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Monday, November 4, 2013

Apologies to keep going on but have to let you know of another 5* for MY WAY!

"As many self-published authors will tell you, writing your book is the easy part! Now comes the time when you have to find answers to the awkward question: "How will I get people to buy, read and review my work?" Well. David P. Perlmutter found out the hard way. He needed to publicise his book `Wrong Place, Wrong Time', and of course, like many independent authors, he made mistakes and went down blind alleys; but he kept plugging away, and eventually made his book highly successful. So how did he do it? Well, the great news is that he wrote it all down and has made it available to every aspiring indie author. I read David's book `My Way' several months ago in preparation for launching my second novel `Retribution'. I have delayed my review until now, because I wanted to see how well I could do by applying David's wisdom to my own marketing efforts. Results: Twitter following increased by 75%; Facebook presence established; free book promotion greatly exceeded my expectations. So, five stars for `My Way' - it really works!! Of course, I realise there is no `magic bullet', that there is still a lot to do, and that I shall have to continue working hard to promote my books. But what `My Way' has shown me is how to make all that hard work effective. Thank you David!"

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