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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

PATTI BOULAYE OBE on tour in 2020


"ARETHA & ME" 2020

Links to tickets will be added when tickets are available at each venue. Please click on venue of choice for tickets.
25th Jan           Playouse 2 Theatre - Shaw, Oldham
15th Feb           Tower Theatre - Folkestone
6th March         Beggars Theatre - Millom

20th March       "Billie & Me" Chapel Arts Centre, Bath 
4th April           Brookside Theatre - Romford

18th April         Pizza Express - Birmingham

23rd April         Crazy Coqs - Piccadilly London
2nd May           Albury Theatre - Coventry

15th May          Whitty Theatre - Wokingham

22nd May         Maidstone 
6th June           Kenton Theatre - Henley-on-Thames

26th June         The Pheasantry - Chelsea, London
19th July          Petworth Festival - Petworth
23rd Sept         "An Evening With Patti Boulaye" - Pizza Express Holborn
9th Oct             Victoria Hall - Settle

10th Oct           Ropewalk - Barton

17th Oct           Helmsley Arts Centre - 

Check out all the details here - ARETHA & ME

Monday, December 23, 2019

Mothers Child - A Film by Swaylee Loughnane

Mothers Child - 
A Film 
by Swaylee Loughnane

Mothers Child

For full cast of Mother's Child visit IMDb

Friday, December 20, 2019

Memoirs Of A Dying Man a film by Rene Costa

Memoirs Of A Dying Man 
a film by Rene Costa 

On his death bed Andrew Valentine starts having flashbacks on some of the people he socialised with and some of the nasty turns he arranged on people.

With his accomplices Joe Eastman and Barry Brides, nothing stood in their way until the day they crossed the line with Benny Wiseman (The Old Man).

When two tribes want the same thing, there is only one way it's going to end.

Full Cast 

Watch the trailer 

Ditch the Act: Reveal the Surprising Power of the Real You for Greater Success by Leonard Kim and Ryan Foland

Ditch the Act: 
Reveal the Surprising Power of the Real You for Greater Success 
by Leonard Kim and Ryan Foland  

Ditch the Act: Reveal the Surprising Power of the Real You for Greater Success

Be human. It’s the only way to get ahead in business today.
Competition today is fiercer than ever. It seems that every job candidate is flashing a world-class resume and every business competitor is the absolute best at what they do.
Don’t be fooled. People exaggerate. And don’t be discouraged. By revealing stories of failures, setbacks, and personal flaws without shame or fear, you exhibit greater self-confidence than your competition. You cultivate connections with serious, smart people, and you build loyalty that lasts.
Ditch the Act shows how to present your humanness—imperfect and flawed but honest, resilient, and willing to learn—in strategic ways to achieve clear, defined goals. It provides an actionable program for building an authentic, long-lasting personal brand, explaining why exposure is important and how it cultivates more durable connections than any polished persona can.
By creating a personal brand that’s honest and authentic and that reveals personal struggles, you’ll build stronger, longer-lasting relationships—and achieve greater success.
Careers and businesses based on authenticity and truth aren’t just more rewarding than those founded on hyperbole and the “hard sell.” Because they’re founded on durable, robust relationships, they’re rock-solid—and better withstand business uncertainty and tough times.
Ditch the act, be real—and jump ahead of the competition before they even know you are there.

Buy Your Copy Ditch the Act

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Pinky Doodle Bug by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and illustrated by Vova Kirichenkp

Pinky Doodle Bug 
by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino 
by Vova Kirichenkp


Let your child's imagination soar by joining Pinky and her friends on a doodling and writing adventure! 

Pinky draws and doodles on everything even though she’s told she shouldn't. One day, she meets a writing bug who believes in her and brings her doodles to life. 

Together they let their dreams fly and help each other be their best.

This book is perfect for children learning to read and parents who want to share the joy of reading, writing, drawing and dreaming. 

Pinky Doodle Bug is full of light-footed rhymes and delightful illustrations that are sure to make this wonderful tale an instant favorite.

Pre-order Pinky Doodle Bug

Let's say hello to Swaylee Loughnane - Actor | Producer | Director

Let's say hello to Swaylee Loughnane 
Actor | Producer | Director

Swaylee Loughnane Picture

Swaylee Loughnane was born in Romford Essex in 1982 and went to the Sylvia Young Theatre School from 1996 to 2001 where he then went into professional acting in 1998 in BBC productions such as Sort It. 

