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Saturday, July 27, 2013

MY WAY is FREE for one day ONLY! 29th July!

My gift to you is MY WAY is FREE for one day only, the 29th July! It is my book about marketing, check out some reviews!

In 'My Way' David has written a valuable resource for indie authors, showing us his marketing strategies. Too often this type of book is full of hype with little information but not this one. Written in the same style as his book "Wrong Time Wrong Place" this is a no nonsense look at the hoops indie authors have to jump through to make their voice heard and get their books in front of the reading public. I've been at this for 18 months now and even I learned a thing or two! Thanks for this little gem of a book, David, I'm off to implement the holes in my marketing strategy!

This is a fast and easy read with no technological jargon. I was very intrigued to read how the author had marketed Wrong Place Wrong Time and have definitely picked up a few tips I'd not considered during my own marketing journey to date. As a result I will certainly be putting some changes and additions in place. Lovely to see the author giving shout-outs to many other authors and literary people he's met online along the way too. This is a very useful guide to self promotion and you can't go wrong for 92p! Recommended.

It was with some trepidation that I approached My Way by David P Perlmutter as, often times this type of `how to' book can leave you feeling more confused and inept than ever. Not so, however, with this one. Perlmutter metaphorically takes you by the hand and leads you through the various sections (twitter, blogging, facebook etc) designed to help you market your book. The premise of the book is that Perlmutter himself is the author of a bestselling book and he is sharing the marketing tools that he used in order to achieve this. The strength of the book lies in the fact that it seems to have been written from the heart. Perlmutter genuinely seems to want to help other writers to achieve the same success and his tone throughout is warm, encouraging and sincere. I came at the book as a technically challenged, marketing disaster and found it incredibly useful. I'm not sure how much success adopting Perlmutter's advice will bring but prior to reading My Way I had done only a fraction of the strategies he has recommended. I like the way the book is set out in sections so someone like me, with not much know how, can easily refer back to specific advice. If you struggle to get your head around social media and all things technical then I don't think you can go wrong with this book.

If you are a budding author, blogger or even a business urge you to read this book about getting your work noticed.
This is written from Dave's perspective of promoting his fantastic debut book which is an account of his life "Wrong place, wrong time" this book tell how you can use various media platforms to promote what ever it is you are trying to promote.
Everything he's telling you to do is actually common sense but one thing is definite all these tips DO WORK!

Above are just a few reviews for MY WAY, so take advantage and download MY WAY for FREE on the 29th July, it might just increase your book sales!

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Thank you.

Friday, July 12, 2013


Happy to say that my second book, MY WAY is now on GOODREADS! 

My Way

If you have reviewed it on Amazon, please take a few minutes to place one here, thank you.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Amanda Green-The Author.

My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me (Memoirs of Amanda Green) 

If I told you I’d been to twenty-four Countries (twenty-one by the time I was twenty-two), that I’d worked in Japan for nine months, toured Australia for six months, enjoyed seven months in Thailand and met and campaigned for the Orangutan in Borneo, you might think that I was pretty lucky.
If I told you I’d worked in the hotel industry, for a sexual health department in a hospital and with prisoners in a drug cell block of a male prison, that I’d worked as a recruitment consultant, in so many office jobs I’ve lost count, as well as having my own company and multiple websites, at age thirty-six, then you might think I’ve had an interesting life.
But if I added to that a mix of child rape, mental health problems, promiscuity, drug taking, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, violence, mood swings, obsession, jealousy, loss of self worth, being raised by a mentally ill mother, bankruptcy, thyroid and gastro problems and public masturbation in school at age nine, then I am not sure what you’d think. 
But this is me; Amanda Green. This is my life, my story; my journey back to me from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and Borderline Personality Disorder – mental illness which manifested during my life and came out ‘to it’s peak’ in my thirties.
I was able to use my collection of mementos, photos, diaries, journals, letters, emails and text messages of my past to finally see who I had become, and more importantly with a combination of therapy, medication and my writing, how I became that alien self and how I found the real me.




After recovering from mental illness and many other adversities, Amanda Green published her true story ('My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me' on kindle). This is the journal of her life during the year following publication. Dysfunctional and ever more inspiring, this memoir will take you into a whirlwind of love, humour, emotion, depression, adventures, music, animals, family health and relationships, as she strives to stay strong and achieve a life really worth living as a childless woman before her fast approaching 40th birthday. 
Due to flashbacks of dark scenes and sexual abuse, this memoir is for adults only and although it's a sequel, it can easily be read alone.



First Tango In Paris by Emma J Styles.


First Tango In Paris is a compellingly erotic true-life memoir of Emma, a normal English housewife and mother, who in 1991 went on a last minute weekend break to Paris with her husband. They by chance discovered a whole different level of sexual gratification in the elegant Parisian swingers clubs, one that she pursued with vigour over the following years. This true and accurate account explicitly documents many of the outrageous sexual situations she participated in and experienced on her journey to complete sexual fulfillment. From teaching her French lovers 18 year old son the art of lovemaking through to complete abandonment at the hands of a team of French firefighters, and being the muse to an elderly retired, distinguished French Diplomat, who arranges many of her more scandalous sexual scenarios for her to act out. All the time, juggling her family life in West London with her decadent sexual life in France and beyond. She takes you on a roller-coaster ride of her sex filled exploits. A riveting and captivating sexually explicit read! 97 thousand captivating words!

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

PUBLICITY PRESS HERE! Another great website for authors!

If you have a book out, place it on the website below, I fully recommend that you do! Take a look!

Publicity Press Here.


For 3 days, the 7/8/9 July, you can download MY WAY for FREE and WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME for under a quid, a dollar and a euro!.

So, if you have a book out and struggling to get it seen and want some marketing tips, download MY WAY for FREE!! What have you got to lose?

Read my true story WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME which was #1 bestseller in True Crime on Amazon in the US and top 10 in UK, SPAIN and JAPAN! If you're unsure whether to or not, why not check out the 137 x 5***** and 40 x 4****reviews!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A wonderful review of WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME.

Please take a look at a 5* review of WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME.


My 5* review of BLOOD AND LOSS by Electa Graham!

Vampires, witches, wolves, not really what I am used to reading but horror and sex yes, and now I am hooked in all! This book had all the above and the way Electa wrote, bought me into the story and I never looked back.

Now Blood and Redemption in the Cassandra Myles Witch Series is next!

Thank you Electa for taking me outside of my box of my normal book genre!

Buy your copy here: BLOOD AND LOSS!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

YouTube review of my new book, MY WAY by Erik Nelson.

So delighted to see that I have a video review on YOUTUBE for my book, MY WAY from Erik Nelson!

To take a look, click MY WAY!