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Thursday, March 28, 2019




Near to the highest mountains and green golden crops Jhumpa is the one girl in the Kakiri Majhi family. As a poor girl she never sees any city and luxurious people. 

She dreams to choose a good life among her tribal people. But when things change, terror spread through her village and politics make a bad impact over her life she does loss her father and mother, even to her best friend Phagoni. 

So can she struggle alone in the biggest world? Can she survive to the next level to get back to her original life??

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

MAYA Initiate 39: The Long Walk to Destiny by Mr. Ben

MAYA Initiate 39: The Long Walk to Destiny 
by Mr. Ben 

Mr. Ben - Maya Initiate 39:  The Long Walk to Destiny

"Maya: Initiate 39" is an adult work-piece that explores the ordeals of Maya Isaacs. An over-protected single child, a victim of a broken home, Maya was raised singlehandedly by a man whom she knew as her 'father,' Samuel. 

He had divorced his wife, Cynthia, years ago on grounds of infidelity before Maya turned three years old. Growing up in Durban was a heady mixture of good, bad and ugly for Maya. Through the influence of wrong peers, Maya went into the underworld endeavors of stealing, drug trafficking and prostitution, under the cover of a very perverse juvenile assembly, called the Alternative Lifestyle Club (The ALC). 

She joined the club in the pursuit of what she called her "destiny" and became popular among many top-notch Southern Africans. After several disappointments, Maya thought she could use her "connections" to bite the fingers that fed her, by carrying out the assignments given her own way-a way of letting the organization know that she was no push-over. But that was not the case! 

Consequently, Craig and Ms. Diana, the active players of the club, led this juvenile to her doom. They set her up and the police did the rest. The long arm of the law landed her in prison in Johannesburg. It was while she was in the prison that she realized that changing for the better would be the only way to save herself. Through a favor from Van Brussels, a rich gold merchant, school owner and chairperson of the Louisville Shipping Company, against whom she had committed a crime in the past, Maya was released from prison before the stipulated sentence was up. 

She was sent to the United States for Secretarial studies, worked for Van Brussels' company for a couple of years, and then returned to her native Durban home in South Africa with her husband, Daniel Young, to find her father, who she had left years before. Maya became a woman of substance. Her fame and enterprise rose up the corporate ladder. But before then, something happened... 

In Servitude: A Suspense Novel by Heleen Kist

In Servitude: A Suspense Novel 
by Heleen Kist 

In Servitude: a suspense novel

When Grace’s beloved sister Glory dies in a car crash, her life spirals out of control. 

She discovers Glory was indebted to a local crime lord and laundering money through her cafĂ©. What’s worse, Grace is now forced to take over.
Defying her anxiety, Grace plots to save herself and those Glory left behind from the clutches of Glasgow’s underworld. But her plans unravel when more family secrets emerge and Grace is driven to question everything she believed about her sister – even her death.
Could Glory’s accident have been murder?
IN SERVITUDE is a gripping roller coaster of family, crime and betrayal. Perfect for lovers of page-turning suspense.

TO BE A KING: Volume 2 by Gunner A. Lindbloom

TO BE A KING: Volume 2 
by Gunner A. Lindbloom 

TO BE A KING: Volume 2

After eight years, Omnio “King” Falcone emerges from prison a free man, having received a rare presidential pardon. When he returns home to Detroit, he learns that the Syndicate has begun to fracture under the poor leadership of his nefarious Uncle Leoni. Some of the Families are now posturing against each other for rackets and territories. The Commission Bosses are nervous, because they have invested millions into a pair of new Detroit casinos. Something must be done before a war erupts over who should become the city’s next Boss of Boss, so they turn to King for help.

During his time in prison, King become close with several high-ranking Bosses from around the country. One of them, a powerful caporegime from the New York’s Columbo Family, has agreed to help him carry out a plan that can earn him a place at the top of the Detroit Syndicate, while at the same time leave some of the most powerful Mafia dons in the entire country indebted to him. One of the Syndicate Bosses sees his vision for the future, and has aligned himself with him. But there is deception everywhere. Even some of his own family want him dead.

