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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

HOSTS -The Movie


A Dark Sky Film

HOSTS -The Movie

When a family invites their neighbors, a sweet young couple, over to celebrate Christmas Eve and some very happy personal news, they do not realize that their friends had just become hosts to a malicious entity hell-bent on taking over the world. 

The family find themselves fighting for their lives in a night of unimaginable terror. Like The Strangers at Christmas and with an otherworldly twist, Hosts is a simmering sci-fi thriller where the palpable tension of a singular event belies an even more sinister takeover on a global scale.

                          Written and Directed  

By Adam Leader and Richard Oakes 


Neal Ward

Nadia Lamin

Frank Jakeman

Jennifer K Preston

Lee Hunter

Samantha Loxley

Buddy Skelton

Sandra Howard-Williams

Full Cast and Crew


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Monday, September 28, 2020

My Way by Football Legend Dimitar Berbatov

 My Way 

by Dimitar Berbatov

The Autobiography of Football Legend 
Dimitar Berbatov

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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Come The Dawn - The Film

 Come The Dawn - The Film 

"Burdened by loss, Isaac's journey to the never green takes an eerie turn to the bitter truth"

Some Pictures From The Set

Story and Directed By Tim Faraday
Written By Martyn Rowland 
Produced By Lorna Child, Time Faraday and Martyn Rowland

For Full Cast And To Watch The Film 

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Path to Life - Audiobook – Mark Childerley (Author ) Aaron Smith (Narrator)

Path to Life  - Audiobook – 

Mark Childerley (Author ) 

Aaron Smith (Narrator)

Dr. David Archer unwittingly makes a huge scientific discovery which leads to a story of mystery and adventure. Follow David on his journey which eventually brings a very important decision for Earth. The question is, do we act or not?

If you liked The Martian and Interstellar, then this book is a must for your sci-fi collection.

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Friday, September 25, 2020

Honey, I Homeschooled the Kids: A personal, practical and imperfect guide by Nadia Sawalha and Mark Adderley


Honey, I Homeschooled the Kids: 

A personal, practical and imperfect guide 

by Nadia Sawalha and Mark Adderley 

A personal and practical guide to homeschooling by Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha and her husband Mark Adderley.

TV presenter Nadia and her husband Mark took their two children out of mainstream school five years ago. Since then they have homeschooled them. At a time when so many of us are being forced to rethink our roles as parents and teachers, Mark and Nadia bring their experiences - the good and the bad - and offer a candid and practical guide to teaching at home.

Statistics show that the number of homeschooled children in the UK has increased by 40% over the last three years, and the rate is steadily increasing. With humour and frankness Nadia and Mark share the challenges and rewards of their home school experiences, and ask what 'success' really means when it comes to our children's education.

Bringing their energy, enthusiasm and openness to what is becoming an ever more relevant aspect of our lives, Honey, I Home Schooled the Kids will share obstacles, insights and resources that all parents can learn from, whether they're looking for help supporting their child at school or if they have decided to take the plunge and home school.

This book is an honest and no holds barred guide for anyone interested in embarking on the homeschooling journey.

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New Album - 'Warrior' By Levi Perry


By Levi Perry 

No One Came Close

Simply Adore

Covid Corona

Floxed Cipro

How Can You

I Don't Want To

I'm Gonna Rise - Piano Mix

I'm Goona Rise - Guitar Mix

One Hell Of A Rocky

Proud Old Man

To Be With You


You're Not There

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Eight Top STUNNING Tracks from Beth Macari

 Eight Stunning Tracks

from Beth Macari

How To Love

I Promise (That I Go You)

Clone (Ste Essence Remix

I Am (Single)

You Made My Baby Cry


One More Time 


Beth Macari

Say Hello To Singer Sofia Katsaros

  Sofia Katsaros

Sofia Katsaros new single, “Aphrodite,” is her second collaboration with world famous American hit producer Alvin Anthony, following their first hit single, “With You Here Tonight,” that was released with major Greek record label Heaven Music.

Sofia Katsaros and Alvin Anthony, acknowledging the difficult times we are all going through in this world, decided to write a song that is directed towards women, in hopes of conveying the following message:

Aphrodite, goddess of erotic love and beauty, was one of the ancient Greek gods of Olympus. Love and desire were her powers, and she had a special belt that could enchant anyone to fall in love with the person wearing it.

Like Aphrodite, all women are also powerful and should not settle for less than what they deserve, or become victims to abusive relationships. Our goal is to help all women understand they have an inner goddess Aphrodite that they carry inside them. It’s time to unleash your special powers and say NO to a partner that does not respect or treasure you, and say YES to a partner that knows your extraordinary worth and value, and who will treat you like the goddess you really are.

