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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The eye of the beholder!

So this morning when I was checking my rankings for one of my books on Amazon, I visited Australia! The mentioned book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME has been rather a hit down under recently, to my complete surprise. As of yesterday it was standing in at #5 in TRUE CRIME, so yes, I was obviously very happy with that, BUT, there was a new review for the book and as you can see by the BUT, it was a 1*. I must add that the reviewer has no profile and its their first review of any kind!
Don't get me wrong, no pun intended, I'm used to receiving 1* reviews. Happily I'm also more used to receiving 5* reviews for the book, there are over 290 of them across Amazon and thankfully only around 40 1* reviews. It is the nature of the book, its a true story, people will either love it or hate it, or love me or hate me, thankfully the majority of readers love it. In fact they want to see a movie made of the book, but that's a whole other project! 
I have looked at many books by authors who are better at writing than me, who are celebrity authors, or authors who love to write and have many books on Amazon. I check out their reviews and even they receive negative reviews. So, what I am trying to put across here, is that us mere mortals in the writing world mustn't get despondent with 1 or 2* reviews, because, as everyone knows, you just can't please everyone in the world. Anyway, if a book has nothing but 5* reviews, it is not keeping it real and everyone knows the reviews are from family and friends.
I have written about reviews in my marketing books, MY WAY, MY WAY TOO and MY WAY FREE, which all can be found on my website, In fact MY WAY FREE is FREE to download, so why not nip over and grab a book about book marketing for nothing! 
So my fellow authors, when you receive a 1* review, be down for a few minutes but then hold your head up because my friends, you have written a book.
That's it, no more, enjoy writing!

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