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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sales and reviews!!

Just been to watch Ireland in my local bar in Madeira, sadly they lost, I'm not Irish but I have always loved their passion, but hey only one game and two to go, England tomorrow, come on boys! But to serious matters, my book, to me anyway. It has been live for 5 days and still to my amazement people are buying it daily! My book, they are buying, thank you to those people, what remarkable taste you have, I would say that.
It is a true story, (by the way, Sex and the City is on the box as I write this) and say that my story differs from what is on TV is an understatement, my story is fun and adventure like the film glaring at me, but it turns for the worse with a hotel fire, saving life’s, an arrest, prison and then.....well I don't want to give it away! It’s on Amazon if you want to check it out, like the first 2 chapters and if you want to buy it, thank you and leave a review.
Okay that’s it really, apart from to tell you about my super reviews on Amazon, click the "buy my book" link to see them plus tonight I have received a another 5* review of my book from Goodreads, yes Goodreads, from Karen Cole, how chuffed am I?, VERY.....take a look,

Thats it, enough of me, so goodnight and sweetdreams....

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