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Monday, July 30, 2012

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A readers honest review of my book!

Wrong Place Wrong Time by David P Perlmutter

 The Walk from Hell
Such a harrowing experience, it took David P Perlmutter twenty years to be able to put pen to paper and tell his true story, or nightmare may be a better word. We all make foolish mistakes, but David’s mistake turned his life upside down.
After a night out drinking in London, David got behind the wheel. If that wasn’t stupid enough, he made a nuisance of himself by driving like an idiot and neighbors justifiably called the police. He was thrown in jail overnight, and the next day he was fired. David had a great career as a realtor making great money. He not only lived in a luxury apartment but drove a BMW to boot.
Soon after being fired he appeared in court and his license was suspended for a year and he was ordered to pay a considerable fine. This resulted in having to move back with mom and dad giving up his life of luxury.
When all this really hit David, it hit him hard. He became depressed, reclusive, and a couch potato. He knew he couldn’t continue on this path so he decided to escape to some fun in the sun, Marbella, Spain.
David is the first to admit he blew it. He spent money he didn’t have and partied way too much. Eventually this took its toll. He did get a job of sorts, but that ended up badly with a busted up face. Of course a beautiful woman was involved, one usually is. So David was jobless again.
Having just a few bucks left and a bruised face David tries to find an out of the way bar to have a drink. Here he meets a couple, Peter and Rosa, who befriends him and he gets drunk with them. The guy is a loser, but the woman, Rosa, is a knock out. She flirts with David and again he gets himself in trouble. When he leaves the bar it’s with Rosa. She takes him to her place and they have an incredible night of steamy hot sex. Of course David gets to eat and is back to feeling human again. They say their good-byes.
Again David loses his living quarters, an inexpensive hostel he was renting still owing back rent. Back to being penniless and jobless David spends his days and nights at the beach. He meets a crazy guy and they smoke weed together. He knows he’s got to pull himself together. But how when all you own are the clothes you are wearing and look like hell?
Starving, stoned, filthy, and tired David finds himself in a nice hotel waiting room and falls asleep on the couch. When he is found, he is physically thrown out in the street. Guess who he runs into? The gorgeous Rosa. She takes him under her wings and after shower, sex, and clean clothes, they go to a party where David can eat free. Guess who they run into at the party? Peter. David doesn’t want yet another bar scene, so he excuses himself politely and takes a walk. This is David’s walk from hell.
So far you’ve seen David be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But this walk from hell takes his life to a whole new level. I’ve been spoon feeding you leading up to the core of the story. This is where the nightmare really begins. Now just try to remember, David really is a nice guy. He was young and foolish, yes, but didn’t deserve what happened to him while taking this walk.
I’m going to leave out a lot of details because you really have to read David P Perlmutter’s account yourself to get the gist of what happened. You have to read David’s words to feel what he experienced.
On his walk he sees a building on fire. Let’s remember David is once again drunk, he’s out of shape from doing nothing and he’s suffering from malnutrition. He can’t believe the intensity of the fire. As he stares at the fire trucks arriving he hears a woman screaming for help.
This is why you must read David’s account. He writes what happened with such intensity. All I will say is he saved two lives on this day. Did he get recognized? Oh yeah, but not in a good way. David made another foolish mistake and stole two credit cards while looking for other victims in the building.
His dad had told him Spain’s police were the worst. David experiences this in the worst possible way. He is arrested and treated like a true foreigner and a piece of garbage.
A journalist with his own personal agenda takes David under his wing. Understandably, David is too vulnerable at this time to realize he’s getting screwed. Does he get out of the pig sty of a jail? Does he go to court and have a trial? Is he found guilty or innocent? Does he spend the rest of his life in Spain in prison?
Wrong Place Wrong Time is a must read. It’s hard to believe it’s a true story. How is David today? Where does he live? One can only imagine the nightmares he must still endure. He shares with his readers what he goes through on a daily basis even twenty three years later. It took David three years to complete his book.
David P Perlmutter claims he is not an author. This is his first piece of writing. He was encouraged to get it out of his system by those who love him. This should give you a clue as to the intensity of the story.
I disagree with David’s perception of himself as a writer. Wrong Place Wrong Time is written beautifully. It is a heartfelt and amazing story of courage and stamina. I’m not sure how many people would be able to live through this and then write about it.
Thank you for sharing your story David. I wish you the best.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Great comment on twitter about my book.

