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Friday, July 31, 2020

Networking for Writers: A fun way to sell more books by Lizzie Chantree

Networking for writers: 

A fun way to sell more books. 

by Lizzie Chantree

Networking for writers: A fun way to sell more books.

Are you swamped with book marketing and looking for a way to find new sales? Learn simple and effective networking techniques, to grow your readership and connect with other authors and book lovers, today!

Whether you are a new or an experienced writer, self-published or traditionally published, this book will show you how to grow your readership and author network, through some of the most powerful of all marketing tools - word of mouth and recommendation.  

This book will show you:

How networking can help you sell more books.

Why author branding is important.

How networking hours work.

Specific Facebook groups for writers

How to utilise social media to grow your readership.

How not to waste valuable writing time.

How to make our marketing more effective.

Throughout Networking for Writers, we will explore running or attending book signings, hosting seminars, finding a writing buddy or mentor, author networking groups, social media planning and so much more. 

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Break - The Movie!

Break - The Movie!


A gifted inner-city kid, wasting his talents on crime, gets in over his head until a chance encounter with a stranger presents him with an opportunity to turn his life around. 

But is it too late?

For Full Cast and Trailer, 
cue ▶ Break

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Legacy of Lies - The Movie

Legacy of Lies - The Movie 

Written and Directed 
by Adrian Bol

Scott Adkins in Legacy of Lies (2020)

An ex-MI6 agent is thrown back into the world of espionage and high stakes to uncover the shocking truth about operations conducted by unknown secret services.

Titan by Helen E Slater

by Helen E Slater 


In their search to discover the presence of microbial life, NASA sends unmanned probes to two of Saturn's moons: Enceladus and Titan. 

When the rover on Titan loses contact shortly after making an astounding discovery, the world is in shock.

Desperate for answers, the world's space agencies work together to send a manned crew on a billion mile journey across the Solar System. 

But what will they discover when they arrive?

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Movie - I Am That Man by Matthew Marsden

The Movie  
'I Am That Man' 
written, directed and starring 
Matthew Marsden

I Am That Man

Struggling to come to terms with PTSD, the break-up of his marriage, his reintegration into civilian life, former Navy SEAL John Beckett contemplates returning to what he knows best: war. 

When a close friend is brutally murdered in a racially motivated attack, Beckett calls upon his specialized military skills to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. 

Has he found a new sense of purpose, or will this be his last mission?

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Mark of a Demon by Despoina Kemeridou

Mark of a Demon 

by Despoina Kemeridou

Mark of a Demon

When Heather was born, everyone thought she would die due to her weak heart. 

Upon her mother’s callings, a demon showed up and saved her life by sharing his heart with hers. 

There was only one condition; she would live until the demon’s powers ran out. 

Not knowing anything about the mark she had on her chest from the day she remembers herself, she falls in love with the demon, marking the start of a forbidden love…

What happens when she finds out the secrets her aunt and the demon have been keeping deeply hidden from her?

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Friday, July 24, 2020

Wham! George & Me by Andrew Ridgeley

Wham! George & Me 
by Andrew Ridgeley 

Wham! George & Me

School mates. Band mates. Soul mates . . .

When Andrew Ridgley took George Michael, the new boy at school, under his wing, he discovered a soul mate.

In Wham! George and Me, Andrew tells the story of how they rode a rollercoaster of success around the world while making iconic records and surviving superstardom with their friendship intact. It is a memoir of love, music, the flamboyant 1980s and living in a pop hurricane.

No one else can ever tell their story - because no one else was there.

'A joyous celebration of the Wham! years. For anyone who was a teenager in the early 1980s, it will take you on a nostalgia trip. It's an honest but affectionate account of a remarkable duo who remained true to their origins and their friendship throughout it all' Daily Express

'As infectious as their music' Daily Mirror

'A remarkably generous memoir. In more than one sense, the biography of a friend' Spectator

'A great story' Saturday Live, Radio 4

'A lovely book. A love letter to George' Graham Norton, BBC One

'Charming, heartfelt . . . there's a real poignancy to Ridgeley's description of Wham!'s glory days' Sunday Times

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Monday, July 20, 2020

All My Lies Are True by Dorothy Koomson

All My Lies Are True 

by Dorothy Koomson

All My Lies Are True

From the bestselling author of Tell Me Your Secret and The Brighton Mermaid comes the breath-taking sequel to the iconic Sunday Times bestseller The Ice Cream Girls.