The stakes are high. The risks are great. But the rewards are even greater. Can King Falcone execute a coup d’etat and seize control of the Syndicate? Or will he incite an all-out Motor City mob war? Can he overcome his own mixed blood and earn the right to his grandfather’s throne, or will he be banished from the Family? Read on, and see what it takes… TO BE A KING!

TO BE A KING: Volume 1 by Gunner A. Lindbloom

TO BE A KING: Volume 1 
by Gunner A. Lindbloom

TO BE A KING: Volume 1

Omnio “King” Falcone is the grandson of Don “The Butcher” Falcone, the feared and powerful boss of Detroit’s reclusive Mafia faction, known simply as the “Syndicate.” As the last Falcone, King is the heir-apparent to his grandfather’s throne. Except there is one problem. A big one. He is a “difetto,” not of pure Sicilian blood. As a result, he has been ostracized by much of the Syndicate. Even worse, the Commission, a secret pantheon of Mafia Bosses from all over the country, has named his Machiavellian uncle the new Boss.

But King is a brilliant tactician. Even with the odds stacked against him, he rises through the Syndicate ranks. Many of the Family capos have grown to respect and fear him, for he commands a faithful crew of ambitious young wiseguys who have sworn their lives to him.

After years of methodical planning and forming strategic alliances, King is on the brink of finally being accepted by the Syndicate when a beautiful young Mafia princess arrives into town from Sicily. Smitten, he decides he must have her as his own. Unfortunately, his arch nemesis—his nefarious cousin Anthony—has already laid claim to her. A war for her affection ensues. When the smoke clears, King is left serving a life sentence in a Federal prison, while Anthony is elevated to Syndicate underboss, ranked second only to his father, the Syndicate’s new “Capo di tutti Capi,” Boss of all Bosses.

But Don Falcone is a crafty tactician himself. He has kept a favor on the books for over fifty years, and when he finally calls it in, King emerges from prison a free man. Read on and see what it takes… TO BE A KING!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

13 - The 70's - A True Story by David P Perlmutter (Author), Julie Tucker (Editor)

13 - The 70's - A True Story 
by David P Perlmutter (Author), Julie Tucker (Editor)

13 - The 70's - A True Story

On an average Sunday morning in 2004, a newspaper article caught my eye and immediately took me hurtling back to 1977 to events which had seemed so innocent at the time, but which turned out to be anything but. 

My 13th year was one of the most eventful of my life, (and that's saying something) ......

I nearly died, my best friend nearly died, I became a man and........................I went to Switzerland! 

Buy 13

The Land of Blue by Jill Sylvester

The Land of Blue by Jill Sylvester 

The Land of Blue

Mom's Choice Award Recipient

Twelve-year-old Cassie Connor’s father has mysteriously disappeared and her mother and grandparents won’t tell her where he went, or why. 

Then one hot August afternoon an endearing old lady named Agatha arrives on the dilapidated porch and tells Cassie that her father has gone to the Land of Blue and Cassie is the only one who can save him. It turns out that Agatha is the physical manifestation of the voice in Cassie’s head, the authoritative voice that instructs her to bite her nails and skip the odd-numbered stairs.

Under Agatha’s tutelage, Cassie—accompanied by her best friend Mariana who she brings along for support—Zippers between life at her Irish-Catholic, alcoholic grandparents’ house in Boston, to the foggy, carnival style Land of Blue. Once they arrive, they meet TJ, a boy in search of his missing brother. The three become fast friends, in this place of seemingly never-ending fun, sharing in a similar mission. Yet, Cassie’s plans to find her father and bring him home are consistently and suspiciously thwarted. That is until Cassie falls through the Ripple and discovers an alternate land that illuminates that things are not always what they seem and her father may stay trapped in the Land of Blue forever. 