Know your own worth and own your inner goddess of beauty, desire and love. Love yourself and let your inner goddess Aphrodite give you the relationship that you deserve.

Sofia Katsaros is an active member of the charity LA FAMIGLIA RADIO – CHARITY WEB RADIO LA FAMIGLIA PAIDI. The charity buys food with donations and with money they receive from their sponsors, and distribute the food to many families that are in need of our support. LA FAMIGLIA RADIO – CHARITY WEB RADIO LA FAMIGLIA PAIDI. All proceeds from the song will be donated to the charity in order to help them continue their wonderful work of supporting those less fortunate, in their time of need.


Aphrodite Lyrics

Listen up carefully; Show you just how I feel,

You tried to capture me, And tried my heart to steal.

Don’t try and tie me down, And don’t lock me in a cage!

I am a lioness… And I will roar in rage.

‘Cause I’m no match for you I’m wild and mighty

Like Aphrodite

Loving, the likes of you ain’t worth it no more,

Living, a lie I just can’t bear it no more

I’m fire, I’m much too hot for you to feel

I’m gone, I won’t be there for you babe.

Need someone passionate to show me just how they feel

Need him to capture me and try my heart to steal

Can’t wait to light his fire and be with him all day

I’ll be the spark that ignites his most eternal flame

‘Cause I’m no match for you I’m wild and mighty,

Like Aphrodite

Loving, the likes of you ain’t worth it no more,

Living, a lie I just can’t bear it no more

I’m fire, I’m much too hot for you to feel

I’m gone, I won’t be there for you babe


Fire (x3)

Cause I’m no match for…

Loving, the likes of you ain’t worth it no more,

Living, a lie I just can’t bear it no more

I’m fire, I’m much too hot for you to feel

I’m gone, I won’t be there for you babe

Fire (x3


Follow Sofia below and hear her incredible music:






Thursday, September 24, 2020

WHOLE: A Leg Up On Life by Kendra Herber

WHOLE: A Leg Up On Life 

by Kendra Herber 

Imagine having to make the choice to cut off your daughter’s foot. That is the decision Kendra Herber’s parents were faced with when she was born with a malformed foot. 

After years of indecision, the family agreed that amputation was the best option when they received what was thought to be divine intervention.

WHOLE: A Leg Up On Life provides a window into the struggles that life-long amputees often endure. Kendra’s bountiful accomplishments are paired perfectly against the physical and emotional turmoil that she had to combat.

The vulnerability and honesty of Kendra’s story can be felt in every page. She extinguishes common stereotypes and challenges readers to start seeing beyond outward appearances. This inspirational memoir poignantly speaks of the inner strength, beauty, and courage that people with any type of limitation can possess.

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Thank you Donna Siggers and Lizzie Chantree

 Honored to be featured in two blogs from two incredible people and authors.

Donna Siggers

Thank you

How To Be A Complete and Utter Blunt: Diary of a Reluctant Social Media Sensation by James Blunt

 How To Be A Complete and Utter Blunt: 

Diary of a Reluctant Social Media Sensation 

by James Blunt 

'Opinions are like arseholes - everybody has one'
James Blunt, 6 December 2014

Once upon a time, James Blunt's most enduring legacy was a three-minute, thirty-second pop song about a girl he saw on the underground. When celebrity fades, all that's left is the fight for relevance. Where once he was bullied by an entire nation, Twitter gave James the voice to reply with a simple 'up yours'. 

Now Nuts magazine's King of Twitter has ascended to the heady heights of 'winning the internet'. Vindication at last.

Selected and introduced by James himself, this is a year in the life of the world's most reluctant social media sensation. Now learn for yourself how to be a complete and utter Blunt..

Pre-Order your copy of 

How To Be A Complete and Utter Blunt

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

New Album - Best Life by Ashleigh K

 New Album - 
Best Life by Ashleigh K

Best Life - MegaMix
Time Will Tell
Thinking About U
Keep Lifting Me
New Laws
Best Life 
Would It Be Good/Now That You See Me
Live My Best Life

Download Best Life from Spotify 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

So L.A. - A Hollywood Memoir: Uncensored Tales by the Daughter of a Rock Star & a Pinup Model by Staci Layne Wilson

So L.A. - A Hollywood Memoir: 

Uncensored Tales by the Daughter of a Rock Star & a Pinup Model 

by Staci Layne Wilson 

“You may read tons of memoirs, but you can’t miss out on this one because it’s a story like no other told from a unique perspective.” – Sharon Mintz, The Hollywood Beat

“This is a detailed story about a life well-lived, and with an aim to help others (especially animals—if you love horses, you’ll especially enjoy this book) who have found themselves in difficult relationships.” – Tovee Rockland, All Book Reviews

Generation X

Staci Layne Wilson’s is a story of triumph over a legacy of alcoholism, suicide, and Hollywood burnout, but more than that, it’s a tale of unconditional love (with a healthy dose of humor). Despite the ups and downs, her upbringing gave her the powerful determination to carve out a successful life on her own terms. She has since become an award-winning screenwriter and bestselling author.

