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Sunday, November 15, 2020


Write To Kill 


I feel so relaxed now baby, I can’t have anymore, here you finish it.”

Lisa passed me the tail end of the joint as she laid on top of me. Her nipples slightly visible and erect from beneath the water line, with her bum resting on my protruding cock.

“The water’s getting colder by the second, shall we get out and get into bed?”

“Absolutely baby,” Lisa replied, as we both stepped out of the bath and headed towards the bedroom.

Hearing the water swirl around the plug hole and disappear, I pulled Lisa close to me, as I wrapped the grey towel around us both, staring into her green eyes. Holding her makeup less face with the palms of my hands, as the towel fell onto the bedroom carpet, her mouth opened as my lips touched hers, inviting my tongue. Our tongues twirled around each other. Pulling her closer, my hands gently teased her smooth slim body. Her hands fixed around my waist, her hips pushing against mine.

I felt my cock grow with excitement.

Lisa pulled her mouth from mine, looking at me as she did so. She began kissing my neck, my chest, as she wrapped her right hand around the shaft of my cock. As her tongue teased my nipples, she gradually lowered herself to my naval and knelt before me. She was eye to eye with my erect cock. Her sultry green eyes looked up at me as she began to lick the head with the tip of her tongue, stirring my cock even further into life. Feeling her hot mouth as she took me in, made me grow even harder as I felt the back of her throat with the head of my cock. My hands were around her head, clutching her hair as she rhythmically moved back and forth with my fully erect cock filling her mouth. My eyes closed as her hand rubbed and twisted my shaft as she continued to suck hard. I could’ve easily exploded right there and then, but I wanted to feel inside her. I pushed Lisa’s head against my cock, making her take me fully. She moaned, she squealed. She couldn’t breathe. Saliva ran out of her mouth, down her chin and dripped on to her perfectly formed tits and erect nipples.

Releasing my cock from her mouth, I pulled her up towards me and kissed her deep. Just then I heard my phone ping in the living room. It was the familiar but annoying sound of the company phone. Mad fucking Dog Maddox. What timing for him to message me. Ignoring it, I told Lisa to lay on the bed. On her back.

As she did the phone pinged again.

Again, I ignored it.

As I was about to kneel down at the end of the bed to tease her clit, the phone didn’t just ping, it rang.


“Two seconds baby, sorry.”

I ran naked into the living room, holding my erect cock in my right hand.

Checking the phone, BIG BOLD CAPITAL letters appeared.


Turning the phone off, as this was not the time, I returned to the bedroom to Lisa, who was laid on the bed waiting for me. Her misty eyes followed me as I knelt at the end of the bed, and pulled her by her legs towards me, until my mouth was breathing between them.

She yelped as the tip of my tongue teased her. Peering up at her as I continued to play havoc with her clit, her eyes were closed, her head rotating from side to side. I massaged her breast with one had as my tongue entered her, stirring, full circle, causing a frenzy as she groaned. She moaned again, as I sat on the bed, now with one and then two fingers inside her.

Slowly penetrating her with my fingers, I moved slightly faster, then faster still, as she pulled my cock into her mouth, sucking hard as my fingers were entering her in and out. I felt her body tense up, her eyes rolling back as she chewed on my hard cock.

“I’m cumming,” she murmured, her voice muffled.

“Fuck. I’m cumming,” she repeated urgently.

She spat out my cock. Pushed me onto my back and straddled me, taking my cock into her hand and guiding me inside her.

“Ohhh,” she moaned.

Bouncing up and down on my shaft, and tilting slightly back, she massaged her tits, pinching and squeezing her nipples, her head and hair whipping from side to side. Eyes closed. Riding me like it was the last time. Which it easily could be. My hands were tight around her waist, as I pushed her back and forth with my cock deep inside her.

Pulling her off and turning her onto her front, I knelt behind her. Spreading her bum cheeks as I entered her. She whimpered with each thrust of my cock, the pace was quicker, the fucking was harder.

“I’m cumming,” she squealed. “I’m cumming, cum with me baby.”

