese (I wish) that my book is now available in Japan!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review with a great idea, what do you think?

"An excellent book which grabs your attention from the first page until the last. Dave, can you hire some lawyer, go back to Marbella and clear your name? Would make for a great sequel."

Not a bad idea, what do you think?


Saturday, October 20, 2012


Placed a review of my book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME on Amazon? If u have time, please place one here as its in the Reading Group Books for November! Thank you!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Me, My World and I, A Must Read!

Check out this book! Me, My World and I!!!
The best book since 'Pick-Up Lines for Pensioners'
Miss Betty Jones

You just have to buy this book!
Miss Galena Sublime

You have no idea what it's like sitting on a shelf in the poetry section of a bookshop. Have you ever noticed how literature designated as being intellectual is always hidden like some top shelf publication in a sweet shop? I get so lonely down there in all that prehistoric dust. Truth be known, I get picked up less than Betty Jones at number 47 and shes 92!

As you might have gathered, I'm a little different, well some might even say special! I'm not so much a poetry book, more a biography of everyday living. Within my pages you will find the musings and poetry of an 'ordinary' bloke from down your street. This is the life and times of Joe average, a testament to life as you know it and a vote for the real world.

You could say I'm a snapshot of real life written by a real person. If you buy me I promise to sit on your coffee table and pretend to be intellectual, just think how much more sophisticated you will look!

About the Author

Andrew Barber was born in 1969 in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. He was educated at Glebe House in Norfolk and the Wisbech Grammar School. He didn't write his first poem, "Britannia Rise" until 2011, but his first collection, Me, My World, and I was published the following year. He works as a system architect and spends a lot of time travelling. He considers himself to be a normal bloke from down the street. And he is enthusiastic about writing poetry that is easy to read and easy to relate to.

Just take a peek!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Most recent review from Canada!

I picked up Wrong Place Wrong time, because of all the great reviews it had received and I was looking for something different than what I normally read. I do read non-fiction, but never true crime.

I was a little nervous. How much do you believe when a person is trying to declare their innocence? Will it be unbiased?  Will it be worth reading or just pages of self-serving justifications. Mr. Perlmutter is accused of arson and man slaughter while he is on vacation in Spain.

I am happy to say that my fears were unfounded. David Perlmutter gives us his account with an honesty that is almost painful to read. We are shrunk down to a tiny size, so that we can ride around on his shoulder and get to see first hand how so many different events and choices led him down a path to that night that changed his life.

This story sinks its claws into you and doesn't let go until the very last word. The night I started to read it I woke up about 2am  and couldn't go back to sleep until I had seen him to the end of his tale. It was worth being tired in the morning. Never before had I experienced such a visceral response to a "character" in a book. I yelled at him to stop being such an idiot. I wanted to reach  out and give  him advice. I wanted to slap the stubbornness and foolish male pride right out of his head and I  wanted to put my arms around him, to comfort him and let him know it was going to be alright.

David Perlmutter made a lot of stupid mistakes. He was a bit of an arse, he was  a hero, he was sentimental, he was stubborn, he was sweet, he was desperate, he was human. He shows us his bad side and his good side, leaving us free to decide how much he is responsible for what happened to him.

His tale is a  roller coaster ride and you don't want to get off until the end. The twists and turns will leave you breathless.  Buy this book, but start it early in the morning because you won't want to be up all night reading it and you won't want to stop reading until it's done.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Other Side Of Night by Chris Martin!

Other Side Of Night by Chris Martin has received stunning reviews and is well worth checking out!

"When Luke Farmer and his two best friends find a cell phone in the park, they are thrust into a world of adventure and mystery. With his newly rescued Golden Retriever, Boone, Luke is determined to figure out what is so important on the phone and why someone will do anything to get it back. Other Side of Night is a heart-pounding story of three friends forced to rise above their fear and face unknown adversaries in order to discover the truth."

To take a look and buy the book, click this link:

Thank you.

My book on iTunes!

Shamefully have not visited the site of iTunes for a few weeks, slap on wrist BUT will now visit more often as tonight I clicked into the site and was amazed to see two cracking 5 star reviews for my book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME.

