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Monday, March 25, 2019

Arcana of the Crimson Era: Red Moon by Sein Ares

Arcana of the Crimson Era: Red Moon 
by Sein Ares 

Arcana of the Crimson Era: Red Moon

“Those who sin die by the way they sinned!”

Looking back, I wonder.
The sinister events that forced Elizabeth to follow these words set in stone, would she have done it, had she known, the repercussions of her actions?
Long forgotten was the age of the ancients known as humanity. Upon the rubbles of that old civilization stood the new world forged from suffering and fortitude. However, even in that new realm, traces of the hatred that consumed the light still exist. It lurks within the shadows, waiting, scheming… Coming out every now and again to take back what it lost.
“Red Moon” is the first book in the “Arcana of the Crimson Era” series written by Sein Ares. Set eons after the apocalyptic second Ice Age, it witnesses the epic tales of many great souls, whose deeds would forever place them within the chronicles of time as unforgotten immortals.
In a world filled with infinite magic and endless secrets, their journey will take each of our heroes through unforgivable tribulations. Their sacrifices, hardships and the bonds that are forged ignite the rebellion against the hatred that seeks to destroy all of them. But…
Once again, I wonder, if Elizabeth had known of the unseen that invaded into her life, would history have been different? Would the Crimson Era have even begun?

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