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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


To whet your appetite, King of the Road Publishing is excited to release a little teaser of the eagerly awaited debut novel by Karen Millie-James 'the shadows behind her smile'

"As soon as corporate forensic specialist, Cydney Granger, hears the crunch of tyres on her driveway, she knows her husband is dead. After all, Captain Steve Granger had barely left for Afghanistan when she’d had the first premonition.
Although Cydney is a psychic medium, she’s disturbed by her inability to connect with Steve. But when she’s contacted by recently deceased Ray Gordon, he agrees to help her, on one condition. Can she put a stop to his brother’s greed and corruption and ensure Ray’s family get the inheritance they deserve?
Sean O’Connell, Steve’s former sergeant, had promised he would always protect Cydney and the children in the event of Steve’s death. But when a client asks Cydney to investigate the scrupulous activities of two high-powered businessmen, and George Edwards appears on the scene intent on pursuing her, Sean finds himself out of his depth.
From the heart of Cydney’s corporate world in London to the ruins of war-torn Damascus, men will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Faced with secrets, fraud, attempted murder, and blackmail, can Cydney come out of this unscathed? And, after four years, is she ready to let Steve go?"

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