Have you got two minutes to spare? yes? Excellent. So click the link below and take a peek!

Not bad reviews, yes I thought the same.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, October 8, 2012

My latest Interview!

I was invited to do an interview for a website in USA about me and my book. It has been retweeted so many times on twitter! Love it! Check it out!

Can you Boogie to 80's music?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Powerful and True!


My book is on this website and this is a comment from them!

Wise Grey Owl Note: This book has a high ratio of click thoughs to views and that probably means that most people who view the book buy it.

Guess what UK and USA! See below!

So US for 0.99 cents you can grab a copy of Wrong Place Wrong Time:

plus in the UK for 0.77p you can also grab the book!

Go on, not alot to ask for a bit of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My latest interview!

Got a spare minute or two? If so why not take a peek at my latest interview about my book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME.

The questions this time are put forward by David from Indie Author Land!

Enjoy! (I hope).

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another 5 star review of my book!

Take a look at the most recent review of my book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME on this excellent blog!

A little teaser for you!

"Think of him what you will, an idiot, foolish, brave, kind and caring there is no getting away from the fact that this is a fascinating true story. 

He writes with aplomb, using a great descriptive style that at times is heart wrenching in its frankness. 

So go on, walk the streets of Marbella with Mr Perlmutter, I promise you won’t be disappointed. A great 5* read.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cracking Reviews on Amazon UK & USA

Over the past few days, my book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME has received some cracking reviews, which of course I am delighted about.

Also received a 1* review and just have a sneaky feeling that reviewer didn't take to me!

Why not have a check:


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


When I was a kid popping into my local WHSMITHS was a weekly visit, sometimes more and now I am proud to say that my book "WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, can now be viewed on WHSMITHS website, take a look!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wattpad has my Book!

What's this I hear you say, my book is on Wattpad, check it out!

New review & new website where you can check out my book!

Placing my book on this website 12 hours ago I have received two reviews:

a) You are an excellent writer and your memoir is captivating. You write of your loss of financial support and the consequential turn of events as if it were a novel with a great plot moving at a nice, brisk pace. The only problem was that you stopped uploading your chapters too I was so enthralled with you story that I was eager to see where the association with Rosa and Peter was leading, but will have to wait until you upload more chapters.

You seem to spend a lot of time in pubs drinking and womanizing but that only made your story more interesting. Even your real estate job in London was lost because of the drunk driving charge and then after a night in jail, you decided to take a trip to Spain where you spent most of your time in bars. Of course the part time job with Kelvin and Anthony was a real boost for you until Anja, Kelvin's girlfriend, flirts with you and makes Kelvin jealous -thus ending your job. Anthony seemed to be a strange lad - I wonder what his story was?

After losing your part time job with Kelvin, you again spent a lot of time in bars until you met Rosa and Peter, the very odd couple. I've got a suspicion that they are the beginning of some real trouble for you especially after spending the night with Rosa, but again I'll have to wait to find out.

Your imagery is lovely and your dialogue is very natural and authentic. I love a character-driven story and this story is filled with fascinating characters, especially Dave. I will be eager to read more once this is published and give you my very best wishes for publication and soon. Intriguing, well-written book. You have a lot of talent at writing.

b) An interesting and dramatic start and in the process, very well-written. Watch listed and starred.

The link to click is this one!

Monday, August 20, 2012

It's all about marketing!

Marketing your book/s is of the upmost importance if you want people to know about it, to buy it, to read it, to review it, to tell their friends about it, so as you know I constantly market my book, and here I go again, well its Monday.......

AmazonUK: #175 Bestseller, #11 Bestseller in Biographies & Memoirs, #20 Most Wished for in Biographies, #3 Most Wished for in True Crime, #4 Bestseller in True Account &True Crime, #18 Bestseller in Non Fiction.

AmazonUS: #19,945 Bestseller and #86 Bestseller in True Crime.

Ok that's it!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Be part of the gang!

Do you have a book out and want to be part of an awesome gang? Of course you do, so check out this site and join in! Its FREE!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book sales and a film, maybe?

