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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dedication to someone who deserves it.....My editor and friend.

Okay, now to dedicate this post to someone I really need to go and see but due to commitments including my children and seeing the folks in London it has been a bit rather tight, but no excuses Dave. Without this person my book would never have been completed, in fact she she was the FIRST person who gave me the encouragement to write the book. I remember her words. "Dave, you must continue with this," as she read my first ever post about the events, on my blog. Elaine Denning its you sweetheart. Without you the book would be nothing and the time and effort you put in along side me will NEVER be forgotten. I can not thank you enough and I swear that by the end of this month, yes I know I said that last month, but I will visit you by the end of this month. Elaine, not only are you a fantastic writer, editor etc but more importantly a wonderful human being..........You couldnt lend me a tenner?....Just kidding..........xx


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