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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Indie Book Bargains Featured Author!

My book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME and I have been hand picked to be an Indie Book Bargain Featured Author!

For only 77p/99ct you can read this true story with 219 x 5* and 59 x 4* reviews on Amazon!

Wrong Place Wrong Time


Friday, November 14, 2014


Just Staring!
Delighted to say that at the moment in the UK, Wrong Place Wrong Time is currently.....

#3 in Biographies
#19 in True Crime
#69 in Memoirs

Reviews across Amazon!

219 x 5*
59 x 4*

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Hope to see you!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ooh... I can just see it now David...

Delighted to have been interviewed by talented author, TARA FORD on her brilliant blog. Take a look, its fun! 

Click the link!

Tara and Me!

Friday, October 17, 2014



Delighted to be featured here!

Also in the past few days the 5* reviews have increased to 215 across Amazon plus a 5* for My Way. Its always a nice feeling to receive any review and rating from readers who have taken time in firstly buying, reading and placing a review on Amazon.

To that, I say thank you readers.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

MY WAY is FREE for the weekend!

Happy Day To You All!

So until Sunday, my book called MY WAY, all about book marketing for the indie author is available and it's FREE on Amazon! Currently its.....

UK! #1 in sales and marketing!
USA! #1 in advertising
Canada! #1 in advertising
Spain! #2 in advertising
Australia! #7 in advertising

The book is how I managed, with marketing to achieve #1 in true crime in America with my first book, Wrong Place Wrong Time, which is currently #5 in the UK and #56 in Biography in America.

My Way has received over 70 4/5* reviews from authors and Wrong Place Wrong Time has received over 210 5* and over 55 4* reviews across Amazon.

So are you struggling with books sales or just want some FREE book marketing tips? Take advantage and download below!

My Way

and if you want to take a peek at my true story, here's the link!

Wrong Place Wrong Time

That's it, thank you for reading and if you do download any of the above books, I hope you enjoy.

David P Perlmutter

Sunday, September 7, 2014

FOGMAKERS by Deirdre Devlin!


Four children sleep peacefully in their isolated farmhouse unaware of sinister dark shapes creeping towards them in the fog. When one of the children, Christopher, is kidnapped, the others must join forces with strange creatures who've come from a dark and dangerous secret kingdom. 

Together they must save not just the boy but the kingdom itself. To do so they must first overcome the terrifying Negatron machine and eerie Time Slice that allows them to move forward and backwards in time but from which, nobody has ever returned alive. This is the Kingdom of the Fogmakers, a secret world on our very doorstep and the children are the first humans ever to enter.

#4 in Science Fiction in the UK on Amazon!

Click the links below to read a free sample!



Friday, August 29, 2014

Jeannie Rae!

Review for MY WAY received from author Jeannie Rae from America on her blog!

Jeannie Rae

Check out the reviews on Amazon from authors, 75 x 4/5*!

My Way 


Monday, August 11, 2014

Updates and Things!

So, it's been a long time really, yes I have posted about fellow author's books and review's for my two book's but nothing about what is happening with me. Well, would you want to know, that is the question. You have no choice but don't worry, its just a sentence or two if you don't mind.

The end of July, 29th to be precise I tuned 50, yes the big 50 and you know what, it's rather grand to say 50 when I'm asked my age and not 49. As whenever I said I was 49, all I heard was, "NOT LONG TO THE BIG ONE." So the big one came and it has now gone, so time to reflect......................................Reflection complete and now to see out the rest of the next half century.......well okay, maybe a quarter then! 

My next project is my next book, my third. No title as yet, as I believe a title should come once the book is complete, just like the naming of the chapters. Exactly what I did with Wrong Place Wrong Time and My Way. It's just my way of doing things, each to their own I guess.

I am 25k words into my third book and it has been like that for a few months, as I have started a new job, and moved, the things that get in the way, so it has been on the back burner for some time. But now I am ready to tap away, as I am doing right now and complete the book and send to my brilliant editor Elaine Denning, who will no doubt be thinking, "You should have sent this blog post to me to edit before publishing it." but I have to do something on my own for a change. I am 50 for heavens sake!

Also, I'm rather chuffed with the rankings for Wrong Place Wrong Time, currently #3 in Biography in UK and was #1 in Spain, Australia and Canada. Also in the top 50 in Drama as well. But what has amazed me is the number of reviews, over 330 with 200 being 5* and 52 being 4*. Yes there are 1/2/3* reviews, and that is the beauty of personal opinions, which keeps it real of course. If one could please everybody, one would bottle it and sell it, wouldn't one?

Well that is about it really, thank you for reading, if you have enjoyed me muttering along, let me know and we can do it again some time!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

MY WAY is Free!

Just to inform you indie authors that MY WAY is free from the 9th July for 3 days, so take advantage. Read the 62 x 5* reviews from authors plus the other 4*'s........

The marketing tips might help sell some more books.......

Monday, July 7, 2014

198 X 5* review for WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME!

#198 X 5* review for WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME!

