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Monday, March 25, 2019

Love and Mutiny: Tales from British India by Anne George

Love and Mutiny: Tales from British India 
by Anne George  

Love and Mutiny: Tales from British India

The year is 1857. The British, having colonized India, have ruled her for a hundred years. The East India Company manages the business of governance, but not necessarily with a view to protecting the best interests of the people of India. The British who were born and reared in India see themselves as distinct from the Indian and yet very much a part of the fabric of India, diverse as it was—even then. 

Edwina Hardingham, who has spent her entire existence in India, sees herself very much as a Hindustani (Indian). She bristles at the harsh invective directed against the people of India by some of the members in her circle. She cherishes her friendships with Indian women and, on a visit to one of them, is rescued from brigands by the dashing and entirely dazzling Mr. Grayson. Does love blossom between the two? To her very great surprise, Edwina does find her heart becoming rapidly entangled with the most enigmatic of men… 

In the midst of this idyllic bliss, something unthinkable happens. A mutiny breaks out, led by the sepoys, who rebel against their commanding officers and seize control of government ammunition and property. The Indian masses, exasperated with the callous governance of the East India Company, are beginning to seethe inwardly, and what is initially perceived as an isolated outburst from a few malcontents, soon erupts into a wide-scale rebellion that spreads across almost the entire region of north India. Tales of the slaughter of British women and children spread quickly, leaving panic in their wake. The Hardinghams are now faced with dread about the fate of their family members who may very well be in the path of the carnage, even as news is not forthcoming, as communication lines have been disrupted. 

Does the Hardingham family escape the bloodshed that has swathed the land? Does Edwina’s beloved remain constant? Read this gripping work of historical fiction to discover what happens!

In her maiden novel, Anne George weaves a tale of love and betrayal into the historical events of the Sepoy Mutiny. A cup of tea, some refreshment and a comfortable chair are a must, for the reader will find it hard to put down once it is picked up!

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