Verity is telling lies...
And that's why she's about to be arrested for attempted murder.

Serena has been lying for years. . .
And that may have driven her daughter, Verity, to do something unthinkable...

Poppy's lies have come back to haunt her . . .
So will her quest for the truth hurt everyone she loves?

Everyone lies.
But whose lies are going to end in tragedy?

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Rollercoaster Of Life Poems by Cee Tee

The Rollercoaster Of Life Poems 

by Cee Tee

The Rollercoaster Of Life Poems

A collection of poems written at different stages of the author's life from 1990 – 2020.

The poems just come to her when emotions were running freely. 

Some of them are true life, others range from fiction, fun, scary, serious, love, or emotional

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Friday, July 17, 2020

I AM by Beth Macari!

The very talented Beth Macari has partnered with the If U Care Share Foundation, for her next FANTASTIC single, and will be giving 100% yes, 100% of the sales to the charity. 

Go check out the AMAZING work they do to promote mental health and prevent suicide here If U Care Share


I was an honour to be invited to be part of the video, especially with so many lovely famous faces such as Gaby Roslin, Julie Atherton, Gemma Oaten, Chelsea HalfpennyLauren PurdyDavid Easter, Charlie Condou, Richard Marcel, Richard Callendar, Tim Hogarth, Alfie Joey, Brendon Courtney plus many more!

Beth's new single ‘I Am’ produced by the legendary BAFTA producer Nigel Wright, with drummer and studio recorder Phil The Beat is released TODAY so do your bit, nip over and download the single, it's ONLY 99p and ALL the proceeds go to the charity! 

The Island Daughter by Helena Halme

The Island Daughter: 

When past secrets shatter your present, how do you face your future? 

(Love on the Island Book 3) 

by Helena Halme

The Island Daughter: When past secrets shatter your present, how do you face your future? (Love on the Island Book 3)

When past secrets shatter your present, how do you face your future?

After her dear stepfather has a fatal heart attack, Alicia returns home to the Åland Islands to support her mother, Hilda. She leaves behind a new life with her lover, Patrick, in Stockholm. 
But when her lover’s ex, Mia, the daughter of the local property magnet, makes moves to rekindle her relationship with Patrick, Alicia is torn between duty and her own happiness.
Alicia’s hopes of a brighter future are further dashed when deeply buried family secrets surface. How can she forge a new life when everything she believed to be true about her past is a lie? 
Meanwhile, Alicia’s best friend, Brit, has her own problems. After a life spent footloose and fancy-free, traveling the world working on cruise ships, she’s both horrified and delighted when she sees the thin pink lines on a test tube. But how can she have a baby with a man she’s only known for a matter of months?
The Island Daughter is the third novel in Helena Halme’s Love on the Island series, but it can also be enjoyed as a standalone read.
Join Alicia’s small island community for another installment in the “captivating” new series set on the most picturesque of Scandinavian islands. Once you enter her world, you’ll never want to leave.

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Check out Emme Lentino's BRAND NEW SINGLE, "This Is My Lullaby"

Take an emotional and visual journey with Emme with her brand new single
‘This Is My Lullaby’.

OurInnerSparks🌟Lily (@OurInnerSparks) | Twitter

A marriage of rock, pop and electronic music.
This is a brand new song from an artist who deeply cares for the world around her.

Produced by Dan Antunovich and recorded at the legendary Nightbird Studios on Los Angeles.

Be sure to share, subscribe and get the word out about this song. ♥️🖤♥️

Let's say hello to actress and singer Charlotte Mounter

Charlotte Mounter

Charlotte Mounter, Actor, Greater London

Check out Charlotte's website, images and SHOW REEL....Charlotte Mounter

The Favor by Victoria Wallin

The Favor: 

An unpredictable dark comedy / action thriller that will have you hooked 

by Victoria Wallin

The Favor: An unpredictable dark comedy / action thriller that will have you hooked

The Favor is now out to pre-order on Amazon for just 99c/79p! Price goes up after publication on August 1st.