A tale which should be read. Both harrowing and haunting.
"Reading Wrong Place Wrong Time left me in a bit of a quandary. Did the main character get his just desserts? Was the ending what I wanted it to be? Well, to be honest, that is neither here nor there, as Wrong Place Wrong Time is a true story, and as a result, only had one possible ending. Whether it's the one that the reader desires is not up for questioning. This book intrigued me from the moment I read about it through social media. I deliberately shied away from scanning other numerous reviews of the author's work as (a) the real David is an extremely affable chap (which is not something that can always be said for the 'character' David - but then who's perfect in life?) and (b) I like to make my own decisions. I'm glad I did as now I see a debate rages as to whether this book is believable or not. For me, it is. And a gripping read. At times I didn't understand the lead character's actions as he faces his hideous journey into a hellish time in Spain - why did he do this? - why would he do that? - but again, I think that is truly apt and spot on for what most of us do in life. No-one is perfect. We can all regret doing something and the subsequent consequences that occur as a result. No spoilers here from me as I believe this a tale which should be read. David's words transport you perfectly along his somewhat bumpy and gritty ride and even though maybe you shouldn't always be on his lead character's side (that being the real David of course) I found I did sympathise with him. I wished him well despite not always wishing he'd followed a certain path. I would recommend Wrong Place Wrong Time quite happily. David is skilled at what he does with his writing, and also with his tireless and varied marketing. I salute his story, I salute his words, I salute his ability to write what must been a most definitely soul-cleansing but also deeply harrowing story. After all, it was his. He's lived every word, and I'm glad I was able to now share it."



Went onto twitter and guess what, my book WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is featured on IndieWriterNews website for EbookMadnessMonday! How cool is that!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Eat More Bloody Meat Y'Bastards by Mial Pagan!

"When Denis Mahoney heeds the siren call of a recruitment agent he leaves behind his odd colleagues, the unsavoury Freak, unstable Randy J. Feckenburger (the Third) and unfathomable Bob. Denis finds that he's exchanged one group of eccentrics for another but it is the beautiful Karen, with the body of Venus, brain of Machiavelli and voice from Bromley who captures his heart. A few romantic words and he finds himself embroiled in her dangerous plans and grappling with the big questions in life."

If you like Kathy Lette, David Sedaris or Nick Hornby, you will love this book. WARNING: Should not be used for career guidance or recipe tips! 

Reviews of 'Eat More Bloody Meat Y'Bastards!' 

Loved this book. It's a hilarious satire on the advertising industry, written with real brio and wit. Well done Mial Pagan - a true original.' 

'Top read! 
Brilliant! Not my normal style of novel but could not put it down - I think everyone can relate to the people in this book in their own place of work , even if they're not in advertising.' 

'Do NOT read this book if...... are afraid to laugh out loud often.! 
I thoroughly enjoyed Eat More Bloody Meat, Y'Bastards! and would recommend it to anyone with a pulse. I am hoping for a sequel ......., who can imagine what happens in the next five years? (or the next 5 minutes with these characters) A super read, highly recommended.' 

I've just finished the wonderful Eat More Bloody Meat Y'Bastards!'. . . Laughed out loud. Really loved it. Just the ticket for holiday reading on the sunny ski slopes of Italy. God bless Denis and God help those who work in that dreadful industry! 



Saturday, April 26, 2014

Trinity by Nigel May!

TRINITY by Nigel May!

THE SUN, July 2013 



Trinity follows the lives of three rich, beautiful and glamorous women who think that the bond of friendship between them will last for eternity. But life has an unpleasant way of making even the best of friends turn on each other. 

Gossip queen Anoushka Silvers must face the fact that she is the daughter her abusive father never wanted. Her relentless ambition to be top of her game and prove herself to her family means that she will stop at nothing to earn respect. But when her bitchy tongue gains her death threats and the unwanted attention of a stalker, it could be Anoushka who is making the headlines. 

For actress Evie Merchant, her childhood dreams of becoming the world’s hottest movie star are just about to come true. But a string of loveless, hurtful liaisons with lovers out to use her fame has made Evie uncertain about her future. And with Oscar day looming, Evie’s biggest prize of all could be torn from her for good. 

Wild child Regan Phoenix has never felt loved. She’s had to cope with her soap star mother’s disinterest all her life and has never known who her father is. A loveless childhood has made Regan search for quick-fix highs from drink, drugs and meaningless sex. But when the opportunity of starring in her own reality show comes along, Regan grabs it with both hands, hoping to put her trashy past behind her. 

From fashionable London to glitzy LA and from the decadence of Venice to the sun-drenched beaches of Muscat, Trinity takes you on an unforgettable journey which proves that not everyone can end up living happily ever after. 


