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Friday, January 18, 2013

My views on Reviews!

I know we're nearly into the third week of 2013, but as this is my first post for a long time I'd like to start off by wishing you a Happy New Year and hope this year is the one for us all.

This week on Amazon UK I received my 89th, 90th, 91st, 92nd and 93rd reviews respectivily, which I'm obviously really happy about as they were either 4 or 5 stars. As I think we all agree, reviews for our books are so important to us; they're important for any item on Amazon. Heck, when searching for gifts, we all look at the reviews, don't we?  Reviews make people curious and interested... they suck people in. The more reviews you have, the more likely someone is to click the 'buy' button.

When I see that I have a new review, I'm happy. But I also have a combination of nervousness and excited anticipation as to whether its going to be a positive or negative one. Having said that, I learned a long time ago that all reviews are positive and that is the beauty of people having their own personal opinion.

As of today, in the UK my book has received 93 reviews with 52 five stars and 15 one stars. In the US, 37 reviews - 22 of which are five stars and NO 1 stars. In Spain I have just one, but its a 5 star.

That is it for my first post of 2013, but of course not my last, you unlucky followers! I just wanted to share my news with you all.

Whilst you're here, why not just click the link. It'll take you to my book in which ever country you are living! 

Finally, I would like to hear your views on reviews, so please comment if you wish!

Look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Great post Dave! I think reviews are very instrumental in a customer's, or readers's, viewpoint in terms of making a buying decision. When I shop on-line, it's the first place I look. I have over 35 views of my book and NOT ONE review. I don't get it but am excited that you have a few. I will be just as nervous as you were, when reading the first one. What's next for you? I will be reading "Wrong Place" and writing as usual :)

    1. totally fabulous book entirely gripping couldnt put it down. Had no idea it was true until ii got to the authors note.

      Good Luck

    2. Thank you both for your replies. Reviews are important as I feel it will make someones mind up to purchase your book or any item being sold on Amazon. I hope you enjoy the book D. Christopher.

      Thank you Tracey for your comments about my book. I am so pleased you enjoyed it.