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Monday, October 8, 2018

13 - The 70's - A True Story - First Chapter

On an average Sunday morning in 2004, a newspaper article caught my eye and immediately took me hurtling back to 1977 to events which had seemed so innocent at the time, but which turned out to be anything but. 

My 13th year was one of the most eventful of my life, (and that's saying something) ......

I nearly died, my best friend nearly died, I became a man and........................I went to Switzerland! 

13 will be released at the end of February! 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Local Time by Fleur Lind

Local Time by Fleur Lind

The zesty staff and 'locals' at Carrisbrook are at it again!

Sophia is preoccupied with wedding plans and building extensions, when the lads go AWOL. The locals cook up a storm, and Dorothy and the girls become accessories to grand theft. Stuart, the newly-hired groundsman, has everyone fooled when he plays his deceptive card. Hank has the ideal wedding venue, but who are the dubious duo on the guest list?

A new local, Percy arrives bringing a bag of agendas and prejudice. Clementine goes into battle, and karma catches up at Carrisbrook.

To top it all off, the PTM Mk2 falls into the wrong hands at the White House. Who didn't read the instructions first?

Local Time brings new characters, new dramas, surprises and romance. With the keel anything but even on this last sail, get ready for more mayhem, chaos and fun on the good ship Carrisbrook.

Local Time

Sunday, May 13, 2018

My review of the Courthouse Hotel in Shoreditch, London

From the moment we walked into The Courthouse Hotel in Shoreditch, a Grade II listed former Magistrates Court and Police Station, my partner and I were treated like royalty.
After being escorted to our room, which overlooked the spacious roof terrace with impressive views over London, there was a knock on the door. As it was my girlfriend’s birthday, we were treated to a  complimentary glass of prosecco, which was a lovely touch.
Our room was beautifully furnished, with a king size bed, the finest percale bed linen and plump pillows that my girlfriend said (the following morning) were among the most comfortable that she had ever slept on. From our floor to ceiling windows we had a splendid view of the surrounding area and across the City.
After freshening up, we went for a delicious three course meal in the Judge and Jury dining room, which in its previous life had been a court room where the Kray twins were once charged with ‘demanding money with menaces.’ Across the impressive lobby, is the Jailhouse Bar, which houses converted prison cells where you can have a drink and enjoy a luxury spell in a cell.

Saturday morning was taken up with a leisurely and sumptuous buffet breakfast (served till 11am). The quantity, quality and variety of food available was magnificent with cereals, cold meats, cheese, smoked salmon and fruit, as well as a very tasty full English, of which the sausages were a special treat. 
When we couldn’t eat anymore, we asked for a tour of the hotel and the lovely Valeria, who had brought us our prosecco the previous evening, escorted us to look at the very impressive and elegant event rooms where they hold functions such as conferences, weddings and bar mitzvahs. The basement also housed a pool area with stream and sauna rooms as well as a spa. The fully equipped gym was adjacent. There was also a sports room with table tennis table and two bowling allies which would make for a fun corporate night out for team bonding.
Then the room that I personally was interested in, that being the 100-seater cinema. With a bar area just outside, with movie memorabilia adorning the walls, this would be a perfect place to mingle, have a drink before taking in a film on the big screen.  What better setting for a viewing of the screen adaptation of my book to movie BESTSELLER, Wrong Place Wrong Time, produced by Golden Mile Productions, once it’s complete.
All in all, we had a fabulous evening and stay at this hotel and one that I would highly and wholeheartedly recommended. We will most definitely be returning in the very near future.
Courthouse Hotel: 335-337 Old St, London EC1V 9L 020 3310 555

Monday, April 30, 2018

Me and the film crew! 
Book To Movie
As you may know or then again, may not, one of my books, the #1 BESTSELLER Wrong Place Wrong Time is now becoming a movie thanks to Golden Mile Productions and yesterday I was interviewed about my thoughts of who I would like to play me and who I would like to play the leading lady Rosa plus many other questions. I will upload the video once it has been edited and then you can hear my answers.
Thanks to Alison, John and Dan.  

