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Sunday, August 26, 2012

New review & new website where you can check out my book!

Placing my book on this website 12 hours ago I have received two reviews:

a) You are an excellent writer and your memoir is captivating. You write of your loss of financial support and the consequential turn of events as if it were a novel with a great plot moving at a nice, brisk pace. The only problem was that you stopped uploading your chapters too I was so enthralled with you story that I was eager to see where the association with Rosa and Peter was leading, but will have to wait until you upload more chapters.

You seem to spend a lot of time in pubs drinking and womanizing but that only made your story more interesting. Even your real estate job in London was lost because of the drunk driving charge and then after a night in jail, you decided to take a trip to Spain where you spent most of your time in bars. Of course the part time job with Kelvin and Anthony was a real boost for you until Anja, Kelvin's girlfriend, flirts with you and makes Kelvin jealous -thus ending your job. Anthony seemed to be a strange lad - I wonder what his story was?

After losing your part time job with Kelvin, you again spent a lot of time in bars until you met Rosa and Peter, the very odd couple. I've got a suspicion that they are the beginning of some real trouble for you especially after spending the night with Rosa, but again I'll have to wait to find out.

Your imagery is lovely and your dialogue is very natural and authentic. I love a character-driven story and this story is filled with fascinating characters, especially Dave. I will be eager to read more once this is published and give you my very best wishes for publication and soon. Intriguing, well-written book. You have a lot of talent at writing.

b) An interesting and dramatic start and in the process, very well-written. Watch listed and starred.

The link to click is this one!

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