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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Three New Box Sets with Eleven Books!

Three New Box Sets With Eleven Books!

Box Set #1:

Wrong Place Wrong Time
Five Weeks
24 Hours In New York

Box Set #2:

My Way Won
My Way Too
My Way Free - Trending On Twitter
My Way LinkedIn
My Way To Getting Published

 Box Set #3:

My Way Four - May The 4th Be With You
My Way - About Life
My Way - Sex On The Beach

Another New 3 Book Box Set!

My Way 4,5 & 6!

5 books in the Box Set of My Way Book Marketing: Book Marketing for indie authors!

Welcome to the 5 book, yes ‘5 BOOK’ BOX SET of the book marketing brand MY WAY.
Having achieved a #1 BESTSELLING Kindle book with WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME in many categories around the world on Amazon, I’ve been asked by many authors about how I managed to reach those heady heights with my first self-published book.
I used to reply to these requests with emails, giving pointers as to how I promoted and marketed the book on my social media platforms. Then one night, it occurred to me, why don't I write a book on how, with my constant marketing and constant exposure, the book that is now published by a traditional publisher, became a BESTSELLER.
Even as I write this, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is the #1 BESTSELLER in White Collar Crime in the UK and was recently #1 in Drama in Australia, with J K Rowling at #2.
Within these 5 books, I will show you how a novice writer, me:
Increased my Twitter followers to over 40,000
Achieved a post on LinkedIn that had over 70,000 views and 35,000 comments
How to use what is TRENDING ON TWITTER to promote your book/s
Why visiting the LONDON BOOK FAIR changed my writing life
How I succeeded in securing a traditional publishing contract
How to place a book on Amazon
How I have met so many wonderful authors along the way!
Plus so much more.
So, please enjoy the following books:
Below are some reviews from authors around the world:
"Thank-you David for wonderful information you have shared with us indie authors."
"Without a doubt, I know this will help you, because it has helped me."
"After reading MY WAY WON & applying what I've learned, I saw my book achieve greater downloads than I could imagine." 
"David P. Perlmutter's My Way Won is essential information for every indie author."
"The reviews on My Way Won speak for themselves. And My Way Free is very helpful information as well." 
"Many authors are getting advice from David P. Perlmutter & has helped many."
"MY WAY FREE! Every bit of information you get from David is like Gold."
"The Indie Author's Bible!"
"As a relatively new Kindle author this is an invaluable source of ideas for promoting my work on social media."
"If you're an indie author you need MY WAY WON!"
"If you intend to self publish & do not wish to be groping around in the dark, then I suggest you buy MY WAY WON."
"Simple genius, quick to read..quick to action!"
"Really great, easy to understand, walk through of how to market your self published book."
"MY WAY is the Way." 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A BOX SET.......

Bloody marvelous!

A box set as they say!

I spent days, okay hours, well one evening formatting three books and now these GRIPPING TRUE STORIES are on Amazon, so why not grab a box set of.......




Sunday, June 11, 2017



To anyone who pre-ordered #24HoursInNewYork
Due to Amazon's system crashing, there's a very strong possibility you have received the unedited version, from when it was on pre-order!
If you have already started reading this book you will have found a number of errors, therefore, I'm expecting some bad reviews in the coming week.
I've contacted Amazon and asked them to send the correct edited version to you.
Sorry about this.......Hopefully this will only take 24 hours!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Yes, that day has come!

Yes, that day has come, well for me anyway, but on Saturday, the 10th June 2017 to be the release of my new book, #24HoursInNewYork, which, if you wish, you, the reader, can pre-order, over here:  #24HoursInNewYork
#24HoursInNewYork is #11 in my writing catalogue and #3 in my selection of True Stories, so it begs the question, have you read the other two? The BESTSELLER #WrongPlaceWrongTime and #FiveWeeks, have you, no? yes? If not go and take a look at the many hundreds of 5* reviews....Let me know if you're enticed now!
Anyway, to entice you even further and to give you a little taster, below is the first chapter of #24HoursInNewYork called #SevenZero
I hope you enjoy it!

Seven Zero

I looked up at the two digits above the front door.

Seven. Zero.

The familiar numbers set behind a pane of glass that retained a long-standing crack stretched across the zero, were lodged inside a small box, embedded within the white painted wall.

But I hadn’t thought I’d be looking at them again quite so soon. 

Pressing the enamel doorbell which was encircled by a rusty silver frame, I looked down at the well-trodden welcome mat beneath my black shoes and studied the loose fibres detaching themselves in all directions as I anxiously wiped my worn, now well-travelled leather soles.

Twelve seconds later the silhouette of a figure appeared behind the door which then started to swing backwards.

As it disappeared into the shadow of the hallway, a face emerged, bathed in a golden glow as, at that moment, the sun escaped from behind the clouds above. 

It was Dad. 

‘Hello David,’ he said, shaking his head, with an animated smile.

All I noticed however, was what was hidden behind his welcoming facial expression.

His kind eyes telling me,

‘I knew this was going to happen.’

Go on, lets visit America and Marbella together.....