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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Project Umschreiben Collection Books 1-2-3: Including Zeit Kapsel by Wally T. Young

Project Umschreiben Collection Books 1-2-3: Including Zeit Kapsel 
by Wally T. Young 

Project Umschreiben Collection Books 1-2-3: Including Zeit Kapsel

The Short Story - Zeit Kapsel - Origin of Project Umschreiben

During the pre years before WWII Adolf Hitler had started multiple secret weapons programs, Colonel Meier is one of the officers selected and tasked with a defense weapon agenda. It is in this short story we learn how Colonel Meier discovers time travel and begins the Die Glocke project along with the secret mission, Project Umschreiben. 

Project Umschreiben Book One - A Sparrow In Time
During Germany's pre WWII build up, multiple secret weapons projects were launched. During development of one of the many programs a group of German scientists discovered how to open small rifts in time. The German Officer overseeing this program decides to create a secret backup plan in the event Germany were to lose the upcoming war, code named Project Umschreiben. The concept was that a time device could be developed and transmitted back in time with the knowledge and information of what had transpired, enabling Germany to right the wrongs and win the war.

After the loss of WWII, this secret project is passed down from father to son until the device is perfected. Two brothers, Aaron and Adam Sparrow, descendants of one of the masterminds, inherit this secret mission. After locating a now working modern day version of the time device capable of transporting people through time, they begin their adventure into the past. After they are transported to pre World War II Germany, the pair set off to gain a foothold in the past, track down the mastermind behind Project Umschreiben, and infiltrate the Nazi High Command. They need to convince the notorious Adolf Hitler to follow them or all their efforts will be lost. 

Project Umschreiben Book Two - A Sparrow's War
The German pre WWII program Project Umschreiben, a mission to bring knowledge of the future back in time, has been successful. After Aaron and Adam arrive in the year 1937 from the year 2020, the Sparrow brothers secured positions as high-ranking officers of the NAZI Third Reich. They continue to gain influence and power, but Heinrich Himmler, does not see things as the brothers do and begins to act on his own agenda. 
As the first days of World War II begin, the Sparrow brothers know they need the new weapons contained. Even with their ability to wipe out an entire army quickly, they need to pace things, as even one single mess up can change the outcome and destroy their advantage and knowledge of future events. With their control of the Nazi leadership, the Sparrow brothers begin their next step to build a better world to come. World War II will not be the same this time; it is now the Sparrow's War.

Project Umschreiben Book Three - The Sparrow's Era 
The Sparrow brother's mission through time continues to be a success. With their control of the Nazi war machine they continue to change history. However Aaron's main adversary, Heinrich Himmler continues to move in his own direction and has created a plan to foil the Umschreiben group's future agenda. Once discovered, Adam Sparrow's trusted friend Von is assigned a mission taking him to America to locate and stop Himmler’s agent. 
Along with all the requirements of controlling the timeline, Aaron finds himself in unfamiliar territory as he becomes involved in a relationship and struggles with the secret of his past. When future events unfold, the Umschreiben team begins to take losses, forcing unforeseen changes to deal with. With these losses, can the Sparrow brothers still win the war and usher in the Sparrow's era?

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