Vintage Los Angeles

Tales of bygone eras – Wilson grew up with showbiz parents in L.A. in the sixties and seventies, had ponies in the backyard and a psychotic monkey in the house, mingled with the stars on the Sunset Strip rock scene in the eighties, partied at the Playboy Mansion, and nearly died (twice!). She ultimately found love, purpose, and success as an author, film director, and pop culture pundit.


“A touching, laugh-out-loud memoir.” – Daily Sweets

“Refreshingly honest look at Los Angeles, past and present.” – Curb Appeal

“Charming, self-deprecating.” – Los Angeles Readers & Writers

“As a music fanatic, I was in heaven over all the inside stories about Rock and Roll Hall of Famers The Ventures (through their 50+ year career!), Metallica, Led Zeppelin, and the glam-rock scene on the Sunset Strip. There’s also a whole master class on the heavy metal hangouts of Hollywood: The Rainbow, The Roxy, The Troubadour… Staci’s seen it all!” – Gene Katz, director of The Hair Band Tease

If you want to read a time capsule of a specific period in Southern California pop cultural history, look no further. If you want to read a book that’s as delightful as it is insightful, one that stays with you long after you close its covers, this is that book. If you want to be simultaneously educated and entertained, you won’t find a better reference than this one. Staci Layne Wilson not only has a penchant for detail, she has a memory like a bear trap. Nothing escapes her notice, and she has been kind enough to let us see the world through her keen, sentimental (but never maudlin) eyes. The book should come with one caveat emptor, however: if you read it at night, you can forget about sleeping. Not all the coffee in the world can knock down the reading hangover you’re going to have the next day after flipping page after page the night before.
– Stacey Keith, author of Stripped Down: A Naked Memoir

A book that rivals the best of Huell Howser's TV shows digging up the cherished as well as perished landmarks of the City of Angels. Speaking of angels, the author's parents were not, but that is the theme of this story, that all that glitters is not necessarily gold. But what a treasure for us to read a firsthand account about growing up in a fairytale turned inside out. 

The delight here are the dizzying details not only of her personal childhood story, and of her glamorous parents, but also of the city of Los Angeles, the city where most people come to from somewhere else to make their dreams come true. 

But this is a native's narrative, born and bred in LA, and while it is “SO LA” on its shimmering surface, it is “SO LAyered” in its honest reality. I LOVED IT! -
PJ Soles, Actress – Carrie, Halloween

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Magic Is Murder by Simon O'Neill

Magic Is Murder 

by Simon O'Neill 

Bianca Penhale is a celebrity author with a dark secret that must be protected at all costs. Her delightful Cornish fishing village is proud to have her, but the gossips have already started. Then her current live-in lover, Maldini the Magician, discovers her secret and steals her money. This triggers Bianca’s dark side. She hacks Maldini to death with an axe but Maldini the ghost magician has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Maldini uses all his magical powers to torment Bianca, making her life a pit of misery. She can’t eat, sleep or write her new novel without him interrupting in the foulest of ways. But there’s even more trouble for Bianca when Hugh, her conniving cousin, arrives begging for more money. His devious antics attract the attentions of a powerful witch who dooms Bianca with a death curse to marry Maldini as a corpse bride in the ghost world.

Bianca’s murderous fantasies become blood-soaked nightmares of delusions and realities that spiral out of control. Only her first love can save her from the deadly curse but does she have the courage to accept his terms?

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

To My Country by Ben Lawson

 To My Country 
by Ben Lawson 

Ben Lawson was preparing for another Christmas away from home when the Black Summer bushfires began to burn their way across Australia's eastern coast. 

As the bushfires continued to rage into the new year on an unprecedented scale, Ben, feeling angry, helpless and broken-hearted as he watched the devastation from across the ocean, sat down and put his feelings into words. 

To My Country is an ode to the endurance of the Australian spirit and the shared love of our country.

In the true Aussie spirit, Ben and Allen & Unwin will be donating proceeds of To My Country to The Koala Hospital.

'A delightful love letter to a homeland: the kind only an Australian could write. Full of humour, charm and deeply felt belonging. And to think of all the orphaned koalas who will benefit from you buying and enjoying this wonderful little book ...' -Stephen Fry

'An impassioned cry from the big, kind heart of a big, kind man.' -Tim Minchin

'Ben Lawson's love of his homeland inspires us all to think of our own roots . . . and the need to protect them.' -Dolly Parton

'Ben Lawson's book is a heartfelt reminder of how desperately we need to think about our future as a country. His sincerity is moving. I dare you not to cry.' - Julia Stone

'Ben Lawson writes in the tradition of his namesake Henry Lawson; an eloquent bush ballad that mourns the tragic fate of one billion bushfire victims.' - Barry Humphries

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Written and Directed 

by Howard Parry

The official trailer 'Waiting for Nicko'. 