Just received this comment on twitter from a reader in the States who bought my book!
Thanks David, the best I've read in '12 so far, such gripping & pacy but like the sincere & intriguing way of your writing.
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another website featuring my book!

This is a great website that is kindly featuring my book and others, its well worth a look!

Hope you enjoy!

Encounter in an elevator!

I work in sales and marketing on a holiday resort and today on the sixth floor, I held open the door of an elevator for a guest as I am a gentleman, you know!

 Noticing she was holding onto a kindle, I struck up a conversation.

 "Hi, so what book are you reading?" I asked her as I clicked one on the panel of numbers in front of me.

She looked at me and replied, "Its a Lee Childs one, a good book, damn it, oh wants the title?" She looked lost as she checked on her kindle in her hands.

Just passing the 4th floor she also mentioned that she had just finished, 50 Shades of Grey, only because of all the attention it had been receiving. She wasn't too impressed.

The elevator came to a halt on the ground floor, the doors slide open, she made her way out and as she did I said.

"You should check out on Amazon the book, Wrong Place Wrong Time."

"Really, what’s it about?"

"It’s based on a true story, it’s been getting great reviews."

 "Oh right, I love true stories. Have you read it?" She asked as we both walked through the reception area of the hotel.

Replying rather cheekily, "I wrote it."

She smiled back and said, "Oh, really, in that case I will look for it and buy it."

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Review (5 star) From Smashwords!

Just received an email from Smashwords about another 5 star review about my book, "Wrong Place Wrong Time"!

I took advantage of the free coupon as I was very interested in reading this book after reviewing the other comments. I must say that even though this is the authors first piece of writing, I was very impressed. More interesting to me was that it was/is a true story and the book had me gripped throughout and it is a real page turner. I will not give anything away but if your looking for a fast paced read that will keep you wanting more then take advantage and read this book.

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Another 5 star review on Amazon!

Like yesterday, I have received another 5 star review on Amazon for my book, "Wrong Place Wrong Time", click the link to take a peek!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Latest Review On Amazon!

Received this review today, take a look!

I don't normally read true stories but this one grabbed my attention and kept me hooked the entire way through. We all make mistakes in our lives, but for Dave his mistakes will never be forgotten. His mistakes also led to acts of Heroism which most of us could never dream of achieving. This is an incredible, honest account of one man's journey which changed his life forever. The book is written in a fast-paced and gripping style that is so real that you will feel your heart beating just like Dave's was. Incredible story, thanks for sharing your book with us Dave.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Another 5star review for my book!!!

Received this review for my book today on Smashwords:

Thank you for the free copy, would have paid for it and will do when it comes out on hardback copy! Never usually read because I can never find a book I actually enjoy but this is different, its so intense! Still have 63 pages left, so hoping everything turns out okay in the end! Never knew so much could go wrong for someone! This storyline would make a great movie, would definitely watch it!

Read them all by clicking the link....

Monday, July 9, 2012

A message from Vonda Norwood!

Vonda Norwood the author of books such as: Indie Authors Make better Lovers and Facebook breaks up marriages lol....wrote a bit about me and my book on her Google page, to that Vonda, I thank you.

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Happy reading, I hope!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Great Blog To Follow!

A must! This blog is full of different content that something will be of interest to you. This brilliant blog features not only my book but other features that are worthy of a look!

Author of Blog, Mr Ryan Pitcher....

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

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Monday, July 2, 2012

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My book has been entered into a competition and at the moment my true story is in 2nd Place. If you wish to vote for me, click this link:

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