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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The very talented C.F.Winn!

I am delighted to feature the very talented C.F.Winn, the author of the book SUKI:

Life offers one guarantee…death.

Savannah’s situation goes from good to perfect when she meets Dwayne, an ex-Marine with a soft heart. They seem to have it all, until one challenge shakes them to their cores.

We all assume we know what love is, but think again. It comes in many shapes and sizes. If you knew ahead of time that you’d never see ”happily ever after“, would you choose to live at all for the sake of love?

CF Winn flexes her story telling muscle and shows us why she is an award winning author. SUKI will grab your heart and make you think about your place…and your purpose in this world.

Please click on this link to buy the book: SUKI

Also click on the link below to find out more about her and so much more.


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