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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Meet The Media Event With The Guardian Weekend!

So last Thursday (25 Feb) my editor/agent/soulmate Julie Tucker and myself were kindly invited by PRNewswire to a MEET THE MEDIA event at One Whitehall Place, a most magnificent venue! The media we were meeting were representatives of Guardian Weekend magazine in the form of its Features Editor, Ruth Lewy and Commissioning Editor, Abigail Radnor.
The evening began with a champagne reception which was followed by a presentation and Q&A session with Ruth and Abigail who introduced the audience, which I was surprised to see consisted of at least 700 people, to the many features that Guardian Weekend publish every Saturday. The room was packed and even had people standing at the back, but as my agent is so on the ball, she clocked two empty seats in the front row and we made a bee-line for those, so securing a prime location. We were also pleased to see some merchandise on the seats which will come in very handy (everyone loves a freebie!).
After the excellent hour or so, both Julie and I met Ruth and Abigail to inform them, well Julie did, of my books and how well they have been selling on Amazon, with the many hundreds of 5* reviews. Julie also believes I have an interesting personal story to tell and had documented everything which she felt to be of interest in a press release which she personally handed to Ruth and Abigail and which she has already followed up with an email to each of them.  Julie really is an excellent agent, even Ruth mention this and told me to hold onto her, which of course I plan to! It was a delight to meet both Ruth and Abigail, having heard them speak so eloquently and a perfect opportunity for some shameless self-promotion, well us self-published authors need chutzpah in order to get ourselves known. 
The evening wasn't over yet as it was onto the networking area where the wine and soft drinks were flowing, probably too much of the former in my case, but I managed to keep it together of course. I gave out my new book marks which were very well received, but I also gave a paperback copy (actually my own proof copy) of one of my marketing books, MY WAY TOO to a young self-published author Carina Pellius who's debut book, Band-Aids, Bullet Holes and Bleeding Words is available on Amazon. It was great to be able to offer her some marketing advice and we have connected on Twitter.
In addition Julie and I met James Essinger, a fellow author but also a publisher who called Julie the next day to say that he went home and that very night contacted his circle of authors to tell them about the MY WAY marketing books. By the time he called Julie one of his authors had already read MY WAY and highly recommended it to him for its many super book marketing tips, James has also said that he will contact me next week for further discussions.
So all in all a fantastic evening was had by all and I would like to thank PRNewswire MEET THE MEDIA for the invite and I'm very much looking forward to the next event where, as they have said via our Twitter connection, that I could also do promotional marketing of my books.
Until the next time, cheers! but with the absence of a champagne flute in my hand as it is Sunday morning!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blog Interview with Mark Iles and author Karen Millie-James!

Check out this blog interview by Mark Iles with author of THE SHADOWS BEHIND HER SMILE by Karen Millie-James!

 Karen Millie-James


You can now download a FREE copy of my latest book, MY WAY FREE-TRENDING ON TWITTER, by going here! MY WAY FREE! All about book marketing!

Saturday, February 20, 2016


THE SHADOWS BEHIND HER SMILE by Karen Millie-James is FREE this weekend on Amazon!

Click for the book here! AMAZON

The MY WAY series!

Pleased to say that MY WAY FREE is ready for publishing on the 4th March and so delighted to say that I have my 10 science fiction authors from around the world for #4 in the MY WAY series, out 4th May!
You can grab a copy of MY WAY and MY WAY TOO for under a pound and dollar here! MY WAY

Monday, February 15, 2016


FIVE WEEKS is FREE for the next 3 days!

This is another true story and this time set in London, Eastbourne and America! I worked for an Estate Agent in North London and I attend a party along with my friend Steve in Islington. Then just after Steve disappears to the loo, two guys come into the kitchen where we were and dragged me across the floor punching me in the face and ripping my hair out. 

A few months later I'm threatened by the same guys from the party, BUT this time with a gun in my back and told if I'm seen in the area again, they will have no hesitation in using the gun. 

So after resigning from my job, I was invited to spend Christmas in Eastbourne with my girlfriend Jenny at her parents place . We decide to stay and move to Brighton where I was offered a job as a tele-sales manager for an American portrait company, but first must take a trip to Pennsylvania for a five week training course. 

FIVE WEEKS is a story of those weeks in America and where in a remote Pennsylvania woodland, I was nearly left for dead by my cocaine addict boss and his brother! 

If you like this book, why not take a look at my other true story, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME where I was wrongly CHARGED for arson and manslaughter in Spain. The book has received over 290 x 5* reviews across Amazon and has been #1 in TRUE CRIME in America, Australia and #1 in BIOGRAPHY in the UK! 

