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Thursday, October 9, 2014

MY WAY is FREE for the weekend!

Happy Day To You All!

So until Sunday, my book called MY WAY, all about book marketing for the indie author is available and it's FREE on Amazon! Currently its.....

UK! #1 in sales and marketing!
USA! #1 in advertising
Canada! #1 in advertising
Spain! #2 in advertising
Australia! #7 in advertising

The book is how I managed, with marketing to achieve #1 in true crime in America with my first book, Wrong Place Wrong Time, which is currently #5 in the UK and #56 in Biography in America.

My Way has received over 70 4/5* reviews from authors and Wrong Place Wrong Time has received over 210 5* and over 55 4* reviews across Amazon.

So are you struggling with books sales or just want some FREE book marketing tips? Take advantage and download below!

My Way

and if you want to take a peek at my true story, here's the link!

Wrong Place Wrong Time

That's it, thank you for reading and if you do download any of the above books, I hope you enjoy.

David P Perlmutter

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