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Sunday, July 12, 2020

In at the Deep End by Kate Davies

In at the Deep End 
by Kate Davies

In at the Deep End


Fleabag-level dirty jokes, Eleanor Oliphant-levels of empathy’ Grazia
‘Fresh and funny’ Guardian
‘Brilliant’ Stylist
‘Every woman should own a copy of this book’ Erin Kelly
‘I love this book!’ Josie Long

Until recently, Julia hadn’t had sex in three years.
But now:
• a one-night stand is accusing her of breaking his penis;

• a sexually confident lesbian is making eyes at her over confrontational modern art;
• and she’s wondering whether trimming her pubes makes her a bad feminist.
Julia’s about to learn that she’s been looking for love – and satisfaction – in all the wrong places…
‘Frank, funny and fabulously filthy’ (Erin Kelly), In at the Deep End is a warm, brilliantly observed debut from a major new talent.
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Friday, July 10, 2020

Tonight - Win A Signed Copy With #CelebsForSmallBiz

Win A Signed Copy Of #WrongPlaceWrongTime With #CelebsForSmallBiz 

Tonight, a chance to WIN a signed copy of my #BookToMovie - BESTSELLING #TrueStory - #WrongPlaceWrongTime just by retweeting and replying to my tweets between 9pm and 10pm, adding the hashtag, #CelebsForSmallBiz, it's that simple! 

Good Luck. 

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A Million Dollars in Change: How to Engage Your Employees, Attract Top Talent, and Make the World a Better Place by Alessandra Cavalluzzi

A Million Dollars in Change: 
How to Engage Your Employees, Attract Top Talent, and Make the World a Better Place by Alessandra Cavalluzzi

A Million Dollars in Change: How to Engage Your Employees, Attract Top Talent, and Make the World a Better Place

Is it possible to change the world one company at a time? Absolutely, and this book will show you how. Whether you're a CEO, a human resources professional, or a leader dedicated to making a difference, A Million Dollars in Change will show you how to help make your company a great place to work by making your community a better place to live. 

A guide to corporate giving that goes beyond ''checkbook philanthropy,'' the book provides a step-by-step plan for creating a giving program that engages employees and attracts talent to your company while at the same time forging measurable, impactful partnerships with nonprofits that serve your broader community. Drawing on the author's personal experience in creating a groundbreaking program at her own company, this accessible, easy-to-implement guide to corporate social responsibility proves that creating a million dollars in change doesn't have to cost a mint.

A Million Dollars in Change highlights the win-win nature of CSR programs: community organizations get much-needed support while companies grow employee engagement and brand visibility. Corporations have an opportunity--and a responsibility--to make an impact on the communities where their employees live and work, but many business leaders, fearing that the process will be expensive and antithetical to their company's bottom line, are deterred from creating community partnerships.

A Million Dollars in Change reveals how even small companies with limited budgets can make a measurable difference in their communities and energize their company's culture at the same time.

“Companies have the power to transform their communities. A Million Dollars in Change is an essential guide on how to embed core values of community, giving, and service into your corporate culture. An invaluable resource, filled with tips and relevant examples for creating a program that inspires and mobilizes employees to make a difference.” —Sue Stephenson, former vice president Community Footprints, the Ritz-Carlton and interim CEO, IMPACT2030

“Here is a powerhouse book of tips, tactics, and approaches for creating corporate giving and volunteer programs for companies of all sizes. They simply work. A fantastic book!” —Jeff Sheehan, IBM influencer/futurist

“Non-profits need to share this book with potential corporate funders! A Million Dollars in Change contains powerful, practical, and solid advice for any company that wants to start a community involvement program.” —Matthew Campo, president, Ronald McDonald House, Long Island

”There are enterprises and institutions that write corporate giving, charity, and community on the wall. Then there are the few who actually do it. The ones who give and then give some more. Alessandra Cavalluzzi personifies it all. Her work with veterans both on Long Island and nationally has impacted the lives of our heroes who live next door.” —Matthew Eversmann, USA (ret) first sergeant, author, motivational speaker, and inspiration for the film Black Hawk Down

