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Monday, September 5, 2016

MOVIE THERAPY - FREE till Wednesday!!

MOVIE THERAPY - FREE till Wednesday!! 

Psychotherapist Bernie Wooder was listening to a client talking when a film suddenly flashed across his mind. That was how his pioneering work on movie therapy began, an approach that today attracts huge interest in both therapy and film circles. 

By encouraging people to examine their chosen films as part of their therapy, Bernie Wooder found he could help them unlock their traumas - with astonishing results. As the fascinating stories in this book show, movie therapy is no gimmic nor quick fix. Rather, in the hands of a trained professional, it can promote healing and assist people in leading more contented and rewarding lives. 

Says Bernie Wooder "Movies are the most powerful art form that exists today, watched and understood by everyone. It makes sense to harness this power and use it as an aid to relieve suffering." 

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