Some reviews for FIVE WEEKS! 

5* Review from America! Action Packed. Fantastic. Great Writing. 

5* I’m an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction. However, it’s rare for me to encounter a piece of fiction that I enjoy enough to spend the time to write a review. Good fiction, in my opinion, is engaging, reveals something important or interesting about some aspect of the human condition, and—above all—has good story-telling. Five Weeks succeeds in all of these areas. The writing is witty and highly original. Read the first chapter and you’ll be hooked. 

4* This is an easy to read book, about an estate agent who due to circumstances leave London. He lands a job as a tele sales manager and has to go to America for five weeks of training. The adventure starts for real then. I really enjoyed this well written novel. 

5* Having read the authors first book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME which I loved, I had to read this and wow.This is a great story and one yet again I will recommend. 

My other books are all to do with book marketing for the self published author like myself. I have self published, MY WAY, MY WAY TOO and my new released MY WAY FREE, take a look at the many 4/5* reviews from authors and if you are a budding author, you may just pick up some book marketing tips. 

If you read any of the above books, thank you and if you can be so kind in leaving a review. WEEKS


THE SHADOWS BEHIND HER SMILE by Karen Millie-James is now available.
Amazon link is below!

Black storm clouds gathered ominously overhead as if to signal that the day was destined to be catastrophic, as if it was waiting for the hand of God to reach down and fire the wrath of Hades. That was exactly how Cydney felt as an incredible sense of premonition washed over her and the terrible vision that had repeatedly inhabited her dreams, which she had chosen to banish from her mind, came flooding back.
           The crunch of tyres on the driveway shook Cydney from her daydream. This was it. This was the time. It had happened as she knew it would beyond a shadow of a doubt.
           She grabbed the sink in front of her with both hands as the blood drained from her head. Everything slowed down as if she was still in her dream and the world had stopped spinning. Cydney removed and folded her gloves and laid them carefully on the side of the sink, trying to delay the inevitable. Turning around, she pulled down the sleeves of her jumper, ran her hands through her hair and walked from the kitchen to the front of the house, her steps slow but sure.
           Poised in the hallway, she waited for the doorbell to ring. She took one glance up the stairs towards the twins’ bedroom, relieved to know they weren’t there, and watched through the glass in the front door as a black saloon pulled up outside and two men in brown army uniform stepped out, one wearing captain’s insignia, which she easily recognised. The men straightened down their jackets, placed their caps, glanced at each other and walked towards the house, their steps hesitant. Opening the door, she said nothing. One held out a brown cardboard box towards her, willing her to take it and relieve him of his unwanted charge.
           “Mrs Granger?” the other asked.
           Cydney stood frozen to the spot. Her mouth wanted to work but if she spoke it would mean finality.
           “I’m so sorry, ma’am...”
           The words floated in the air as Cydney fell to the ground.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


I am delighted to announce that my fifth book and the third in the series of my marketing books, MY WAY FREE is available to per-order on Amazon.

As Amazon do not have FREE books permanently on their site, you can download for FREE the book from my website, This site is currently under construction so please be patience. I have had the first sighting of my new author website and its looking fantastic.

So if you want to grab a copy now, please go to Amazon here! MY WAY FREE

You can also check out the many 4/5* reviews from authors around the world for my other book marketing books, MY WAY and MY WAY TOO!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


To whet your appetite, King of the Road Publishing is excited to release a little teaser of the eagerly awaited debut novel by Karen Millie-James 'the shadows behind her smile'

"As soon as corporate forensic specialist, Cydney Granger, hears the crunch of tyres on her driveway, she knows her husband is dead. After all, Captain Steve Granger had barely left for Afghanistan when she’d had the first premonition.
Although Cydney is a psychic medium, she’s disturbed by her inability to connect with Steve. But when she’s contacted by recently deceased Ray Gordon, he agrees to help her, on one condition. Can she put a stop to his brother’s greed and corruption and ensure Ray’s family get the inheritance they deserve?
Sean O’Connell, Steve’s former sergeant, had promised he would always protect Cydney and the children in the event of Steve’s death. But when a client asks Cydney to investigate the scrupulous activities of two high-powered businessmen, and George Edwards appears on the scene intent on pursuing her, Sean finds himself out of his depth.
From the heart of Cydney’s corporate world in London to the ruins of war-torn Damascus, men will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Faced with secrets, fraud, attempted murder, and blackmail, can Cydney come out of this unscathed? And, after four years, is she ready to let Steve go?"