Monday, April 2, 2018

Goosebumps and Smile!

Sitting around a dining table in a restaurant in Chelsea doesn't happen that often to me. I lie, because the last time was two months ago and before that was two years ago at a Pizza Express. But this restaurant was different. It was exclusive, rather grand and situated in a lovely courtyard in Sloane Square, just off the Kings Road. Get me, in Chelsea. Well, there is a reason I have visited that part of South West London and the reason is, to meet two members of the production company and one half of the script writing team for the book to movie project, Wrong Place Wrong Time.
This is the third meeting I've had with the production team, Golden Mile Productions, based in London, Marbella and Los Angeles, but of course the conversations on the phone, Skype and messages are in their hundreds. In fact we have our own WhatsApp group, coincidentally called Wrong Place Wrong Time. Gathered around the table last week seemed surreal. I had to pinch myself when one half of the script writing team pulled out her notes and we begin to discuss the characters, which I may add is one of the many reasons they want to bring the book to the screen. They feel that the story is full of amazing characters that the viewing public will endear to.
So, as the evening progressed, complimented by a lovely bottle of wine, of course, we discussed the sub-plots, how the film will begin, the soundtrack, which we are so excited about, as the music will be full of 80's and 90's hits. But, the goosebumps started to make an appearance on my arms as soon as I heard the scriptwriter say, "The book is fantastic, I've just finished reading it for a second time and I love and it will make a superb movie." She continued, "David, with your writing the reader feels, just like I was, that we are with you every step of the way." At this point one of the production team butted in and said, "Look at his face, a smile from ear to ear." And he was right, I was beaming. This is a dream, it's every author's dream to have a book that they have written made into a movie.
During the course of the evening, it was explained to me that the first draft of the script will take around 6 to 8 weeks, then we go through that together, edit, amend where necessary and once it's complete and we all agree on the final script, then it's off to the casting companies in London and America to pick a leading man, who will play me and a leading lady who will play Rosa, as the team want to focus on the love story that was developing, as well as everything else that went on in Wrong Place Wrong Time. As the team stated, so much did go on in the book, that the story will appeal to a wide audience, as there is something for everyone in the story line.
The latter part of the evening was spent discussing how I will be part of the team, on location, on the set and even helping to decide on the actors and actresses to play in the film. So, yet again the smile appeared and so did the goosebumps.
Another meeting has been arranged for next week to meet the other half of the script writing team and to further discuss the book to movie project of my, yes my book, a true story that is Wrong Place Wrong Time. One final note, they have requested for me to update them on the WhatsApp group of any further reviews that may come in on Amazon, Waterstones, Goodreads and from my publishing company. All I can say is that the group has been inundated with messages from me as the reviews are received daily from around the world.
If you wish to check out the many 100's of reviews, click the universal link to my Amazon page!
So, that's it, a little update of how I am living the dream and I might just post another article after next week's meeting!

Saturday, March 31, 2018



Wow, it's been a long time since I was on here.

Well, a lot has happen since I was, like the progress about the development of the book to movie project about the BESTSELLER Wrong Place Wrong Time.

But, I don't want to talk or even write about that now, well, of course I do, I want to shout LOUD about that, but that will be for another time.

Today, I want to showcase some of my recent reviews for the book, Wrong Place Wrong Time on Amazon, Waterstones and my publishers Austin Macauley. The reason why, is that so many authors on twitter and their social media platforms are shouting out for reviews and I feel so lucky that I have received 100's and 100's for this book that is becoming a movie. Have I mentioned that? Yes, of course, once or twice, and I will keep on boring people with it. So, sorry in advance.

Okay, below are just a few of my reviews and I hope if you haven't read that book or any of my others, I hope you will nip over to Amazon and take a look. on or why not read the first chapter on my website, 

Until next time, goodbye. 

'One of the best books I have read in a while.'

'I think this is the only book I have ever read twice.'