Will Cassie find her father and bring him home or will she, like so many others she meets along the way, remain in the alluring Land of Blue?

Written by a licensed mental health counselor, The Land of Blue is a coming-of-age fantasy novel that takes readers young and old on a fascinating journey of the power of friendship, the love of family and ultimately, the choice to overcome darkness.

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Voss Coin: A Killer's Currency (Intense Psychological Thriller) by A.B. Alexander

The Voss Coin: A Killer's Currency 
(Intense Psychological Thriller) 
by A.B. Alexander 

The Voss Coin: A Killer's Currency (Intense Psychological Thriller)

A gripping psychological thriller that will make your nail clippers redundant.

The deadly dawn of innovation…

Kevin Voss is a tech code maverick working for Intelias, a Fortune 500 company based in New York. He is sent to Tokyo to contain a security breach in their systems. From the moment he boards the flight, he knows something isn't right. 

Through a string of forced sexual encounters he is blackmailed into creating a new digital currency. Now, not only is his life in danger, but also the entire financial system. If this financial atomic bomb goes off, he'll be regarded as the technological Hitler. A perfect scapegoat for their plans. 

Facing an enemy of the worst kind, he is thrust into a mind-altering journey of sex, greed, power and self-discovery. The chickens weren't coming home to roost, they were roosting everywhere.

Sinfully Good by Laurie Vincent

Sinfully Good by Laurie Vincent

Sinfully Good

When sexy and wise-cracking Vanessa Grimes loses her office job, she is forced to move in with her drama major sister, Deb, and work as a barista at a local coffee shop. 

The constant bickering at home drives her one night to a sports bar, where she hooks up with hot and hunky Frank Baumgarten on the rebound of an ugly divorce. 

Vanessa discovers the fiery passion she never knew possible in being with an older alpha male. While she is willing to accept their sizzling time spent together as a quick fling, Vanessa finds it difficult to forget the man who revived the dormant vixen within her. Although 

Frank is a highly successful consultant with an enviable lifestyle, he appears to be hiding secrets, some alluding to a trigger-temper brought on by his deviously designing ex-wife Barbara. To her delight, he reenters her life and makes it clear he wants to be with her. She enthusiastically jumps into a relationship of wild, uninhibited sex. Frank proves to be the fantasy boyfriend she had always dreamed about, but gradually learns there is another, startling side of him.

Coffee shop owner Josh Richter picks up on Vanessa’s sexy vibes and assumes she is putting the moves on him. Although she desperately needs the extra hours to pay her bills, Josh’s peaked interest in her creates gossip with the other baristas. She has always resisted dating men from work in the past, but her boss is relentless and steps up his game. 

Doing her best to ignore the feelings Josh stirs in her, she become increasingly aware that there is a subconscious attraction. Josh is not without his own mystery. 

A younger woman frequently meets with him in his office, the purpose of her visits leaving all the baristas – including Vanessa – to wonder.

No matter how crazy things get for Vanessa Grimes, life is . . . sinfully good!

Love and Mutiny: Tales from British India by Anne George

Love and Mutiny: Tales from British India 
by Anne George  

Love and Mutiny: Tales from British India

The year is 1857. The British, having colonized India, have ruled her for a hundred years. The East India Company manages the business of governance, but not necessarily with a view to protecting the best interests of the people of India. The British who were born and reared in India see themselves as distinct from the Indian and yet very much a part of the fabric of India, diverse as it was—even then. 

Edwina Hardingham, who has spent her entire existence in India, sees herself very much as a Hindustani (Indian). She bristles at the harsh invective directed against the people of India by some of the members in her circle. She cherishes her friendships with Indian women and, on a visit to one of them, is rescued from brigands by the dashing and entirely dazzling Mr. Grayson. Does love blossom between the two? To her very great surprise, Edwina does find her heart becoming rapidly entangled with the most enigmatic of men… 

In the midst of this idyllic bliss, something unthinkable happens. A mutiny breaks out, led by the sepoys, who rebel against their commanding officers and seize control of government ammunition and property. The Indian masses, exasperated with the callous governance of the East India Company, are beginning to seethe inwardly, and what is initially perceived as an isolated outburst from a few malcontents, soon erupts into a wide-scale rebellion that spreads across almost the entire region of north India. Tales of the slaughter of British women and children spread quickly, leaving panic in their wake. The Hardinghams are now faced with dread about the fate of their family members who may very well be in the path of the carnage, even as news is not forthcoming, as communication lines have been disrupted. 

