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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Welcome talented author, Ebony Lowe and her books!

Family Scandal

Mariyah Jacobs (Riyah), an outspoken teenager, suspects her older sister of having an affair. When she finds out who the other person is, she quickly exposes the both of them to her family. From there things begin to fall apart as the situation becomes more complicated. Riyah's mother (Terri), the glue that holds the family together, is forced to try to put her family back together but soon finds out that she is the only one interested in doing so. Will Terri ever be able to put her family back together or will thing continue to get worse?



Family Scandal: The Revenge

As the two families struggle with the acceptance of the affair, more scandal begins to surface. Lives are taken and hearts are broken, all because of one person...Kita. But is everything as it seems? Is there more to the story?

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