'If your looking at the reviews and thinking is this book for me, the answer is YES.'

'So go on, walk the streets of Marbella with Mr Perlmutter, I promise, you won't be disappointed.' 

'Story sinks its claws into you & doesn't let go until the very last word.' 

'Picked up & read in couple of days - found it impossible to put down.' 

'Truly brilliant story that must have been difficult to write.'

'Congrats to the author for having the guts to share it with us.' 

'Story reminds me of novels by Tom Wolfe in which we learn how easy it is to fall through the thin crust of civilization.' 

'Drawn in from the first page & from then on I felt I was with him every step of the way.'

'Read many 'Award Winning' books which are boring, too descriptive, too long, but this was great.' 


'He tells you his story which I promise you is a fantastic read.' 

'Brilliant book which had me on tender hooks.'

'It should be a movie.' 

'Most Amazing True Story...Wow.' 

Monday, January 22, 2018

From Ten Down To Three by George Roberts

In 1986, James collapses after a game of football at school. The cause is diagnosed as a tumour on the brain. Although treatment is successful, James will never be the footballer he was. The story of James continues on into his thirties as he falls in love, starts a family and becomes, in a modest way, a hero.

In From Ten Down to Three George Roberts examines fate as events happen in James's life that leave him questioning whether things are meant to be or are simply coincidence. A phone call made in error lead to him finding love. A bang on the head reveals the presence of the tumour. Saving a young woman's life leads to an unexpected encounter.

From Ten Down to Three is a delightful read full of wit and a dash of tragedy.

Buy Book Here: From Ten Down To Three

Anything is Possible by Rob Osborne

Matt leads an ordinary life, working at a bank in London. He whiles away the hours at his normal job, fantasising about a soap star, Abbey Jones – and can’t believe his luck when she arrives in his branch to make a cash withdrawal during a visit to London. However, during this once-in-a lifetime moment, Matt makes a fool of himself and Abby is somewhat abrupt with him.

Following a stream of events and another chance encounter, Matt and Abbey begin to develop feelings for each other. After all of these years spent yearning for Abbey, Matt does not feel an ordinary man like him can develop a sustainable relationship with someone so famous, which leads to their relationship breaking down.

Will Matt and Abbey find a way to be together? Or will her fame destroy their chance of happiness?

Anything is Possible has been inspired, in part, by Rob’s jobs in banking – from Nationwide Building Society to Alliance & Leicester and then Lloyds TSB.

Buy book here: Anything is Possible 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Endless Autumn by Annabelle Knight

Autumn thought she had everything: a gorgeous stud of a boyfriend, a practical if unexciting PA job at Thorne PR, a savvy best friend, and a soon-to-be earned journalism diploma.

But things in her perfectly constructed world shift when Autumn discovers a life shattering secret.

Needing to change her life drastically Autumn meets a mysterious and sexy stranger who could be the solution to her problems.

Autumn is thrown into a luxurious new world. One that is powered by high flyers, fantasies and carnal desires. How will she escape? Or, does this new world hold the key to her own fulfilment?

Annabelle Knight’s debut novel The Endless Autumn is a sizzling, steamy and sexually sinister story of how a girl next door, unwittingly – but perhaps not unwillingly – explores the fringes of desire and release.

Buy the book here: The Endless Autumn

BROKEN by Donna Siggers.........

Broken is the first in a series of thrillers featuring Katie-Ann Warwick and Sam Cooper.  
We join this dynamic duo as their relationship heats up and they have reason to work together once again.  
Drawing on Sam’s undercover experience to trace a kidnapped woman, Kate’s friend and old colleague, they have every reason to suspect she’s at the mercy of a prisoner who has just escaped – Carl Ashbeck. 

Ashbeck has Kate on his agenda and very much in his sights.

Will Sam and Kate get the break they need or will the corruption within London’s Metropolitan police hold them back?  And, will Sam’s past cast a shadow on the investigation?

Buy the book here: BROKEN