Does the Hardingham family escape the bloodshed that has swathed the land? Does Edwina’s beloved remain constant? Read this gripping work of historical fiction to discover what happens!

In her maiden novel, Anne George weaves a tale of love and betrayal into the historical events of the Sepoy Mutiny. A cup of tea, some refreshment and a comfortable chair are a must, for the reader will find it hard to put down once it is picked up!

Harvested: A Dystopian Sci-fi Novel by Anthony O'Brien

Harvested: A Dystopian Sci-fi Novel 
by Anthony O'Brien 

Harvested: A Dystopian Sci-fi Novel

The year is 3716. Earth’s resources are depleted. Humanity has been forced into a 21st century computer simulation, controlled by Ikelos, AI at its most terrifying. 

A seedbank lost to time in the frozen wastelands of a Norwegian island is mankind’s last hope for survival.

Jon Stone, a New York physicist, has been extracted out of the simulation by another scientist, Tori. With no memory of Tori or his past life, Jon must trust her as they re-enter the simulation to locate, somewhere in this dangerous, illusionary world, the island’s co-ordinates.

Can they avoid the traps in the matrix, find what they seek, and return to the 38th century in time to save humanity before the final extinction?

Arcana of the Crimson Era: Red Moon by Sein Ares

Arcana of the Crimson Era: Red Moon 
by Sein Ares 

Arcana of the Crimson Era: Red Moon

“Those who sin die by the way they sinned!”

Looking back, I wonder.
The sinister events that forced Elizabeth to follow these words set in stone, would she have done it, had she known, the repercussions of her actions?
Long forgotten was the age of the ancients known as humanity. Upon the rubbles of that old civilization stood the new world forged from suffering and fortitude. However, even in that new realm, traces of the hatred that consumed the light still exist. It lurks within the shadows, waiting, scheming… Coming out every now and again to take back what it lost.
“Red Moon” is the first book in the “Arcana of the Crimson Era” series written by Sein Ares. Set eons after the apocalyptic second Ice Age, it witnesses the epic tales of many great souls, whose deeds would forever place them within the chronicles of time as unforgotten immortals.
In a world filled with infinite magic and endless secrets, their journey will take each of our heroes through unforgivable tribulations. Their sacrifices, hardships and the bonds that are forged ignite the rebellion against the hatred that seeks to destroy all of them. But…
Once again, I wonder, if Elizabeth had known of the unseen that invaded into her life, would history have been different? Would the Crimson Era have even begun?

Along Comes a Wolfe (Shepherd and Wolfe Mysteries Book 1) by Angie Counios and David Gane

Along Comes a Wolfe (Shepherd and Wolfe Mysteries Book 1) by Angie Counios and David Gane  

Along Comes a Wolfe (Shepherd and Wolfe Mysteries Book 1)

Shepherd & Wolfe. They’re not the Hardy Boys. High school student Sheri Beckman has disappeared. 

When a massive search turns up nothing, her boyfriend, Tony Shepherd, joins forces with a wise-ass troublemaker named Charlie Wolfe to find out what happened.

But Charlie’s investigations aren’t always legal, so when another missing girl is found dead, Tony must decide whether doing right might sometimes mean doing wrong. 

Together, Shepherd and Wolfe must find a ruthless killer and stop him before someone else dies.

Between Two Minds: Revelation by D C Wright-Hammer

Between Two Minds: Revelation 
by D C Wright-Hammer 

Between Two Minds: Revelation

The true origins of mind migration are only known to the cursed individuals who had the misfortune of helping develop it. 

