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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Let's say hello to author Suzy Davies!

Welcome! Thanks Suzy for joining me here.  

What should my followers know about you? My debut children's book, "Snugs The Snow Bear," Book One of  a Children's Fiction Series, is soon to be released!
Oh, something about me? Well, I've been writing ever since I can remember. I was born into an Anglo-Welsh family, in Reading, Berkshire, England, and my early childhood was spent in Wales.
More recently, as an adult, I have lived in Brighton, East Sussex, on the South East Coast, in Britain, and in Bournemouth, on the lovely South West Coast, too. I currently live halfway between Daytona Beach, and Orlando, of Disney fame, in The States, with my writer husband, Craig.
I have a lifelong love of the sea, as "Snugs" readers will soon discover! I am passionate about the environment and nature, but I also like to spend time in the city. It's all about balance.
I was a teacher and lecturer in English for over 10 years, which is useful for an author who writes for children. Now, I am almost a full time author, who runs other businesses, including a Life-Coaching Business. I like variety!

What inspired you to begin writing? The inspiration for "Snugs The Snow Bear" was "The Isle of Wight Polar Bear" optical illusion, etched into the cliffs, on The Isle of Wight, in The United Kingdom.

I began writing at six. A teacher called Mrs Pontefract, at senior school, encouraged me to write, and I guess it just developed from then on.

Why did you focus on this genre? My focus is currently  on Children's Books and "The Snugs Series"  because I believe it is important to encourage children to read Literature, to give them a firm foundation for the future. There is no other genre which has the power to impact children growing up, and generations to come.

I also believe that the young at heart enjoy reading magical children's fiction, which brings out the creativity and curiosity of the natural child within us all.

My work for children has strong characterization, which helps children identify with their favourite character, and develop empathy. I love creating scenes, in urban and not so urban environments, too.

Snugs's tales of derring-do give children a sense of adventure, and curiosity about the world around them. Children can share books with their parents, care-givers, teachers, and siblings, which deepens personal bonds, and creates a sense of focused fun and learning.

It is my cherished hope that my books will be used in schools, too, to teach young readers across the curriculum. "Snugs The Snow Bear," is a book which will inspire kid's imaginations and entertain, and educate them, as well. Children can learn about endangered species, and about global warming by following "Snugs" and his friends in my adventure series.

Are you working on any other books? Yes, I am! I have always said "one thing at a time," but while I am awaiting the completion of the "Snugs" illustrations, I am writing a fiction book, "The Talisman"

Okay, here's a challenge. Sum up your current book in TWO sentences. "Snugs The Snow Bear," is a magical adventure book for children aged 6-10, and the young at heart, with a message about the environment. Come follow "Snugs", the charismatic polar bear, and his menagerie of animal friends, as they voyage to The Isle of Wight, and beyond!

Where can people buy your book? At my publisher's (top secret until the launch,) and on Amazon, and in all good bookstores! It will be launched fairly soon!

What are the 3 words that best describe you? Passionate, curious, imaginative.

Tell us about your work, away from writing? I have recently taken my life coaching business across The Pond, which means I am in the process of getting known here. Things I have learnt from being certified in life coaching have carried over and informed my writing. I post articles about how to get motivated and inspired, as well as articles for writers to draw on, to improve their understanding of the process.  
My writing is the most important work I do! I love it so much, I do it every day!
What hobbies do you enjoy? I love hobbies which take me near water – rambling on nature trails, walking the beach, and boating on the lake!
I also enjoy going to gigs, eating out, and mall-shopping.
At home, I enjoy reading and cooking.

What would people be most surprised to see on your Kindle or bookshelf? No surprises, I'm afraid! You can see what I intend to read on Goodreads, although I tend to avoid too much reading when I am in a prolific writing phase.

What are you currently reading? I am reading, "Absalom's Daughters," by Suzanne Feldman.

Tell me your 3 favourite authors? In  Children's Books, I love A.A. Milne, Raymond Briggs, and Michael Bond.

I love music, and always interested in the musical tastes of other people. Tell me your 3 favourite songs, if you can? "Eagle," by Abba, "Waterloo Sunset," by The Kinks and "Magical Mister Mistoffelees," from "Cats, The Musical"
What song best describes your life? "The Writer," by Ellie Goulding.
In the story of your life, who would you like to play you? Kate Winslet or Meryl Streep.

Who is the person, living or dead, you would most like to spend a day with? J.K. Rowling!

Finally, what’s next for you? I want to write more books!

To find out more about Suzy, just click here website!


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