After I replied to a comment about book sales and gave my story, I received a reply on Amazon KDP Forum:

Congratulations, Dave! This is absolutely fantastic. Not many indie's sell like that! I have a gut feeling - I see a film coming.

I am so happy for you.

Now that would be nice!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another 5 star review on Amazon!

Like many reviewers I started to read this not expecting much for my 77 pence. How wrong I was, from the first page the story gripped and did not let up until the last. One of the most original books I have read in a long time, made more so by the fact that the author has no previous experience of writing prior to this. The style therefore is one that reminded me of an extended piece of writing that would be done in an English lesson at school under the heading 'An exciting Tale!' and is all the more enthralling because of this. The story charts the demise of Dave, who manages a portfolio of high end properties in Central London and lives the stereotypical yuppie lifestyle. All this disappears in one mad drunken moment which results in him losing his job and fleeing to Spain where he encounters a rollercoster lifestyle of drugs, drink, women and non stop partying. Dave's life comes crashing down one night when, on leaving a party, he encounters a horrific hotel fire which, as a result, turns his life upside down.
Genuinely suspenseful, with more twists and turns than a corkscrew, 'Wrong Place,Wrong Time' lives up to it's name. Easy to read, hard to put down, I devoured it in one sitting. One of the books that, for me anyway, will stay with me for some time....heartily recommended.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The book is now book of the day!

WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is now book of the day at the following website, take a look....

My book is 56 places behind 50 SHADES.......

Grab a copy of my book, a true story, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, which is 56 places behind 50 SHADES, at #57 BEST SELLER on AmazonUK, also #1 in TRUE CRIME and #3 NON-FICTION.

Also #97 in TRUE CRIME in the USA!

For USA only 0.99 cents at:

For UK only 0.77 pence at:


Reviews on Goodreads.......

I have had some great reviews on Amazon UK, Amazon US and Smashwords and now receiving 5 star reviews and 4 and 5 ratings on Goodreads. Take a peek if you wish!

If you have read, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, why not join in and leave a review!

Monday, July 30, 2012

99cents AMAZON USA and 77p AMAZON UK

Grab a copy of my book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, my true story that is #57 BEST SELLER on AmazonUK, also #1 in TRUE CRIME and #3 NON-FICTION.

Also #97 in TRUE CRIME in the USA!

For USA only 0.99 cents at:

For UK only 0.77 pence at:


Thursday, July 26, 2012

A readers honest review of my book!

