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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kindle CountDown Deal!


Grab Five Weeks for only 99p, but hurry!!!

This is another true story and this time set in London, Eastbourne and America! I worked for an Estate Agent in North London and I attend a party along with my friend Steve in Islington. Then just after Steve disappears to the loo, two guys come into the kitchen where we were and dragged me across the floor punching me in the face and ripping my hair out.

A few months later I'm threatened by the same guys from the party, BUT this time with a gun in my back and told if I'm seen in the area again, they will have no hesitation in using the gun. 

So after resigning from my job, I was invited to spend Christmas in Eastbourne with my girlfriend Jenny at her parents place . We decide to stay and move to Brighton where I was offered a job as a tele-sales manager for an American portrait company, but first must take a trip to Pennsylvania for a five week training course. 

FIVE WEEKS is a story of those weeks in America and where in a remote Pennsylvania woodland, I was nearly left for dead by my cocaine addict boss and his brother!

If you like this book, why not take a look at my other true story, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME where I was wrongly CHARGED for arson and manslaughter in Spain. The book has received over 320 x 5* reviews across Amazon and has been #1 in TRUE CRIME in America, Australia and #1 in BIOGRAPHY in the UK!

Some reviews for FIVE WEEKS!

I have read Dave's other book "wrong place wrong time" and throughly enjoyed it, so when I found out he'd written another book I jumped at the chance to read it.

Five weeks is equally as entertaining as wrong place wrong time, the story's about a dream job in America that turns into a five week nightmare where he's fled for dead in a Pennsylvania forest.

5* Dave's life would be equally as exciting if it was a prime time to show or a hit movie.

5* I read Wrong Place Wrong Time and this is equally good (if not better), fast-paced true story of the innocent North London estate agent coming a cropper in the States. A scenario, which is one of my personal nightmares .

5* FIVE WEEKS is equally as entertaining as WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME!

5* Review from America! Action Packed. Fantastic. Great Writing.

5* I’m an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction. However, it’s rare for me to encounter a piece of fiction that I enjoy enough to spend the time to write a review. Good fiction, in my opinion, is engaging, reveals something important or interesting about some aspect of the human condition, and—above all—has good story-telling. Five Weeks succeeds in all of these areas. The writing is witty and highly original. Read the first chapter and you’ll be hooked.

4* This is an easy to read book, about an estate agent who due to circumstances leave London. He lands a job as a tele sales manager and has to go to America for five weeks of training. The adventure starts for real then. I really enjoyed this well written novel.

5* Having read the authors first book, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME which I loved, I had to read this and wow.This is a great story and one yet again I will recommend.

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