Follow Dr. Rex Martin as he pushes his abilities to the limit to birth the world’s first “neural transfer” and discovers the truth about himself and the corporation employing him. 

Put in a no-win situation, Dr. Martin must decide what’s more important: his life and legacy or the lives of his lover and colleagues.

Between Two Minds: Awakening by D C Wright-Hammer

Between Two Minds: Awakening 
by D C Wright-Hammer 

Between Two Minds: Awakening

Casual readers beware! Between Two Minds: Awakening will get into your head!
As a paraplegic, Ryan has always dreamed of walking. 
He saved a small fortune to undergo a common procedure in his time to transfer his mind into a physically fit host body. 
Afterwards, his obsession with walking is immediately overshadowed by a strange and frightening side effect unraveling the reality he once knew.
A cleverly written, fast-paced science fiction thriller reminiscent of Aldous Huxley, William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, and Michael Crichton.
This gripping psychological thriller takes the reader on an adventure far beyond the potential consequences of transferring one’s consciousness to a new body. 

The interweaving story line will have the reader second guessing what is real and what is dream, and prove that knowing the truth can be the difference between life and death.

Q.W.E.R.T.Y.: A Haunting by Barbara Avon

Q.W.E.R.T.Y.: A Haunting 
by Barbara Avon  

Q.W.E.R.T.Y.: A Haunting

In the tradition of "Twilight Zone", Q.W.E.R.T.Y. takes you into another dimension. A place where all things are possible. Luke is an author and a widower. 

His aunt gifts him a Remington typewriter and he soon discovers that everything he types, comes true. "What if I can bring her back?" 

In this novella, that is a cross between time travel and paranormal romance, you'll read a compelling, poetic tale that follows Luke on a heart-breaking journey - one that will change everything.

Bits & Pieces by Dawn Hosmer

Bits & Pieces by Dawn Hosmer

Bits & Pieces

A chance encounter with a stranger traps Tessa within the mind of a madman.

Tessa was born with a gift. Through a simple touch she picks up pieces of others. A “flash” of color devours her—the only indication that she’s gained something new from another person. Red equals pain; purple, a talent; yellow, a premonition; orange, a painful memory; and blue, a pleasant one. Each flash blurs the lines between her inherent traits and those she’s acquired from others. Whenever she gains bits of something new, she loses more pieces of herself.

While assisting in search efforts for a local missing college student, Tessa is paralyzed by a flash that rips through her like a lightning bolt, slicing apart her soul. A blinding light takes away her vision. A buzzing louder than any noise she’s ever heard overwhelms her, penetrates her mind. As the bolt works its way through her body, images and feelings from someone else take over. Women’s dead eyes stare at her as her hands encircle their throats. Their screams consume her mind. Memories of the brutal murders of five women invade her.

Will she be able to find the killer and help save the next victim? Can she do so without completely losing herself?

BITS & PIECES is a fast-paced, riveting psychological suspense with supernatural elements that leaves the reader guessing until the end.

**Trigger Warning**
This book contains some violence, including that of a sexual nature.

Thursday, March 21, 2019


‘The only self-help book you will ever need’

Imagine you had an instant switch for happiness. A switch that eliminated stress, anxiety, fear, doubt and worry and allowed you to enjoy a life full of happiness and fulfilment. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well that’s what you get with this book. A range of simple, rapid, potent techniques that instantly switch on your mind allowing you to feel better, function better, be happier and improve everything in your life.

Methods to conquer stress, smoking, weight, fears, pain etc.

An incredibly useful resource for therapists wishing to add potent tools to their repertoire

Beginners welcome! No experience necessary to get an immediate benefit from any of the numerous techniques in the book!

The Advntures Of The Young Time Travllers and the Time Stones by G E Blagden

The Advntures Of The Young Time Travllers and the Time Stones 
by G E Blagden 

The Advntures Of The Young Time Travllers and the Time Stones. (1)

I and my friends all attend the same school, then embark on a summer journey, but on the dry and dusty pathway, we meet an old traveller. who sells one of my friends what we think is a lucky charm? 