Wrong Place Wrong Time by David P Perlmutter

 The Walk from Hell
Such a harrowing experience, it took David P Perlmutter twenty years to be able to put pen to paper and tell his true story, or nightmare may be a better word. We all make foolish mistakes, but David’s mistake turned his life upside down.
After a night out drinking in London, David got behind the wheel. If that wasn’t stupid enough, he made a nuisance of himself by driving like an idiot and neighbors justifiably called the police. He was thrown in jail overnight, and the next day he was fired. David had a great career as a realtor making great money. He not only lived in a luxury apartment but drove a BMW to boot.
Soon after being fired he appeared in court and his license was suspended for a year and he was ordered to pay a considerable fine. This resulted in having to move back with mom and dad giving up his life of luxury.
When all this really hit David, it hit him hard. He became depressed, reclusive, and a couch potato. He knew he couldn’t continue on this path so he decided to escape to some fun in the sun, Marbella, Spain.
David is the first to admit he blew it. He spent money he didn’t have and partied way too much. Eventually this took its toll. He did get a job of sorts, but that ended up badly with a busted up face. Of course a beautiful woman was involved, one usually is. So David was jobless again.
Having just a few bucks left and a bruised face David tries to find an out of the way bar to have a drink. Here he meets a couple, Peter and Rosa, who befriends him and he gets drunk with them. The guy is a loser, but the woman, Rosa, is a knock out. She flirts with David and again he gets himself in trouble. When he leaves the bar it’s with Rosa. She takes him to her place and they have an incredible night of steamy hot sex. Of course David gets to eat and is back to feeling human again. They say their good-byes.
Again David loses his living quarters, an inexpensive hostel he was renting still owing back rent. Back to being penniless and jobless David spends his days and nights at the beach. He meets a crazy guy and they smoke weed together. He knows he’s got to pull himself together. But how when all you own are the clothes you are wearing and look like hell?
Starving, stoned, filthy, and tired David finds himself in a nice hotel waiting room and falls asleep on the couch. When he is found, he is physically thrown out in the street. Guess who he runs into? The gorgeous Rosa. She takes him under her wings and after shower, sex, and clean clothes, they go to a party where David can eat free. Guess who they run into at the party? Peter. David doesn’t want yet another bar scene, so he excuses himself politely and takes a walk. This is David’s walk from hell.
So far you’ve seen David be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But this walk from hell takes his life to a whole new level. I’ve been spoon feeding you leading up to the core of the story. This is where the nightmare really begins. Now just try to remember, David really is a nice guy. He was young and foolish, yes, but didn’t deserve what happened to him while taking this walk.
I’m going to leave out a lot of details because you really have to read David P Perlmutter’s account yourself to get the gist of what happened. You have to read David’s words to feel what he experienced.
On his walk he sees a building on fire. Let’s remember David is once again drunk, he’s out of shape from doing nothing and he’s suffering from malnutrition. He can’t believe the intensity of the fire. As he stares at the fire trucks arriving he hears a woman screaming for help.
This is why you must read David’s account. He writes what happened with such intensity. All I will say is he saved two lives on this day. Did he get recognized? Oh yeah, but not in a good way. David made another foolish mistake and stole two credit cards while looking for other victims in the building.
His dad had told him Spain’s police were the worst. David experiences this in the worst possible way. He is arrested and treated like a true foreigner and a piece of garbage.
A journalist with his own personal agenda takes David under his wing. Understandably, David is too vulnerable at this time to realize he’s getting screwed. Does he get out of the pig sty of a jail? Does he go to court and have a trial? Is he found guilty or innocent? Does he spend the rest of his life in Spain in prison?
Wrong Place Wrong Time is a must read. It’s hard to believe it’s a true story. How is David today? Where does he live? One can only imagine the nightmares he must still endure. He shares with his readers what he goes through on a daily basis even twenty three years later. It took David three years to complete his book.
David P Perlmutter claims he is not an author. This is his first piece of writing. He was encouraged to get it out of his system by those who love him. This should give you a clue as to the intensity of the story.
I disagree with David’s perception of himself as a writer. Wrong Place Wrong Time is written beautifully. It is a heartfelt and amazing story of courage and stamina. I’m not sure how many people would be able to live through this and then write about it.
Thank you for sharing your story David. I wish you the best.

Blogs to check out!

These two blogs are worth checking out with great reviews about some excellent books, well worth a look!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Great comment on twitter about my book.

Just received this comment on twitter from a reader in the States who bought my book!
Thanks David, the best I've read in '12 so far, such gripping & pacy but like the sincere & intriguing way of your writing.
Till end of July take advantage of 75% off with Smashwords, use the code SWW75 and enjoy!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another website featuring my book!

This is a great website that is kindly featuring my book and others, its well worth a look!

Hope you enjoy!

Encounter in an elevator!

I work in sales and marketing on a holiday resort and today on the sixth floor, I held open the door of an elevator for a guest as I am a gentleman, you know!

 Noticing she was holding onto a kindle, I struck up a conversation.

 "Hi, so what book are you reading?" I asked her as I clicked one on the panel of numbers in front of me.

She looked at me and replied, "Its a Lee Childs one, a good book, damn it, oh wants the title?" She looked lost as she checked on her kindle in her hands.

Just passing the 4th floor she also mentioned that she had just finished, 50 Shades of Grey, only because of all the attention it had been receiving. She wasn't too impressed.

The elevator came to a halt on the ground floor, the doors slide open, she made her way out and as she did I said.

"You should check out on Amazon the book, Wrong Place Wrong Time."

"Really, what’s it about?"

"It’s based on a true story, it’s been getting great reviews."

 "Oh right, I love true stories. Have you read it?" She asked as we both walked through the reception area of the hotel.

Replying rather cheekily, "I wrote it."

She smiled back and said, "Oh, really, in that case I will look for it and buy it."