“A compelling and meaningful book, filled with great advice on approaching community involvement with confidence. Having worked with Alessandra in this capacity, I know that her expertise will change the way you think about corporate social responsibility.” —Mike Bossy, hockey analyst TVA Sports and keynote speaker

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Kitchen Revelry: A Year of Festive Menus from My Home to Yours by Ali Larter

Kitchen Revelry: 
A Year of Festive Menus from My Home to Yours 
by Ali Larter 

Kitchen Revelry: A Year of Festive Menus from My Home to Yours

Ali Larter is a busy actress, well known for her roles on the NBC show Heroes and in movies such as Varsity Blues and Legally Blonde. But when not on set, she is usually throwing a dinner party or entertaining at home. 
In fact, Ali has been cooking and entertaining all her life, and in an instant, she can whip together a wonderful meal, whether it's for a family Sunday brunch, a spontaneous Super Bowl party, or an elegant (but not stuffy) New Year's Eve dinner. Her parties seem effortless, but it hasn't always been that easy for her. 
In fact, at Ali's first dinner party, she made the common rookie mistake of putting too much pressure on herself to make things perfect. Needless to say, with hungry guests, a burned hand, a broken air conditioner, and a mouse scampering across her fourth-floor New York City walk-up, the night ended in disaster.
Through the years of trial and error, Ali has learned that while looking effortless takes some effort, cooking is not about being perfect—it's about having a great time! And now she's eager to share her passion and knowledge for cooking, collecting her favorite go-to menus into this wonderful cookbook: from her jalapeño cheddar cornbread to crab pots with lemon caper dip, lamb chop lollipops, strawberry mint cake, and for thirsty revelers, her eucalyptus gin martinis.
Ali's mouthwatering recipes and inspiring party ideas are broken down by month so you can take her lead through the seasons with celebrations such as an October Harvest Party, a January Detox, and a July Americana BBQ. 

Brimming with charm, beautiful and intimate photos, and Ali's personal touch as a perfectly disheveled, sassy, effortless host, Kitchen Revelry will enliven and inspire your celebrations for years to come.

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Best Ever You: 52 Week Journal to Your Bravest, Boldest You by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino (Author), Kris Fuller (Author), Sally Huss (Author)

Best Ever You: 

52 Week Journal to Your Bravest, Boldest You! 

Best Ever You: 52 Week Journal to Your Bravest, Boldest You

The creators of the Best Ever You Network and Your Life Sparkles have teamed up to bring you this inspiring 52 week journal. 

You’ll become your bravest, boldest you as you write about your life, values, habits and more in this year-long journal. You are the coffee in the cup of life. 

What are you brewing? Create your own best blend. Using our Six Principles, you will take a look at different aspects of your life. 

Be real with yourself, enjoy the process and keep going on the journey towards becoming your Best Ever You! 

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

I Am Not a Label by Cerrie Burnell

I Am Not A Label

34 disabled artists, thinkers, athletes and activists from past and present 

I Am Not A Label

In this stylishly illustrated biography anthology, meet 30 artists, thinkers, athletes and activists with disabilities, from past and present. 

From Frida Kahlo to Stephen Hawking, find out how these iconic figures have overcome obstacles, owned their differences and paved the way for others by making their bodies and minds work for them.

These short biographies tell the stories of people who have faced unique challenges which have not stopped them from becoming trailblazers, innovators, advocates and makers. Each person is a leading figure in their field, be it sport, science, maths, art, breakdance or the world of pop.

Challenge your preconceptions of disability and mental health with the eye-opening stories of these remarkable people:

Ludwig van Beethoven, Gustav Kirchoff, Henri Matisse, Eliza Suggs, Helen Keller,
Frida Kahlo, John Nash, Stephen Hawking, Temple Grandin, Stevie Wonder, Nabil Shaban, Terry Fox,
Peter Dinklage, Wanda Diaz Merced, Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, Dr Victor Pineda, Farida Bedwei, Stella Young, Lady Gaga, Arunima Sinha, Naoki Higashida, Isabella Spingmuhl Tejada, Aaron Philip, Catalina Devandas Aguilar, Redouan Ait Chitt, Jonas Jacobsson, Trischa Zorn, Ade Adepitan, and Nick Jonas.

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