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Monday, March 18, 2019

THE MUSIC OF Hawley Penfold

THE MUSIC OF Hawley Penfold

Hawley Penfold is a passionate Actress, Singer-Songwriter, and Model. Her passion for all things creative started at the young age of three and it has stayed with her ever since.

Throughout her creative career, Hawley has received extensive acclaim, performing at The Young Artist Awards in L.A. (2017) including being a winner of Stars of Tomorrow (2016) competition. She has also acted in a multitude of lead roles in films like Rations (2017) Beg (2017) and Speaking of Fairies (2016) She is also credited for Commercials, Voice Over and Music Videos. Additionally, she collaborated with talented Grammy nominated Producer/Engineer/Multi-Instrumentalist/Songwriter Michael C Ross and Tommy-C of Wild Child Records and Dawn Elder of Dawn Elder World Entertainment.

Currently, Hawley is working on a feature film Emerald Rose of Texas (2019) songwriting & recording, and performing live at various venues, all while attending college. Her very first single Seize the Moment (2016) produced by Indasoul Records and is now available on iTunes. New single “Perfect” (2017) Her latest one "Three Strikes hit the top 40 music charts in 2018. 

Though still a teen Hawley carries herself with the dignity and professionalism of a long time vocal veteran. You can hear this confidence in every song she produces, as they all radiate with a high-level of self-esteem and self-confidence. This is key because teenagers already have to go through so many hurdles just trying to grow up and be normal. They could use a voice that is singing for them and these songs fit right in to the very popular teen pop music genre. She has a classic yet unique sound which allows her to vocally reach an incredible range of notes that add a certain beauty to every song she puts her heart to.

Hawley is deeply inspired and influenced by Sandra Bullock, Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Meghan Trainor, and Taylor Swift. However, her ultimate driving force is when someone tells her NO. To Hawley, that never means simply giving up, it means one should keep on going and live their dreams regardless of any challenges that come along the way. Both authentic and equally as outgoing, her main mission in life is to make people smile and feel a wide range of powerful emotions through the universal language of acting and music.

During her free time, Hawley Penfold enjoys reading good books, biking, gaming, volleyball and Western & English horse riding. Most of all, she loves spending time in the great outdoors. Hawley is also an avid animal lover.

Here the MUSIC of Hawley Penfold

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