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Review (5 star) From Smashwords!

Just received an email from Smashwords about another 5 star review about my book, "Wrong Place Wrong Time"!

I took advantage of the free coupon as I was very interested in reading this book after reviewing the other comments. I must say that even though this is the authors first piece of writing, I was very impressed. More interesting to me was that it was/is a true story and the book had me gripped throughout and it is a real page turner. I will not give anything away but if your looking for a fast paced read that will keep you wanting more then take advantage and read this book.

Check out all my 9 reviews!

Another 5 star review on Amazon!

Like yesterday, I have received another 5 star review on Amazon for my book, "Wrong Place Wrong Time", click the link to take a peek!

Barnes and Noble!

My book "WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME" is now available on Barnes and Noble and on Nook, click the link to check out my latest 5 star review:


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Latest Review On Amazon!

Received this review today, take a look!

I don't normally read true stories but this one grabbed my attention and kept me hooked the entire way through. We all make mistakes in our lives, but for Dave his mistakes will never be forgotten. His mistakes also led to acts of Heroism which most of us could never dream of achieving. This is an incredible, honest account of one man's journey which changed his life forever. The book is written in a fast-paced and gripping style that is so real that you will feel your heart beating just like Dave's was. Incredible story, thanks for sharing your book with us Dave.

Check out all my reviews on Amazon:

Check out my reviews on Smashwords:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Another 5star review for my book!!!

Received this review for my book today on Smashwords:

Thank you for the free copy, would have paid for it and will do when it comes out on hardback copy! Never usually read because I can never find a book I actually enjoy but this is different, its so intense! Still have 63 pages left, so hoping everything turns out okay in the end! Never knew so much could go wrong for someone! This storyline would make a great movie, would definitely watch it!

Read them all by clicking the link....

Monday, July 9, 2012

A message from Vonda Norwood!

Vonda Norwood the author of books such as: Indie Authors Make better Lovers and Facebook breaks up marriages lol....wrote a bit about me and my book on her Google page, to that Vonda, I thank you.

First 20 pages for FREE!!!!

Want to read the first 20 pages for FREE and in Flip Book Format? Of course you do, then click the link below and enjoy.

Also take a look at the reviews I have received from Amazon and Smashwords!

Happy reading, I hope!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Great Blog To Follow!

A must! This blog is full of different content that something will be of interest to you. This brilliant blog features not only my book but other features that are worthy of a look!

Author of Blog, Mr Ryan Pitcher....

Just click the link.

Thank you for clicking and reading!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

50% off until 31st July!


50% off my book, my true story, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, not a great amount to pay for a bit of me!.

Click the link below and get the book at under $2.50.

Enjoy and leave a review.

Oh, just received another cracking review also!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Vote for me.......Please!

My book has been entered into a competition and at the moment my true story is in 2nd Place. If you wish to vote for me, click this link:

Just click Wrong Place Wrong Time!

Thank you in advance....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


After losing everything in London, I took a trip to Spain, but its the worst move I'd ever make, my harrowing true story out now on Amazon, Smashwords and Lulu!!!

Soon to be in print, watch this space!

My Recent Interview!!!

Please have a look at my recent interview on Jason Bournes blog about my book, a true story, "Wrong Place Wrong Time"....

Please comment if you wish!



Saturday, June 23, 2012

You Tube.......You View......My book.....

Reviews and ratings for my book!!!

Its been two weeks since my book was published and I thought I would share some of the reviews and ratings I have had so far with you, so here goes!

GOODREADS: 5 star Rating: From Karen Cole.


Firstly the cover caught my attention, then the title and the statement, True Story. Having read the first 3 chapters the story became a fast paced tale and kept me gripped until the end. The guy who's story it is about did act stupidly initially but then you warm to him, especially when he risked his own life, saving others. I will not give too much away but this book may not be for everyone but I enjoyed it very much! 
1)  A 3 STAR Review: GRIPPING
I read this book in an hour and a half. It was gripping and well paced. My one reservation is with the title. David was never in the wrong place at the wrong time, he made some unfortunate choices. 
I bought this book a few days ago and later that night (about 11pm) went up to bed to have a read - I ended up staying awake until 2.30am to finish it!
I am just a bit older than the Author was when the events took place and I can relate to a lot of what writes about, being a bit naive and carefree when young. Fortunately for me (unfortunately for David) the few scrapes I had in my early 20s with the police were here in the UK not Spain!!!
Anyone who enjoys reading books involving True Crime,the Police, Spain, Being young and a bit adventurous should definitely give this a read.

