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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The awesome power of LinkedIn as a social media marketing tool!

When my editor and agent Julie Tucker posted a photo on her Facebook page of the stacked copies of the first delivery of the revamped Amazon best-selling book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME it gave me an idea. A fairly recent convert to the incredible power of LinkedIn, I thought, let's put a challenge on Linkedln and ask my connections to guess how many books there are in the picture.
Well it’s now day 15 and while I was happy with the 52 comments and a few likes I received after a couple of days, I am now completely overwhelmed and thrilled to, as of today, had over 24,000 comments, over 3,500 likes and over 41,000 views, it has really blown me away! Even as I type this, people are still having a guess, and from all corners of the earth.

The vast majority of comments are simply a number guess but lots have people have taken the time to comment and muse over the question of the hidden books. I’ve even had comments such as:
"What a brilliant piece of marketing." "Sheer brilliance." "Genius book marketing." which is always nice to hear.
The latest image which is above, includes all the amazing numbers and talking about numbers, the person who was the first to comment with the correct answer has a signed copy of WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME winging its way to them. 
Oh yes, the number, the number that 1,000's and 1,000's of people have pondered over is ……. To be perfectly honest, I’m enjoying the LinkedIn love so much (and who wouldn’t) that I am reluctant to draw the suspense to a close so I’ve decided I will tweet the answer on Monday 24th October over at! And I’m offering you all a further opportunity to win another signed copy with my Twitter challenge, see below! 
WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is a true story, my story, about when I was an estate agent in London and one night I find myself on the wrong side of the law. This leads to the loss of my driving licence, my job, my home and sends me spiralling into depression. I decide to visit Spain for a change of scenery and lifestyle but I get way more than I bargain for when before long, misfortune, circumstance and a degree of stupidity land me in more trouble than that from which I’d fled back home. One night in Marbella, after a few too many drinks and armed with more Dutch courage than common sense, I rescue two people from a burning hotel but in the process I’m falsely accused of arson and manslaughter and thrown in a Spanish jail. Aided' by a UK tabloid journalist whose sole purpose was merely to create shock headlines, my real life account of nail-biting events leading up to and following the fire have had readers leaving 5* reviews on Amazon in their hundreds.
As an author it is so important to get your book out there which I try to do on a daily basis, not just for my books but the other authors I promote on my various social media platforms. I use Twitter on a daily basis to promote and converse with my followers, which at the moment stand at over 35k. So why not follow me and I'll follow back,!
Talking of Twitter and as I have said, if you would like another chance to win a FREE signed copy of WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, then copy and paste the following into a tweet
"@davepperlmutter #HowManyBooks #LinkedIn #WrongPlaceWrongTime #bookplugs #BookBoost #ASMSG #RRBC #BYNR #IARTG #BOOKS"
Every tweet I receive will be entered into a draw and my editor will randomly pick a winner on the 31st October.
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the attention my little old post has received and thank you all for taking time to count the books.
Let’s get tweeting now and thanks for taking part!


  1. I'm blown away mighty LinkedIn too. I've found it be an incredibly helpful networking tool.
    Wishing you continued success