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Monday, March 16, 2015

Your Book Your Stage!

Hi all,

Yes I've been a bit quiet on here recently, have you missed me, of course you haven't!

I would like to offer you a chance to promote your book on here including an image of the cover plus your most recent 4 or 5* review. The best bit about this promotion is that its FREE, yes FREE.

I will promote your book on my two Facebook pages and also tweet to my followers, which currently stand at approx over 20,000.

So if this sounds good to you and why wouldn't it, leave your info on the comment section and I will do the rest!


Hear from you soon.



  1. Thank you for this opportunity, David. I'm not sure what info you want me to post here in this comment, but my email address is and my book's Amazon page is Thanks again!

  2. Hi David! I'd love to have you review my book, Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories, or even just promote it on your blog. If you're interested, please send me an email [nancy[at]nancychristie[dot]com.
    My Amazon book link is
    Images can be downloaded from or I can send them directly.
    What else can I provide?
    Nancy Christie

  3. Hi David! Great Blog!
    Are you still offering this promo? If so, here's my book link

    It is available in eBook and paperback but this link is for the eBook. This is a sci-fic Novella series, book 1 of course. Genre is Coming of Age Supernatural Fantasy. If your interested in reviewing it for me, I can send you an eBook as a gift.

    I'm working on book two which will be a bit longer than the first:} If you need anything else from me, my email is I know we have exchanged our emails already with Rukia Publishing but I thought I better send it anyway:}

    Have a great Day!