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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Wiccan Romances: Amelia's Story by Nicola Hebron

Wiccan Romances: Amelia's Story 
by Nicola Hebron 

Wiccan Romances: Amelia's Story

Amelia, Ben, Charlie and Sam Taylor have just learnt that they have inherited magic powers from their dad. 
Join them as their powers grow and they battle a long-term family enemy, all while navigating their school and love lives. 

In book 1 we follow Amelia as she adapts to her powers of telekinesis and control over water alongside her new relationship with her brothers’ friend and long-time crush Aidan. 

Will their relationship withstand the obstacles Lia’s magic cause or will she end up with London-based suitor Edward who claims they are destined to be together due to an ancient family promise?

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