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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Back To Life - The Story - The Cast

 Back To Life - The Story - The Cast 

"After 18 years behind bars, Miri Matteson returns home and stumbles back into adult life in the claustrophobic coastal town she once knew."

Back To Life 

Daisy Haggard (Creator) as Miri Matteson

Geraldine James as Caroline Matteson, Miri's mother

Richard Durden as Oscar Matteson, Miri's father

 Christine Bottomley as Mandy, Miri's pre-prison best friend

Jo Martin as Janice, Miri's parole officer

Souad Faress as Anna, Billy's wife

Adeel Akhtar as Billy, Miri's budding love interest

Liam Williams as Nathan, Miri's boss at the fish and chip shop

Jamie Michie as Dom, Miri's now married pre-prison boyfriend and Caroline's secret affair

Imogen Gurney as Lara 

Frank Feys as Samuel

Christopher Sweeney - Director 

Laura Solon - Writer along with Daisy

Watch BACK TO LIFE on Netflix 


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