He has acted in several theatre productions including Hamlet and A Slice To Many at the Wellington Theatre. 

Swaylee has also acted on Television productions such as Autopsy, Wings of War. 

Swaylee has three distinctions in acting with LAMDA, and has studied at the actors centre since 2005. 

Swaylee has written, produced and acted in several short films and feature films. 

He also produced music videos, and written three feature movies to date.

Check out Swaylee's IMDB

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A short Film Called SUGAR by Megan Ruth

A short Film Called SUGAR 
by Megan Ruth 

A woman in a Sugar Daddy arrangement must choose between the financial benefits of her current relationship and a possible real relationship with someone her own age.


About Megan

Hello! I'm Megan. I was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario. Growing up in a creative family, I expressed interest in performing at a young age. I began singing and dance lessons, and in High School became part of Burlington Student Theatre's senior company. Performing in two plays a year with them, as well as High School theatre, I was surrounded by the arts and graduated with a Specialist High Skills Major in arts and culture.

I took a year off of school after volunteering in Honduras and decided to put theatre on the sidelines. After working full time, I eventually decided to take Hispanic Studies at the University of Guelph in the hopes of becoming an ESL teacher in South America. I soon found Guelph's theatre program and ultimately concluded I was meant for the arts after all.  After completing a 3 year general degree in theatre, I went to Humber College where I acquired a diploma in their Acting for Film and Television program. 

Check out Megan's first film SUGAR

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Path To Life by Mark Childerley

Path To Life 
by Mark Childerley  

Path To Life

Dr David Archer unwittingly makes a huge scientific discovery which leads to a story of mystery and adventure. 

Follow David on his journey which eventually brings a very important decision for Earth. The question is, do we act or not?

If you liked The Martian and Interstellar then this book is a must for your Sci-Fi collection.

Buy Your Copy Path To Life

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Memoirs Of A Dying Man - A film by Rene Costa

Memoirs Of A Dying Man

Swaylee Loughnane, Clarke Tribe, Rene Costa, and Lloyd Charles in Memoirs Of A Dying Man

Andrew Valentine is an old time Gangster, who with a click of his finger can do anything. 

He is now coming to the end of his life, on his death bed. 

With his final hours, starts having flashbacks about all the nasty things that happened while he was young and the people he eliminated, that got in his way. 

This is a great project that is documented with all the facts as they happened!

Check out the TALENTED cast 

Alexa and Me by Sian Reeves!

Alexa and Me 

by Sian Reeves!

The Film
This film is a snapshot of a mother daughter relationship when the mother suddenly becomes unnecessary . All mothers pour their souls into their children without thought for themselves. One day suddenly we are discarded, and nobody ever talks about the loss, or the woman who has been left behind. We are left with a trashed house, a dog who's 105 and the onset of the menopause. It's a clash of the hormones, and we know who wins.

became fixated with telling my own story, after a hugely successful short film called "what happened to Evie" winner at Galway Film Festival 2018, starring both my daughter and I.


Sian Reeves
An actress for over 30 years, theatre, television and film. Favourites include RSC Merchant of Venice, Stephen Poliakoff's Talk of the City, BBC 1's Cutting It, ITV's Northern Lights, ITV's City Lights, Sky 1's Mount Pleasant, Intimacy, Five Seconds to Spare and most recently the Time of their Lives for Universal Studios.
Bessie Coates
One year out of Drama Studio London. Evie in what happened to Evie, Zoe in Alexa and Me and  Margaret in BBC 2's Upstart Crow, and adverts for Ikea and BBC Radio 1.
Produced by     
Jeremy Campbell and Sian Reeves
Directed by
Sian Reeves
Edited by
Dawn Trotman
John Craine 
                       Written by
             Rebecca Crookshank
Sound by
Artur Strakhov
Sound Editor
Kate Davis
Dubbing Editor
Stephen Gilbert
Nvous Films
Edward Crimpton
Design by
Eleanora Scoccimarro
Aaron Levi
Grading by
Mike Green
Make-up by
Emily Hall
Co-created by
Sian Reeves & Rebecca Crookshank
Mum and Toddler
Tilly Brooke and Baxter Brooke Smith