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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Latest 5***** reviews for Wrong Place Wrong Time

Wrong Place Wrong Time

"Best book I've read in a while! From the closely in-depth scenarios throughout this fantastic read, I knew it would become an instant favorite, just like this author already has. This book produces a variety of emotions, ending on a note of timely relief. Highly recommended!"

"I read the book in a day, as I couldn’t put it down. I won’t give too much away about the story, but it’s the first time I’ve looked up an author after finishing their book. I had a few outstanding questions and I was also really keen to see what David looked like as you build up a mental picture in your mind :-)… I don’t know if there were photos in the paper copy but there wasn’t on the e-version. David has a rogueish loveable charm, which came across brilliantly… I’ve always been attracted to that type of personality and sense of humour, so it was right up my street! It’s a story about a normal ‘geezer’ I won’t forget in a hurry. I expect (like me) most of the girls reading it will only wish they had been in Marbella at the same time as him!"

"It was unsettling, the knowledge that a split second decision can completely change the course of someone's life........"
This was certainly a statement that represented David P. Perlmutter's true life account in "Wrong Place Wrong Time". So many wrongly made split second decisions that impacted on the rest of his life, especially when in the wrong place at the wrong time!!
This book is brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish, I would highly recommend you try and read this in one sitting as it's very addictive.
All the way through this compelling read you feel you are with David every step of the way - from his everyday job in an estate agency to the unfortunate events that followed - feeling all his emotions from fear and guilt to shame and relief. There was so much build up of anticipation throughout, the fear and terror was palpable. As a parent of three teenage sons I'm now going to be dreading them taking their first holiday abroad with their mates!
Lots of varied characters make up this story some nice some not so nice, I particularly liked 'Son of Elvis' - what a great character he was. The harrowing account of the filthy, dark and dank police cells were very descriptive and I can't imagine the true horror David went through during those days with only orange peel to keep him company!
"Wrong Place Wrong Time" is a very exciting book with some cliffhanger moments leaving you wondering what will happen next and at times screaming at him 'don't do it!'
I would highly recommend you put this book on your to read list but perhaps best not read if you're on holiday in Spain......."

"I don't normally read books like this but I am so glad I did. I could not put it down and I know that that line has been said so many times before but it is true. Again, this has been said over and over again but this story would make for a brilliant movie. I can see why this book has so many five star reviews and in my opinion, it deserves every one of them. Well done David! After everything you've been through you deserve a huge amount of credit for surviving to tell your tale."

"Fantastic book, couldn't put it down. I need a follow up though....still intrigued. As they say "leave them wanting more." Loved it thanks."

"The book drew me in from the first page, 'how could all this happen to an innocent member of the public'? It's an amazing story of one mans fight for freedom and the truth, that had me wanting to read on and on until its final conclusion.
Well written and an incredible read Hi journey had me unbelieving but knowing it was true and could happen to you
Really enjoy this book."

"From the start of the book I was gripped. It takes a special kind of book for me to not keep putting down and then pick back up as and when. I only put this book down once...and that was to get off the plane! This book took me on a roller coaster of emotions and there were moments that I really wasn't expecting! It was so well written and described that you can visualise every place, every room, every Street...even feel the warmth of the weather!"

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