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Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Cheese-Monkey Chronicles by S W Hoffman

The Cheese-Monkey Chronicles 
by S W Hoffman 

The Cheese-Monkey Chronicles

This book is a new concept. The author has dubbed his approach to writing as “fluid writing”. Long gone are many of the so called “rules” of the English language, as those rules have been thrown away, rewritten and then broken!

The author genuinely sets off on a journey with you the reader, as he hasn’t got a clue where this book will go, just a few flimsy ideas which he will hope to hang together. Sometimes a particular Chapter might be written without the author knowing where that is going as well, and so he’ll name the Chapter after he’s finished writing it. This does make the story fluid and so follow its own course, which will better capture the feel of where the story should really be heading – it’ll follow its own path! 

Imagine this. Imagine that reading a book is like going on a journey. Say a given book is a journey to Cirencester. Yeah it might be a good trip, but it doesn’t sound particularly exciting. On this trip, you turn to me and say “Where are we going?”
I reply “I haven’t got a clue – let’s drive!”. Now that’s more like it!

This story is a romantic tale set in the Nineteenth Century Devon, England. It is based around our hero: Ross Chaise-Minky.

Ross’ friends think this name is a bit self righteous and therefore prefer to call him Dave Cheese-Monkey.

Dave is happy with this.

Have you ever read a story or watched a movie where the characters all have different names? Of course, however, in real life you probably work with many people of the same Christian name. This story redresses the balance. There are many Dave's.

Finally, all too often literature does not combine drama, action, romance, peril and cakes enough for the authors liking. This book puts this right!

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