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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Eat More Bloody Meat Y'Bastards by Mial Pagan!

"When Denis Mahoney heeds the siren call of a recruitment agent he leaves behind his odd colleagues, the unsavoury Freak, unstable Randy J. Feckenburger (the Third) and unfathomable Bob. Denis finds that he's exchanged one group of eccentrics for another but it is the beautiful Karen, with the body of Venus, brain of Machiavelli and voice from Bromley who captures his heart. A few romantic words and he finds himself embroiled in her dangerous plans and grappling with the big questions in life."

If you like Kathy Lette, David Sedaris or Nick Hornby, you will love this book. WARNING: Should not be used for career guidance or recipe tips! 

Reviews of 'Eat More Bloody Meat Y'Bastards!' 

Loved this book. It's a hilarious satire on the advertising industry, written with real brio and wit. Well done Mial Pagan - a true original.' 

'Top read! 
Brilliant! Not my normal style of novel but could not put it down - I think everyone can relate to the people in this book in their own place of work , even if they're not in advertising.' 

'Do NOT read this book if...... are afraid to laugh out loud often.! 
I thoroughly enjoyed Eat More Bloody Meat, Y'Bastards! and would recommend it to anyone with a pulse. I am hoping for a sequel ......., who can imagine what happens in the next five years? (or the next 5 minutes with these characters) A super read, highly recommended.' 

I've just finished the wonderful Eat More Bloody Meat Y'Bastards!'. . . Laughed out loud. Really loved it. Just the ticket for holiday reading on the sunny ski slopes of Italy. God bless Denis and God help those who work in that dreadful industry!