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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Book Marketing Reviews!

Below are just two of recent comments from authors who I have promoted and marketed!

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"David has been a mentor offering brilliant support to me when I was writing both my debut and second novel. His knowledge of book marketing and planning have been a major contributor the success of my novels and I will be using his services for my third novel when this is eventually published. I can thoroughly recommend him to any Author requiring Marketing for their work."

"David is exceptionally committed to the authors he promotes and works tirelessly to advance their books, enjoying the challenge of raising their Amazon rankings, many reaching the number one spot in their genres very soon after he has worked his magic. He takes great pride in the success of the authors he promotes. His own personal experience of self-promoting his 8 books to the point where he has been offered a conventional publishing contract on one of them, is testament to his tenacity and skill at what he does."

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