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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Let's help the ultra talented Ashleigh Harley get her film, "The Dark Horse" to the finishing line!

Ashleigh's mum, Suzanne has set up a Go Fund Me page as they need a little extra help to get "The Dark Horse" film over the finish line. 
If anyone can donate to get this project off the ground, here's the link. Thank you! 

Let's say hello to author Victoria McDonald who writes books for children!

Welcome to my author website page, here you will find all my books that are available to buy.

I am a busy mum and I spend most of my time caring for my family.

On the rare occasions I get some spare time to myself, I enjoy writing and illustrating my own stories.

I also like to create my own one of a kind unique characters in fimo clay, which are available in my store.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

The Seven Traits of a Highly Successful Single Parent by Paula Clark

The Seven Traits of a 
Highly Successful Single Parent 
by Paula Clark 

The Seven Traits of a Highly Successful Single Parent

Paula Love Clark is an award winning, international Make Up Artist, artist, published poet and writer. 

Having experienced and survived many life challenges, she decided to create a self help book to give hope and encouragement to others, using the skills she has learnt along the path of her own journey.

The 7 Traits of a Highly Successful Single Parent, is not just for single parents or single mothers, but for everyone who has struggled with challenge and is looking for tools and techniques to help them realise and achieve more out of life. 

If you want more from life, then step into this book and discover for yourself, how beautiful your life can really become.

Buy Your Copy Of The Seven Traits

The Standout Developer by Randall Kanna

The Standout Developer 
by Randall Kanna 

Sneak Peek of a Few Sections

  • Build Your Brand: This Chapter covers finding your engineering niche, building an audience, crushing it on LinkedIn, and landing your first speaking gig and my secret to how I gained over 8,000 Twitter followers in 30 days.
  • Creating a Successful Blog: Abbey Rennemeyer, the editor of freeCodeCamp, showcases how to create a great blog post. I’ll also discuss why you need a content calendar, how to promote your posts and more.
  • Resumes: This chapter is your guide to a great engineering resume. I’ll share steps on how to write and edit your resume, common resume mistakes, selecting a template, how to standout in a stack of resumes, and much more.
  • Getting to the Interview and Beyond: How I prepare for algorithm interviews, my secrets to the coding take-home challenge, my favorite resources and more.
  • Chapters on networking, landing a conference gig, portfolios, negotiating, and skills.
  • Surprise bonus chapters.
And there is more.
You’ll also get access to valuable resources like 60+ places to job hunt, how to land a remote job, help to create your customized plan for a whiteboard interview, and the best algorithm prep resources.
Buy Your Copy Of 

Friday, July 3, 2020

Beth Macari - New Single - I Am!

The very talented Beth Macari has partnered with the If U Care Share Foundation, for her next FANTASTIC single, and will be giving 100% yes, 100% of the sales to the charity. 

Go check out the AMAZING work they do to promote mental health and prevent suicide here If U Care Share

Beth's new single ‘I Am’ is coming out on Friday July 17th. 


Thursday, July 2, 2020

'The Unwelcome Visitor: Depression and How I Survive It' by Denise Welch

'The Unwelcome Visitor: 
Depression and How I Survive It' 
by Denise Welch 

Unwelcome Visitor

'Though we have come a long way this crippling, debilitating, often terminal illness is still shockingly misunderstood. This is my story that you have asked me to tell. Those who suffer from depression will understand and those who don't will hopefully learn how to.'

This is the book that Denise Welch wished for as she found herself exhausted and defeated after yet another visit from The Unwelcome Visitor - the name she gives to the episodes of clinical depression she has suffered from over the past 30 years.

For so many, understanding their mental health is a leap into the unknown, and they are left grappling with the physical and emotional fallout without any guidance or someone to tell them 'you're not alone and you can live a happy and successful life alongside your illness'. Within these pages Denise reveals her ongoing journey from breakdowns to breakthroughs and through self-destruction to self-acceptance.

Typically candid, Denise brings her trademark humour and honesty to a conversation that we urgently need to have, and shows readers it is brave and courageous to be open and vulnerable, and you too can take back control.

Buy Your Copy Of The Unwelcome Visitor

A Book Of Short Stories by Tabitha Potts

A Book Of Short Stories 
by Tabitha Potts

Cover image of A Book of Short Stories by Tabitha Potts

With the help of graphic designer Elaine Odlin, Tabitha has created an ebook with a selection of her previously published short stories, illustrated with her photographs. 

For a limited time, Tabitha is giving the book away for free if you sign up to her website newsletter

If you are already signed up but don’t have a copy, please email Tabitha and she’ll send it to you!