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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blown away by the latest reviews plus a comment or two on Twitter for My Way!


"As an author, and trying to be proactive about advertising and marketing, I've read a number of texts about book promotion and have often found that they haven't really taught me anything I haven't already been trying to do. However, David Perlmutter's book My Way hit the spot. I found the sections on book covers, Amazon pages, and blogging reassuring that I was on the right lines - but it was the section on Twitter which was most valuable to me. As I read, I realised that I had never properly understood the concept and use of Twitter professionally for an author. I've just spent a happy afternoon following David's advice and, frankly, it is enlightening! Thank you, David! There are also useful sections on pricing, marketing and Facebook. It's an easy quick read (I read it all in less than an hour)and it is written in plain English with no unexplained technical jargon, but I shall keep dipping into it for some time to come."


"This book is a quick read which is exactly what you want. It is packed with lots of facts about creating the best self promotion platform for the indie author. It would be useful to both the beginner and the expert."


"My Way, a valuable resource for indie authors. Bought it! To help keep my book in Top 20!"

"Totally agree big fan of @davepperlmutter 'My Way' a valuable resource for indie authors."

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