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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reviews and ratings for my book!!!

Its been two weeks since my book was published and I thought I would share some of the reviews and ratings I have had so far with you, so here goes!

GOODREADS: 5 star Rating: From Karen Cole.


Firstly the cover caught my attention, then the title and the statement, True Story. Having read the first 3 chapters the story became a fast paced tale and kept me gripped until the end. The guy who's story it is about did act stupidly initially but then you warm to him, especially when he risked his own life, saving others. I will not give too much away but this book may not be for everyone but I enjoyed it very much! 
1)  A 3 STAR Review: GRIPPING
I read this book in an hour and a half. It was gripping and well paced. My one reservation is with the title. David was never in the wrong place at the wrong time, he made some unfortunate choices. 
I bought this book a few days ago and later that night (about 11pm) went up to bed to have a read - I ended up staying awake until 2.30am to finish it!
I am just a bit older than the Author was when the events took place and I can relate to a lot of what writes about, being a bit naive and carefree when young. Fortunately for me (unfortunately for David) the few scrapes I had in my early 20s with the police were here in the UK not Spain!!!
Anyone who enjoys reading books involving True Crime,the Police, Spain, Being young and a bit adventurous should definitely give this a read.

5/5 from me and hopefully David Perlmutter decides to write further books. 
3)  5 STAR Review: FANTASTIC! 
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It's paced brilliantly - I started off lounging in the armchair and ended up on the edge of my seat! The last few chapters are especially gripping and if you're anything like me, you'll be rooting for David right till the end. Although this is a true story, it reads like fiction (with great dialogue and characters). It's a brilliant read and one I'll definitely be reccommending to my friends. 
4)  Bought the eBook from Amazon and thought it was a great story - thanks for sharing it with us!
Rebecca Scarberry Wow! This book sounds like one I'd love! Too bad I'm so far behind in my reading (now getting emails from authors, asking when I'm going to read the books they gifted). Ugh! Well, I have it written down & won't forget about it, Dave. 
 Hi Dave, I have just started reading your book and already I can't put it down. Great writing, honest and well written! It's been a long time since I have read such a good book!
Okay I won't bore you anymore, if you wish to buy or review the book, just click on any of the link's to your right from Lulu and Amazon.
Thanks in advance....

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