5/5 from me and hopefully David Perlmutter decides to write further books. 
3)  5 STAR Review: FANTASTIC! 
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It's paced brilliantly - I started off lounging in the armchair and ended up on the edge of my seat! The last few chapters are especially gripping and if you're anything like me, you'll be rooting for David right till the end. Although this is a true story, it reads like fiction (with great dialogue and characters). It's a brilliant read and one I'll definitely be reccommending to my friends. 
4)  Bought the eBook from Amazon and thought it was a great story - thanks for sharing it with us!
Rebecca Scarberry Wow! This book sounds like one I'd love! Too bad I'm so far behind in my reading (now getting emails from authors, asking when I'm going to read the books they gifted). Ugh! Well, I have it written down & won't forget about it, Dave. 
 Hi Dave, I have just started reading your book and already I can't put it down. Great writing, honest and well written! It's been a long time since I have read such a good book!
Okay I won't bore you anymore, if you wish to buy or review the book, just click on any of the link's to your right from Lulu and Amazon.
Thanks in advance....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review my book on Smashwords?

My ebook is now available on Smashwords and I am seeking some reviews, so who would like to read my true story, "Wrong Place Wrong Time" ?

So if you would, get back to me, I'll give you a code, you read the book and leave a review/rating on Smashwords.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

eBook formatting for Smashwords or Amazon!

If you are like me and needed a top company to deal with the formatting of your ebook for Amazon and Smashwords, well I can help you.

Within a matter of 24 hours, if that, ebookservices handled my request in such a smooth way that I am still in total shock. A great service I have ever received in such a short time.

Now my book is on Smashwords, see for yourself:

To contact this first class company, click the link below:

Thanks again!

Ebook now on Smashwords!

Having been on Amazon for 9 days, with daily sales of my book, "Wrong Place Wrong Time" and with excellent reviews, I am delighted to confirm that it is now on Smashwords.

If you would like a free copy, in return of writing a review on Smashwords, then please reply by return.

Thank you in advance!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hear about my book!!!

Click the link to hear about my book....

Hope you like it!

Something else.....

Sales and reviews!!

Just been to watch Ireland in my local bar in Madeira, sadly they lost, I'm not Irish but I have always loved their passion, but hey only one game and two to go, England tomorrow, come on boys! But to serious matters, my book, to me anyway. It has been live for 5 days and still to my amazement people are buying it daily! My book, they are buying, thank you to those people, what remarkable taste you have, I would say that.
It is a true story, (by the way, Sex and the City is on the box as I write this) and say that my story differs from what is on TV is an understatement, my story is fun and adventure like the film glaring at me, but it turns for the worse with a hotel fire, saving life’s, an arrest, prison and then.....well I don't want to give it away! It’s on Amazon if you want to check it out, like the first 2 chapters and if you want to buy it, thank you and leave a review.
Okay that’s it really, apart from to tell you about my super reviews on Amazon, click the "buy my book" link to see them plus tonight I have received a another 5* review of my book from Goodreads, yes Goodreads, from Karen Cole, how chuffed am I?, VERY.....take a look,

Thats it, enough of me, so goodnight and sweetdreams....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reviews of my book!!!

As the sun peeped through the gap in the curtains this morning, the rays made me stir as my eyelids blinked and slowly opened. Getting up and checking my Amazon report, I was pleased to see that I have sold more copies of my new book, Wrong Place Wrong Time, but also to read that two readers have spent their valuable time leaving superb reviews. So as you can appreciate I am very happy and jumping for joy on this very sunny Saturday morning in Madeira.

To read the reviews and hey, why not buy a copy yourself by clicking the "buy the book" link to the right or just simply click the link below and then your there, on Amazon, where your see the book, the amazing cover and the reviews!