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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yes another review, but what a review!

Firstly, I hope you all had a great Easter and Passover.

You know the feeling when you go to your Amazon page and see that your book has received a new review and your heart skips a beat as your hoping that its a 5* or a 4* or the very least a 3*, yes? You know the feeling. Well over the past few days, in both the UK and America I have received reviews ranging from a 2*, 3* and then in one day, two 5* reviews. Well the latest 5* for WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME has blown me away. So if you please excuse me I would like to share it with you. By the way, that's #242 x 5* across Amazon!

"Hannibal Smith of "A-Team" fame was to say "I love it when a plan comes together." But what about when a plan comes apart? I had planned to spend three days reading David Perlmutter's book but got so engrossed that I finished it at one sitting. Problem was, I had chores to do and my wife hasn't yet forgiven me. Why one sitting? Well, because Wrong Place Wrong Time is so damn good. It ain't James Joyce - but then what is, apart from James Joyce?
David Perlmutter tells a true horror story that could well have been called David's Inferno. For someone who claims not to be an author he has produced a unflawed, brilliant, raw account of a series of nightmares that he largely brought on himself. The element of tragedy is almost present because in theatrical tragedy the central character is in many ways responsible for his own downfall. But Perlmutter has come out the other end - chastened, wiser and better - to tell us an enduring morality tale which is in fact true. It is an account which must be read to be believed. And believe it I do."