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Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath by EL DuBois

The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath 
by EL DuBois  

The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath

A beautiful, naïve young woman with fairy-tale dreams...
And a beast of a man who only finds pleasure in the vicious acts he commits. 

When their paths cross, she finds herself caught in his web of cruelty...

A merciless dance for survival begins.

Based on a true story, The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath takes readers through the emotional, physical, and psychological parallels of an abuse victim willing to do anything to survive. Beauty is captured by the most horrific of beasts, and each day is a struggle to beat the monster at his own game. 

Will Beauty be able to outmaneuver the Beast? Or will he take the ultimate sadistic prize? Her Life.

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