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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Biggest Vote Since Trump!

Could I ask you guys to vote for my book cover?
Wrong Place Wrong Time! The kindle book, for a short time is only 99p/99c!
Thanks in advance!

Thursday, November 17, 2016



Wrong Place Wrong Time a bestselling true story is under £2/$2 for a few days!

So click WPWT and grab a copy of my real life account of nail-biting events that have had readers leaving 5* reviews on Amazon in their hundreds.

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My Way to getting published!

Within "My Way to being PUBLISHED", I thought I would write about my experience from being, which I still am, a self-published author to being offered a traditional contract with a publishing company to have one of my books, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, printed in paperback and to be distributed to book shops nationwide, which is in the process of happening right now. Fingers crossed worldwide in time! 

    Can you imagine, little old me with a worldwide bestseller in book shops?

Many people who I interact with online say that WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is already an international bestseller as the book, a true story, has been #1 on kindle in categories worldwide across Amazon and with over 400 x 4/5* reviews. Currently WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME stands in the top #100 in biography and true accounts in the UK on Amazon.


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Saturday, November 5, 2016


For 5 days from today (Nov 5th) download for FREE my new marketing book called, MY WAY - LINKEDIN 

It's a short, it's fun and it's below. 

Enjoy! I hope!