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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Some of the 5* reviews for #WrongPlaceWrongTime

If you're unsure whether or not to download the #1 bestseller #WrongPlaceWrongTime, then take a look at a few 5***** reviews below that readers have been leaving on Amazon. Over 450 x 4/5***** reviews for this #TrueStory.

Wrong Place Wrong Time

‘I hadn’t expected the author’s style of writing and extremely vivid descriptions to bring me right into the story.’

‘Wrong Place Wrong Time is an absolutely captivating story from beginning to end.’

‘I warn you, start reading Wrong Place Wrong Time and you will not want to stop.’

‘The twists and turns in Wrong Place Wrong Time will leave you breathless.’

Wrong Place Wrong Time sinks its claws into you & doesn’t let go until the very last word.’

‘I know it’s a cliche thing to say, but genuinely could not put   Wrong Place Wrong Time down!’

‘Sooner someone in the film industry makes David an offer, the sooner we can all be enjoying Wrong Place Wrong Time at the cinema.’

‘David’s writing style draws you right in until the point you forget what is around you.’

‘So go on, walk the streets of Marbella with Mr Perlmutter, I promise, you won’t be disappointed.’

‘Really have to read David P Perlmutter’s account yourself to get the gist of what happened.’

‘One of the books that, for me anyway, will stay with me for some time.’

‘His tale is a roller coaster ride and you don’t want to get off until the end.’

‘So tense, waiting to find what happened, that I could barely keep reading.’

‘Felt David’s desperation and discomfort seeping from the pages.’

‘Sat there reading reviews & thinking, ‘Hmm is Wrong Place Wrong Time for me? The answer is YES!’

‘More than sure Wrong Place Wrong Time will be first book that I have ever read twice!’

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Book Cover for #24HoursInNewYork

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I last posted on here, so I thought I would today, being Easter Monday and all that, to show you the cover for my next TRUE STORY, which is called #24HoursInNewYork.

The book will be self-published on Amazon by 19th May at the latest, a deadline I have given myself and for which I am very excited about. It's not a huge book, i.e word count and number of pages, how many pages can a book be when relaying the events of just 24 hours, even though they were one of the most eventful 24 hours of my life, and that's saying something as you will know if you've read #WrongPlaceWrongTime and/or #FiveWeeks, but I'm sure, well I hope, that you will enjoy another of my adventures. 

Apart from the title and cover I'm not going to give anything else away, you'll just have to wait a month. But first a special mention to my brother John, my twin in fact, who again has done a fantastic job of coming up with the cover design. So thank you bro.

Also a huge thank you to my editor Julie Tucker in advance of what I know will be another fantastic piece of work polishing my 11th book ready for readers to join me on another of my adventures or should I say misadventures!    

Okay, here is that moment, drum roll please ...................

The cover for #24HoursInNewYork