Check Out Waiting For Nicko on IMDb

The Drop - A Mayuren Naidoo film


Written and Directed By Mayuren Naidoo


Check out "The Drop"

Friday, September 18, 2020

Boss It: Control Your Time, Your Income and Your Life by Carl Reader

 Boss It: 

Control Your Time, Your Income and Your Life 

by Carl Reader 

Do you dream of ditching the day job, doing your own thing and being your own boss? Are you ready to Boss It?

In this invigorating and highly practical book, serial entrepreneur Carl Reader provides exactly the fire and guidance you need to get started. Designed to cut through the business jargon, this handy guide will take you through everything you need to establish and run your own business - from the mindset it takes to turn a dream into a plan, to the need-to-know practical stuff for running and growing a business.

Featuring case studies, templates and exercises to help you put what you read into action, and turn that dream into a reality, this motivational book will enable you to be your own boss, to take control of your income, your time and your life... and Boss It.

Pre-Order Your Copy Of Boss It

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Download Emme Lentino's BESTSELLING new track "Some Other Girl."

 Download Emme Lentino's 

BESTSELLING new track 

"Some Other Girl"

New Zealand-based music artist Emme Lentino has just released her new track Some Other Girl.

Recorded in my home city, London, "Some Other Girl" is produced by Al Clay, who also produced for the likes of Pink, Adam Lambert, Backstreet Boys and Stereophonics. 


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Sorority is the debut feature from award-winning writer/director James Webber.



Produced by The Springhead Film Company, in association with Menik FilmsSorority is the debut feature from award-winning writer/director James Webber.

Sorority explores the lives and relationships of two sisters; Sarah, a talented writer on the verge of attending Oxford University; and Harriet, who dreams of escaping the confines of their estate and leaving behind her overbearing boyfriend, Andrew. The sisters’ close relationship is the most important thing in each of their lives and, with their father gone, it is only this bond that truly means anything.

As Harriet prepares a move to the other side of the country, the sisters spend their last few days together reflecting on the past, and learning to come to terms with the future and life without each other.

Sorority is an emotional, modern drama, intimately told through powerful performances, sumptuous visuals and an effecting soundscape. Sorority will be heading to international film festivals late 2020.

The Cast include Sophie Kennedy Clark, Emily Haigh, Kate Dickie, Sam Gittins, Rebecca Van Cleave and Karen Brace.


Full cast & movie stills etc 👉 Sorority - The Movie 

Friday, September 11, 2020

I Tried to Change So You Don't Have To: True Life Lessons by Loni Love

 I Tried to Change So You Don't Have To: 

True Life Lessons 

by Loni Love 

Sheen Magazine – Loni Love on Inspiring New Memoir, 'I Tried to Change So  You Don't Have To'

Loni Love on Twitter: "I can't wait to share my story in my new book, “I  Tried to Change So You Don't Have To: True Life Lessons.” Pre-order your  copy today at:

One of Amazon's Best Nonfiction Books of 2020 So Far!

An inspiring, hilarious memoir about learning to resist the pressures of conformity, love yourself for who you are, embrace your flaws, and unlock your true potential.
Now cohost of Fox's The Real and SiriusXM's Café Mocha, Loni Love hasn't taken the typical path to becoming America's favorite straight-talking girlfriend and comedian. 

She was not the child of Hollywood legends and she never wore a size 00. Rather, she grew up in housing projects in Detroit, more worried about affording her next meal than going on a diet. When she moved to Hollywood after graduating college with an engineering degree, seeking to break out in the entertainment world, there was nothing that would convince her to eat the kale salads and quinoa bowls that her colleagues introduced her to, which looked to Love like "weeds my grandma used to pay me a dollar to pull from her yard."

Still, despite the differences that set her apart in the status-driven world of entertainment where being thin, young, blond, and bubbly is sometimes considered a talent, Love spent years trying to fit in -- trying to style her hair just so, dieting, dating the men she thought she was supposed to be with. 

In this book, she tells the uproariously funny story of how she overcame the trap of self-improvement and instead learned to embrace who she was. As Love writes, "There's a saying a lot of people live by: 'Fake it till you make it.' For me, it's always been 'fake it, and then have the whole thing blow up in your face.'" I Tried to Change So You Don't Have To explores all of the embarrassing mistakes, terrifying challenges, and unexpected breakthroughs that taught her how, by committing ourselves to our own path, we can take control of our destiny.

Buy Your Copy Of

 I Tried to Change So You Don't Have To