Fucking her like there was no tomorrow, like it was for the very last time, I grabbed her hair as I penetrated her fast with my cock deep inside her.

“I want to cum over your tits and face.”

“Okay but keep fucking me. I’m nearly, I’m nearly…ooooooooooo.”

Continuing to fuck her as she moaned, with her wetness all over my cock, I was very close to loading her with my own cream.

“Quick turn over. Turn over now.”

She turned over on her back with a huge smile. Fuck she was even more beautiful after an orgasm. She was glowing. I knelt beside her face. She took me in her mouth again. Sucking as she played with my balls that were about to explode. I took my cock from her mouth, rubbing my shaft up and down.

“I’m cumming.”

“Baby give it to me,” she demanded.

“I’m cumming.”

“I want to taste you.”

Wanking my cock as she cupped and played with my balls in her hands, I released and shot my semen all over her face and tits. It wouldn’t stop. I saturated her, as she continued to rub my cock and the head with the tip of her finger. She knows I like that. She then took me into her mouth and sucked out every last drop.

Sweat pouring off us, our hearts pounding, we lay side by side holding hands as we took a moment to recover.

“Wow, baby. That was amazing.”

“Thanks, I wasn’t bad.”

“Don’t be so conceited,” she chuckled as she rolled over and laid on top of me.

We kissed. Our naked bodies glued together from the mixture of sex and sweat. We cradled each other for the next few minutes in silence, like it was meant to be, but then the atmosphere took a turn for the worse.

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Write To Survive


       THE train was motionless.   

Unlike my state of mind.

Lisa and I were on the Jubilee line, underground, between St John’s Wood and Baker Street, the former home of the fictional Sherlock Holmes. I sincerely hoped a similarly astute detective wasn’t on my case. We’d been stalled and waiting, in a carriage dotted with disparate commuters, for a couple of minutes. It was eleven-fifteen. Forty-five minutes until the arranged meeting at noon with Jennifer, at her favourite spot, the Tower of London.

Earlier, before we’d even stepped out of the flat, I’d already received three messages from Mad Dog Maddox, threatening to call the police and to kill Lisa if I didn’t own up to his stepdaughter that I’d murdered his son-in-law. Her husband.

Being underground, with no signal, gave me some respite from him.

Lisa, sat to my left, in tight faded blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a black leather jacket, had been up all night, chain smoking whilst pacing the flat. Understandably she was ever so slightly on edge since I’d informed her that her life was on the line.

As the train started to move, an attractive young woman, blonde, mid-twenties, wearing a smart navy blue trouser suit, stood up and made her way over to the doors, leaving a Metro newspaper on her seat, which was directly opposite mine. I thought about picking up the paper to see if the story of my crime was still newsworthy. I decided against it. The morning news on the radio before we’d left the flat hadn’t mentioned the murder either, it seemed it was old news now, with no fresh developments such as an imminent arrest, much to my relief.

Had the investigation died down?

With no one immediately around us in the carriage now, I ventured conversation.

“You okay baby?” I asked Lisa.

“Am I okay? Really! Am I okay? What do you think?” The sarcasm was cutting. She leaned in to me to speak under her breath, right into my ear.

“Well, I’m just peachy! I mean, I used a murder weapon for making my lunch the other day, I slept with a dead man’s finger in the bedside table next to me, my boyfriend is a murderer, and now I’m on my way to meet the wife of the guy he murdered. And to top it all off, her stepfather wants to kill me. I’ve never been fucking better!”

“Babe, please keep your voice down, you don’t know who’s on the train.”

“Oh sorry, too loud for you?”

“You could say that.”

“They’ll be knocking on the door for you any day anyway. It’s going to be either the police taking you away in handcuffs, Mad Dog with a gun to my head or the loan sharks who want to put you in a wheelchair.”

“Yeah, don’t remind me, I know that, but you don’t have to shout about it. Oh, and thanks by the way.”

“Thanks for what?”

“For telling them yesterday that I’d moved away.”

“I don’t think they believed me. I did have other things on my mind.”

