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Monday, March 4, 2019

17 & Life: Corner or Crossroads? by Aidan McNall

17 & Life: Corner or Crossroads? by Aidan McNall

17 & Life: Corner or Crossroads ?

17 & Life memoir brings us all to the crossroads that we have or are facing. One story after another helps us begin to question some of what we just never considered before. 

In life we have all travelled through the teenage years and remember some or have completely forgotten, some are now only amidst their own journey in what is a difficult time. 

At fifteen many cultures enact rites of passage ceremonies, sweet sixteen follows quickly around the world for a young teen preparing for adulthood. Boom! 18 and a young person has just become an adult with rights to vote and consume alcohol legally and obtain a driving license, so what happened to seventeen? Why seventeen has been left aside and nobody wants to speak of what a screwed up time it is for any young person? 

Through my memoir you will find some questions to try and find answers to exactly this, a thought provoking read for all who have travelled through it and those who are now slap bang in the middle of it. 

Today's world does not have much time for the awkward years nor the slow learning so with the fast pace we are faced with each day, it can be comforting to take a little time and hear another perspective which may just shape yours into a whole and other new level to where you may rightfully belong.

Thought provoking reading which makes so much sense it is really hard to believe it has not been written about before.

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