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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Electa Graham and her mighty fine STATS!

Written by Electa!

Just checked some stats from my website. My latest post has received 500 views in the past two days. Okay 493.

My reviews of David P Perlmutter books have received 45 page views in the last 24 hours. 
My erotic 9 part series affair of the lonely have had a total 190 page views 
My review for Luna Sanguis by Simon Okill received 25 page views
So did my reviews for Zoe Saadia Travis Luedke and Philip Mayes books. 

I won't bore you with more stats but I was thinking for 1 day that's pretty good for posts I haven't mentioned in a very long time. 

They must be pretty good maybe you might want to check them out too.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Welcome talented author, Joanne Wooding!

Please may I welcome the talented author Joanne Wooding, who if you click the link below, will take you to her author page on Amazon!

Her books include excellent reading for adults and children.

Below are the titles of her books, available as an eBook and paperback!

Love Lost
The Order. Volume 1
The Order Time To Heal. Volume 2
The Order Forever. The Final Stand. Volume 3
The Order Forever The Last Stand
Ted's Adventures. Ted's Lost Ball. 1
Ted's Adventures. Ted's First Snowball. 2


Joanne Wooding.

Apologies to keep going on but have to let you know of another 5* for MY WAY!

"As many self-published authors will tell you, writing your book is the easy part! Now comes the time when you have to find answers to the awkward question: "How will I get people to buy, read and review my work?" Well. David P. Perlmutter found out the hard way. He needed to publicise his book `Wrong Place, Wrong Time', and of course, like many independent authors, he made mistakes and went down blind alleys; but he kept plugging away, and eventually made his book highly successful. So how did he do it? Well, the great news is that he wrote it all down and has made it available to every aspiring indie author. I read David's book `My Way' several months ago in preparation for launching my second novel `Retribution'. I have delayed my review until now, because I wanted to see how well I could do by applying David's wisdom to my own marketing efforts. Results: Twitter following increased by 75%; Facebook presence established; free book promotion greatly exceeded my expectations. So, five stars for `My Way' - it really works!! Of course, I realise there is no `magic bullet', that there is still a lot to do, and that I shall have to continue working hard to promote my books. But what `My Way' has shown me is how to make all that hard work effective. Thank you David!"

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blown away by the latest reviews plus a comment or two on Twitter for My Way!


"As an author, and trying to be proactive about advertising and marketing, I've read a number of texts about book promotion and have often found that they haven't really taught me anything I haven't already been trying to do. However, David Perlmutter's book My Way hit the spot. I found the sections on book covers, Amazon pages, and blogging reassuring that I was on the right lines - but it was the section on Twitter which was most valuable to me. As I read, I realised that I had never properly understood the concept and use of Twitter professionally for an author. I've just spent a happy afternoon following David's advice and, frankly, it is enlightening! Thank you, David! There are also useful sections on pricing, marketing and Facebook. It's an easy quick read (I read it all in less than an hour)and it is written in plain English with no unexplained technical jargon, but I shall keep dipping into it for some time to come."


"This book is a quick read which is exactly what you want. It is packed with lots of facts about creating the best self promotion platform for the indie author. It would be useful to both the beginner and the expert."


"My Way, a valuable resource for indie authors. Bought it! To help keep my book in Top 20!"

"Totally agree big fan of @davepperlmutter 'My Way' a valuable resource for indie authors."

Lets hook up on Twitter! @davepperlmutter