'Sex and scandal abound in this full-throttle thrill-ride through the hidden lives of the mega-rich. Trinity sizzles with bitchery, bling and betrayal, and is the perfect accompaniment to your sunlounger this summer' 
VICTORIA FOX, author of Wicked Ambition, Temptation Island and Hollywood Sinners 

'Trinity is so much fun. A great summer bonkbuster' 
TASMINA PERRY, author of Private Lives, Kiss Heaven Goodbye, Perfect Strangers 

'Opening Trinity is like biting into a very indulgent, rich, rare chocolate, it's naughty but my word you enjoy every bite. Each chapter serves a delicious helping of glamour, secrets, and intrigue. It really is like reading into the secret life behind the glamorous exterior of starlets, the “well connected” and their families. I love the diverse backdrops of Hollywood, England, new money and reality TV. Each of the three main characters are so brilliantly bought to life and anyone who reads this story will know or identify with the different aspects of these fabulous women - so real and rounded to the point that I wonder if Nigel has drawn from life experience and knowledge. It's been a while since I have gasped as I come to the end of page or chapter in a book but this is exactly what I did many times throughout Trinity. I thoroughly blame Nigel May for my lack of sleep while delving into the lives of Anoushka, Evie and Regan. It’s also rare that a book can make you laugh out loud but Trinity did just this. I adore Nigel’s stream of conscious writing mixed with a wicked humour throughout every single page.' 
GENEVIEVE NI REAMOINN, TV Presenter and Journalist

Over 260 x 5* reviews!



Thursday, April 24, 2014

Message from Australia!

Just had a Facebook message from a reader in Australia, who informed me that they have just purchased a tablet and the first book downloaded was WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME!

If you wish to to the same, click the link below!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Way is FREE!

Hello one and all, just to remind you that "MY WAY"  a book all about book marketing is FREE and will be FREE up and to including Saturday 26th April.

My Way is how I marketed Wrong Place Wrong Time in hitting #1 in True Crime in America, plus #1 in Spain, #2 in Japan and finally #4 in UK.

If you would like a FREE copy of "MY WAY" to see if can help you achieve book sales and wider audience exposure on the social media scene, then click the link below!


"MY WAY" has received many 4/5* reviews from authors around the world, and below is the latest 5* review received today from an author from America!

"I downloaded MY WAY by David P. Perlmutter during a free giveaway, knowing that Mr. Perlmutter is always high in the rankings/lists on amazon. I wanted to see what advice he had to offer to reach such lofty standards. I was very pleasantly surprised.

I had read and reviewed Dave's first book, Wrong Place Wrong Time, and enjoyed his easy-going writing--he continues this back porch, sipping iced tea, conversation method of writing in My Way.

Simply put: The premise of this book is to explain how to achieve sales and better rankings on the book sales sites such as amazon. His advice is solid. His explanations are simple, concise, and easy for even the most novice of authors to understand--as a matter of fact, his book should be purchased as a "handbook" for authors new or seasoned.

I plan to make very good use of Mr. Perlmutter's book. I am including the cover in my power point presentations at my personal appearances to encourage newbie authors to purchase the book for guidance--I certainly wish I had something as useful and helpful as this book when I published my first book.

I not only highly recommend My Way by David P. Perlmutter--I suggest that you keep it close at hand as a reference at all times!


Also, below is a link for WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME which has received over 190 x 5* reviews across Amazon and is priced under a dollar and a pound.

So two books for a few cents, can't be bad.



Friday, March 7, 2014

BWD Magazine from America!

I'm featured in March's edition! BWD Magazine from Miami....Check out the cover and page 24....FULL PAGE and a cracking review of WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME!

Available worldwide in Digital Download & Print! Get Your Copy Now!! DOWNLOAD or Order a PRINT Publication!


Saturday, March 1, 2014


The following story is based on true events about my trip to Spain. Even though I know what happens as it is my story, it still gives me goosebumps and shivers down my spine as the excitement, the chase, the despair, the thrill of writing this, took me right back to when it happen. 

Having lost everything, I leave memories of a London police cell behind me and head for Spain with its promise of adventure and fun. Little do I know that I'm about to be thrust into the most terrifying time of my life. WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is a gripping true-life story of an unimaginable nightmare and how my ticket to a new life turns out to be a one way ticket to hell. 

Over 315 reviews across Amazon with 187 x 5*/50 x 4*!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Wrong Place Wrong Time is only 77p/99cents!

Yes, that's right, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME has been reduced for a limited time only, to only 77 pence and 99 cents on Amazon. Check out the reviews across the Amazon world, nearly 300 with over 170 being 5 stars! 

Currently in the top 20 in UK and top 5 in Spain in TRUE ACCOUNTS oh and top 400 in Japan!


Enjoy and Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you all and hope 2014 will be awesome for you.

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a great start to the NewYear!

Let me make it extra special for you, MY WAY, all about book marketing is currently FREE on Amazon, so take advantage. Check out the many 5* reviews from authors who have said that the tips in MY WAY have increased their book sales and gain a wider audience on the social media.

Currently MY WAY has been downloaded in UK, US, Germany, Italy, Canada, Spain, India and Japan and is in the top 20 across the Amazon world in categories.

Download here! MY WAY!

Thank you and enjoy!