And from here the story starts in history. Nothing we'll ever expect till now will automatically change our lives forever......

Wait For Me: The Story of Calista & Tanner by Lucy Paul

Wait For Me: The Story of Calista & Tanner 
by Lucy Paul 

Wait For Me: The Story of Calista & Tanner (The Story of... Book 1)

I never believed that love triangles really existed. In movies and books, yes, but not in real life for real people.

Until I found myself in the middle of one.

Even with distance separating us, I'd loved Tanner for years. He had always been my rock and I wouldn't know what to do without him in my life.

My love for Dakota was new. We fell hard and fast and...well...I had a hard time picturing my life without him either.

My heart was being pulled in two different directions and I had a life-altering decision to make...

The cross-country Prince Charming who melted my heart? Or the unpredictable bad boy who melted my panties?

The Cheese-Monkey Chronicles by S W Hoffman

The Cheese-Monkey Chronicles 
by S W Hoffman 

The Cheese-Monkey Chronicles

This book is a new concept. The author has dubbed his approach to writing as “fluid writing”. Long gone are many of the so called “rules” of the English language, as those rules have been thrown away, rewritten and then broken!

The author genuinely sets off on a journey with you the reader, as he hasn’t got a clue where this book will go, just a few flimsy ideas which he will hope to hang together. Sometimes a particular Chapter might be written without the author knowing where that is going as well, and so he’ll name the Chapter after he’s finished writing it. This does make the story fluid and so follow its own course, which will better capture the feel of where the story should really be heading – it’ll follow its own path! 

Imagine this. Imagine that reading a book is like going on a journey. Say a given book is a journey to Cirencester. Yeah it might be a good trip, but it doesn’t sound particularly exciting. On this trip, you turn to me and say “Where are we going?”
I reply “I haven’t got a clue – let’s drive!”. Now that’s more like it!

This story is a romantic tale set in the Nineteenth Century Devon, England. It is based around our hero: Ross Chaise-Minky.

Ross’ friends think this name is a bit self righteous and therefore prefer to call him Dave Cheese-Monkey.

Dave is happy with this.

Have you ever read a story or watched a movie where the characters all have different names? Of course, however, in real life you probably work with many people of the same Christian name. This story redresses the balance. There are many Dave's.

Finally, all too often literature does not combine drama, action, romance, peril and cakes enough for the authors liking. This book puts this right!

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Welcome to the 5 book, yes ‘5 BOOK’ BOX SET of the book marketing brand MY WAY.

5 books in the Box Set of My Way Book Marketing: Book Marketing for indie authors!

Having achieved a #1 BESTSELLING Kindle book with WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME in many categories around the world on Amazon, I’ve been asked by many authors about how I managed to reach those heady heights with my first self-published book.

I used to reply to these requests with emails, giving pointers as to how I promoted and marketed the book on my social media platforms. Then one night, it occurred to me, why don't I write a book on how, with my constant marketing and constant exposure, the book that is now published by a traditional publisher, became a BESTSELLER.

Within these 5 books, I will show you how a novice writer, me:

Increased my Twitter followers to over 40,000
Achieved a post on LinkedIn that had over 70,000 views and 35,000 comments
How to use what is TRENDING ON TWITTER to promote your book/s
Why visiting the LONDON BOOK FAIR changed my writing life
How I succeeded in securing a traditional publishing contract
How to place a book on Amazon


How I have met so many wonderful authors along the way!

Plus so much more.

So, please enjoy the following books:






Below are some reviews from authors around the world:

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"Without a doubt, I know this will help you, because it has helped me."

"After reading MY WAY WON & applying what I've learned, I saw my book achieve greater downloads than I could imagine." 

"David P. Perlmutter's My Way Won is essential information for every indie author."

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"MY WAY is the Way."