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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Some 5* reviews for LOVE IS NEVER PAST TENSE by Janna Yeshanova!

Some of the great 5* reviews for LOVE IS NEVER PAST TENSE by JANNA YESHANOVA!

5* Breaks the mold for romance! LOVE IS NEVER PAST TENSE!

5* Janna brings to life a torrid love affair that unfolds during the Cold War Era!

5* A very enjoyable read! LOVE IS NEVER PAST TENSE !

5* Janna is able to capture joy, pain, struggle & victory in her story.

5* Like any good book, Love Is Never Past Tense weaves together a number of stories!

5* Dramatic #romance in classic Russian style!

5* She transports & inspires the reader!

5* Amazed at how a love story can take so many twists & turns.

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  1. Hope everybody who reads the book loves it the same way as those who read it!