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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Most recent review from Canada!

I picked up Wrong Place Wrong time, because of all the great reviews it had received and I was looking for something different than what I normally read. I do read non-fiction, but never true crime.

I was a little nervous. How much do you believe when a person is trying to declare their innocence? Will it be unbiased?  Will it be worth reading or just pages of self-serving justifications. Mr. Perlmutter is accused of arson and man slaughter while he is on vacation in Spain.

I am happy to say that my fears were unfounded. David Perlmutter gives us his account with an honesty that is almost painful to read. We are shrunk down to a tiny size, so that we can ride around on his shoulder and get to see first hand how so many different events and choices led him down a path to that night that changed his life.

This story sinks its claws into you and doesn't let go until the very last word. The night I started to read it I woke up about 2am  and couldn't go back to sleep until I had seen him to the end of his tale. It was worth being tired in the morning. Never before had I experienced such a visceral response to a "character" in a book. I yelled at him to stop being such an idiot. I wanted to reach  out and give  him advice. I wanted to slap the stubbornness and foolish male pride right out of his head and I  wanted to put my arms around him, to comfort him and let him know it was going to be alright.

David Perlmutter made a lot of stupid mistakes. He was a bit of an arse, he was  a hero, he was sentimental, he was stubborn, he was sweet, he was desperate, he was human. He shows us his bad side and his good side, leaving us free to decide how much he is responsible for what happened to him.

His tale is a  roller coaster ride and you don't want to get off until the end. The twists and turns will leave you breathless.  Buy this book, but start it early in the morning because you won't want to be up all night reading it and you won't want to stop reading until it's done.

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