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Monday, March 25, 2019

Sinfully Good by Laurie Vincent

Sinfully Good by Laurie Vincent

Sinfully Good

When sexy and wise-cracking Vanessa Grimes loses her office job, she is forced to move in with her drama major sister, Deb, and work as a barista at a local coffee shop. 

The constant bickering at home drives her one night to a sports bar, where she hooks up with hot and hunky Frank Baumgarten on the rebound of an ugly divorce. 

Vanessa discovers the fiery passion she never knew possible in being with an older alpha male. While she is willing to accept their sizzling time spent together as a quick fling, Vanessa finds it difficult to forget the man who revived the dormant vixen within her. Although 

Frank is a highly successful consultant with an enviable lifestyle, he appears to be hiding secrets, some alluding to a trigger-temper brought on by his deviously designing ex-wife Barbara. To her delight, he reenters her life and makes it clear he wants to be with her. She enthusiastically jumps into a relationship of wild, uninhibited sex. Frank proves to be the fantasy boyfriend she had always dreamed about, but gradually learns there is another, startling side of him.

Coffee shop owner Josh Richter picks up on Vanessa’s sexy vibes and assumes she is putting the moves on him. Although she desperately needs the extra hours to pay her bills, Josh’s peaked interest in her creates gossip with the other baristas. She has always resisted dating men from work in the past, but her boss is relentless and steps up his game. 

Doing her best to ignore the feelings Josh stirs in her, she become increasingly aware that there is a subconscious attraction. Josh is not without his own mystery. 

A younger woman frequently meets with him in his office, the purpose of her visits leaving all the baristas – including Vanessa – to wonder.

No matter how crazy things get for Vanessa Grimes, life is . . . sinfully good!

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