“Well, it did the job.”

“Why don’t you just pay them and get them off your back, you’ve got the money now after what you did.”

“I know what I did and I may need the money.”

“For what, running away?”

“Come on baby, I thought you were with me?”

“I am, but I did a lot of thinking last night.”


“I can’t believe you’re so blasé about what you’ve done, about this, and, and writing a book about it, I mean come on.”

“Believe you me, I’m not blasé. I’m scared. Scared shitless. Terrified in fact. It’s not the bailiffs, the loan sharks or even Mad Dog Maddox, it’s being caught by the police. I can’t go to jail; I’m not cut out for it. And with the book, it’s a bit of an escape for me.”

“Escape? How can that be, you’re reliving every moment by writing about what you did.”

“What I mean is… fuck, I don’t know what I mean. It just helps me forget; I mean forget what I did for a moment okay, it’s about being an author, you know very well that is my dream.”

“Yes, I get that, but your dream of becoming an author has become a true living nightmare,” Lisa spelt out.

“I know that, but, you’ve got to admit, it makes an awesome read.”

“There you go again, being fucking blasé.”

“I’m not, I’m just….”

“I just don’t get it, why did you do it?”

“I’ve told you, the money, but if I could turn back time, I would. I just got caught up with a bad crowd and then it escalated to such an extent, it was too late to take a step back.”

“You could’ve told him that you didn’t want to do it,” Lisa continued.

“Like I’ve said, there was no chance. He’s not the type to accept that, anyway he would’ve cut my hands off.”

“But look, look at you now. Look at me. Look at us, for God’s sake.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

We sat in silence while I pondered the potential response to my next thought.

“There’s something else.”

“Jesus, what now?”


“What do you mean CCTV?”

“Well, I was thinking in bed last night, as I couldn’t sleep.”

“Yeah, no sleep, tell me about it.”

“I know, I know, but it’s the CCTV. Cameras. I’m not sure, I’m just not sure if there were any on the road or surrounding areas that could have captured the moment.”

“The moment?”

“Yes, you know, the moment that I killed him.”

“Oh, my God, didn’t you look?”  Lisa gasped.

“Keep your voice down. No, of course not. I’ve not done this before. I just….”

“I know what we’ve got to do, we, I mean you, you have to go back and check.”

“What, back to the murder scene?”


“No way, no fucking way.”

“You have to,” Lisa raised her voice.

“Keep your voice down, people will hear.”

“Then what?”

“Let me think.”

“Huh! If only you had done a bit of thinking in the first place, before you got yourself into this bloody mess, and dragged me right in it.”

The train came to a halt again and when I looked up I saw we were at Westminster station where we had to change for the Circle line. I grabbed Lisa’s hand.

“We need to change here.”

Lisa snatched her hand away from mine as we alighted the train and walked in stony silence through the station towards the platform for the eastbound Circle line train.

Eight stops to Tower Hill.

As we stood on the crowded platform the sound of the approaching train would have drowned out any conversation had we actually been talking to one another at that point. Just then I felt the rush of air ahead of the train as it arrived.

“Come on, let’s get on,” I suggested, as I placed my hand behind Lisa, letting her get on first. I may be a murderer, but I was still a gentleman.

The train was unusually busy for this time of day, with every seat occupied. Standing behind a guy, who’s rucksack was slamming into me with every jolt of the train, I stared into the darkness of the tunnel. Even though it was November, I began to perspire, especially cooped up like sardines in a tin. I felt a drop of sweat fall from the back of my neck against the inside of my jacket collar.

And just then, I wondered if or when my collar would be felt by the Old Bill.

Once again our train was stalled, this time between Mansion House and Cannon Street. Fucking trains. I looked at Lisa. She looked at me. Her eyes were melancholic with shadows of exhaustion beneath. The guilt ran through me as the train began to move once again through the tunnel. The guy with the rucksack alighted at Monument.

Next stop, Tower Hill.

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  1. OMG.I pictured every moment in that sex scene. This is so good, I have to read it again. This is so sexy, so naughty, so bloody hot!